Pesticides on flea collars, dogs and cats at risk: this is an offensive brand

This is not the first time Ceresto Flee Collar The controversy over dogs and cats and the newspaper news ended with somewhat disturbing headlines. In fact, the Ceresto collar has become the center of attention in recent years because of its association with Death Thousands PetsEspecially in the United States.

An investigation by a US newspaper USA Today The use of Ceresto brand pesticide collars has been linked to the deaths of about 1,700 pets, one of the best-selling products in the North American country. Launched in the market in 2012 using this collarImidacloprid And Flumethrin As an active pesticide. Efficacy is guaranteed, but these substances are left on the fur of animals for months, which can cause serious side effects. According to the owner and veterinariansThousands of dogs died.

Now, a series of internal emails shows thatUS Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) He was well aware of the risks involved in using this collar, but he did not push for the withdrawal of this product from the market.

Why can Ceresto Flea Collars be unsafe for dogs and cats?

As we have already mentioned, Ceresto collar works thanks to two active ingredients: Imidacloprid and flumethrin, Which is left on the animal’s hair for eight consecutive months. Promised effect Undoubtedly: Protects the animal from fleas, ticks or mosquito attacks.

Unfortunately, however, it seems that accident rates, including deaths, have been reported to the EPA and are much higher in relation to the use of these anti-fleas, leading veterinarians and dog owners to ask their own questions. In a decade, there have even been 1,700 dead animals and 75,000 accidents, though obviously the link has to be shown with the Cresto Flea Collar. In 2021, for example, 11,000 complaints were reported.

However, if nothing was confirmed or demonstrated until last year, now a series of emails have been shown to weaken the EPA that the company’s management has tried to reduce the restrictions on the company’s scientists regarding the protection of these callers. It was Center for Biodiversity Who sued the company a year ago for publishing the contents of an email. In light of what has emerged, Laurie Ann Bird, Director of the Center, demands transparency from the organization:

“These emails tell the story of an organization that pays more attention to rescue than to rescue animals. The heartbreaking tragedy is that behind every accident report there are stories of true suffering: from violent convulsions, rashes and hair loss to gastrointestinal problems and even death.

EPA response

So says Laurie Ann Bird, and beyond 75 thousand reports For years in Ceresto, an immediate response from the EPA was expected, but it did not happen. “This does not mean that collars are causing problems“The response, in fact, is that the EPA has stated that it does not have the data to properly evaluate this connection and has requested and received more information from the caller manufacturers to further test the potential connection.”

Ceresto collar alternative

In conclusion, the veracity of this story remains to be confirmed. However, it is possible that individual pet owners or even veterinarians will want to share their purchase preferences. Other less worrying productsAt least until the clarity. If you have a cat or dog in your home, here is a list The best fly collar In the market:

  • Prowithlin flea and tick collar: The product is made with 100% plant extract And it does not contain toxins, so it cannot harm people in close contact with quadrupeds or animals;
  • Scalebor: Thanks for the active policy Deltamethrin Ingredients include, you will protect your four-legged friend from the risk of leishmaniasis.
  • Fretod Flee and Tick Collar for Dogs and Cats: Collars are easy to apply and can be Adapting to dogs and cats of all sizes, Thanks for the practical stripe adjustment system. However, bananas are not effective against all insects, so they may not be suitable for animals in the countryside or in close contact with nature.

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