Pidiluko, great rowing is back. Invitations to funding from Abgnale and NRP

Two national meetings – the first over the weekend, the second between May 7 and 8 – the 36th memorial ‘Paolo D’Aloza’ between April 8 and 10, and the closing of the circle, the Italian Championship for under-23s, children and newcomers at the end of June. With the arrival of four major national and international rowing events in Pidiluko over the next three months, more events will follow: Wednesday morning at Carit Foundation House, number one in Fick, Giuseppe Abbagnell. Viewfinder also focuses on resolving issues related to the nautical center and completing everything needed to give the whole area an international ‘dress’. In this sense, the president of the federation, Mayor Leonardo Latin, extended a special invitation. The short form of hope is always the same, PNRR.

Incidents of Abganal, Pidiluko and Floating Corridor Nodes – Video

Twenty countries for D’Aloza. Aid for Ukraine

The most important event is the commemorative ‘Paolo D’Aloza’, an event that marks the beginning of the Azzurri international season. Twenty countries will be represented this year: Saudi Arabia, Belgium, Benin, Ivory Coast, Denmark, Greece, Ireland, Israel, Latvia, Lithuania, Morocco, Holland, Monaco Principality, Romania, Serbia, South Africa, Tunisia. And Zimbabwe. Hundreds of attendees are expected in the Tarni area among athletes, teammates and staff. Then the meeting and the 25-26 June U-23 Tricolor Championship, boys, ‘Charit Foundation’: Yes, for the first time in Fick’s history – it was emphasized – the event has a title. And the concern is – obviously not by chance – Palazzo Montani Leoni. The World Rowing Training Camp also returns to Pidiluko, which, as usual, predicts D’Aloza: in this case, it will begin in the first days of April. Ukraine will also be there: “This is part of a larger package of initiatives being defined to help this troubled nation.”

Incidents in Carlini and Pidiluko. The headquarters of the Bank d’Italia is also for sale

Pugs and results come

Luigi Carlini, President for the Carit Foundation, was: ঘটনা A growing phenomenon in terms of numbers and importance. We are moving in the direction that will surely lead us to something international in Piediluco, the intervention we are taking in restructuring the arena of competition and connected facilities is a bit shaky. An extra important brick for the rowing center, we are investing heavily in reviving the Marmore-Lake Pidiluko waterfall axis. Terni returns to the stage of the most important sporting event. A commitment that must be kept and the current board is willing to continue. Regional Councilor Melaseche is committed to the development and compliance of the structure, there is uniformity for growth. But it must bring results.

Paidiluko, Order of the Poplars
Race Field, Move of the FIC

Marina Lana

Abbagane, International Vision and Committee

Number one at Fic spoke of the improvements made so far, but also of what is missing to complete the overall arrangements of the Nautical Center: সম্পূর্ণ There is full coordination with Professor Carlini and the municipal and regional political authorities. Lake Pidiluko has been a bit isolated for years but now we are realizing our dream, which is to make it a reference point for national and international rowing. When I started fading, a reintroduction of structures and events seemed utopian, then gradually we came to host 37 countries in D’Aloza. Powell Covid – he added – stopped us. Today we have a center that is functional with double the gym and adequate hospitality. So the arrival tower is in line with international standards. There is still work to be done: “We have the funds for the competition ground. The project is being presented and work will start soon. Not all resources are available to stop the overall reconstruction, and here comes an invitation to Latin.

Floating Corridor, FIC Against All AT TAR


Pnrr, competition area, flotation corridor and committee

An Abagnell who said he was very confident for the foreseeable future: “Thanks to Pnrr for funding the sport.There is a new call for sports and social inclusion, There are 3.5 million euros in terms of success for the municipality, including the population of Terni), it could be an element exploited to find resources and complete the complexity of the work. I’ll talk to the mayor about it, it could be the missing part », message for Latin. “The goal is to leave a mark. In addition to the four events we are talking about, other selective events will be held for the Under-23 European and Junior World Championships. Junior European here? It’s crazy to think of organizing in two months. Besides, there was no condition to be able to do it, there is a lack of requirements for the competition. The work will be completed by 2022? It’s complicated to complete this year. Abagnell then raises another question, some of which Connie did in the case of Malaga’s President Palaterni: Taking responsibility In fact, it must have the necessary features. Meanwhile, in the next fortnight you will crowd, it will fill the area.

Elena Proetti and Enrico Melaseche

Political organization: Proietti stings Melasecche

Enrico Melaseche, regional councilor for infrastructure at Palazzo Montani Leoni, the sports ‘owner’ of the Latin executive Elena Proetti, Laura Pernaza, the president of the province, and Marina Lana, number one at the Paidiluko Rowing Club, said: It doesn’t end aesthetically because crystals are needed. But horse racing can be done. The water fee will increase the contribution to the municipality associated with the new law. ” Don’t forget that: “It’s important to make some wills with Abagnell and I want it on Lake Pidiluko. You were discouraged four years ago, the results are clear »also quoting the league’s address to call for international events: ছাড়া The game would not have started in Terni without the Carit Foundation, with hundreds of athletes arriving and even new life for businessmen. Melaseche – excavation – confirmed the importance of sports facilities. With funding from the NRP, we will be able to bring about a groundbreaking change in the region’s infrastructure. More briefly, Pernaza and Lana: “We will also make our small contribution in trivial financial considerations,” said the president of Palazzo Bajjani. “There is a desire to reopen this place, we have a lot to do,” said Sarcolo Canoteri Pidiluko, president. Meanwhile, Fic has presented the Mercantile 2022 award to Luca Brogini.

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