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After months of virtual connection due to the Covid-19, Exponential Italian Group is back to host a private meeting at 370 Park Avenue, hosting a racket and general group CEO Philip Donate at the tennis club.

In an interview with GEI President Mario Plato, Donnett said he had “extremely positive meetings with investors, who said they were particularly pleased with the 2021 results, the plan we have presented and the list of subsequent boards to be submitted.” April 29 General Meeting. We have long known that the United States is an area for M&A opportunities in asset management, which creates value for all stakeholders by following our disciplined and rigorous approach. Launched in December, our “Lifetime Partner 24: Driving Growth” plan is ambitious, realistic and believable: we promise the best returns for shareholders. “

However, for General, the goal remains market, transparency and working in the interests of all stakeholders, in keeping with the guiding principle that has moved the company for 190 years since the Venice division was established, a year after Trieste Marco took the lion as his symbol, choosing the name “General” to indicate the fact that the company works with every insurance branch.

Philip Donnett – Photo by Terry W. Sanders

“Governance and its transparency have always been at the heart of General’s history. And the same is true today: it is important to make sure that society reflects the needs of the market. The board has made great strides in recent years to improve and reflect the needs of a modern, 21st century listed company. ”

However, in the aftermath of the epidemic, the market must also consider the war in Ukraine and its potential effects on economic growth. Donnet, that’s for sure: fires will have a negative effect and create high inflation. “This conflict is destructive from a humanitarian point of view. There are already millions of refugees in Central and Eastern Europe and we need to organize ourselves to welcome these refugees. It says the war will have a negative impact on the economy. We expect a recovery after Kovid, but this conflict will slow growth, especially in Europe. It will also have an impact on inflation, which will be much higher than expected, ”he said.

The problems will come with environmental change, the enemy of a conflict equivalent excellence that leads companies to a lack of resources. Today, with the explosion of bombs and rising energy prices in Ukraine, reliance on new forms of supply is more urgent than ever, but haste is the stubborn adversary for such processes. “You can’t go from brown to green in a short time – Donate recalls – it takes a real transformation. It must be an immediate European priority.”

Philip Donnett interviews Mario Platero at GEI – Photo by Terry W. Sanders

Russia was then discussed, and the CEO there was particularly proud to remind the public how General was among the first to close the representative office in Moscow and Europe aid activities in the country, even resigning from the board of directors of the Russian insurance company. Ingosstrakh.

Donat seems to believe in the fact that General will be able to get out of this situation with force. “We were extremely resilient during the epidemic, recording record results in 2021. If you compare General’s position today, it is clear from previous global challenges such as the banking crisis in the late 2000s. That group is in a much better position. “While we are all concerned about this horrific and senseless aggression, we are confident that we will be able to cope well with the potential negative consequences for the economy.”

Finally, there is a balance of activity in the United States, where General “is one of the top three players in travel insurance, a leader in medical expense management and an increasingly important player in the IT security space.

“Global Challenges Need Global Solutions”: Philip Donnet.

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