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N. Osaka b. [9] D. Collins 6-2 6-1

Japanese tennis player Daniel Collins was clearly defeated in the 59th minute of the one-sided match with only three games left. Osaka will return to play in the semifinals of the 1000 division tournament from August 2020 When he reached the final of the Cincinnati tournament (which took place in Flushing Meadows due to the epidemic). After a strong emotional involvement in Indian Wells, Naomi now seems to have found a peace that goes to the field. “I think I was really good at my reaction to this match. It’s not something I can say last year, so I think I’m improving in that area. I’m happy with that.” Admitted at the press conference.

This greater freshness allows him to change tactics during the game. “Honestly, when I started playing I wasn’t sure where I would stand. Sometimes Collins serves very quickly and I thought maybe I should take a step back. The first two games where I was a little more defensive didn’t work. I thought it was better to take the risk of moving forward and see what happened, and I think My time was pretty good, so it worked fine

Sometimes in training you work hard but lack of results can cause frustration. Osaka has practiced hard every day since Australia and is now only reaping the benefits. “Wim [Fissette, coach di Osaka] He told me, ‘Listen, you’re playing very well.’ But It’s hard to hear someone telling you that you’re playing well without the result of backing it up. I’m glad I don’t have a good ranking, because I can play the games I need. I think I am a person who plays best with multiple games, so actually playing continuous games has a lot of benefits for me. But yes, I’m not saying I’m surprised by the results, but I feel like I’m becoming a better playerSo I’m a little bit curious about how I’m going to face different opponents. “

And the next name in the list is no. 77 Belinda in the world Bensik (No. 26), which exemplifies a 3-1 victory for Switzerland, the most recent being the US Open 2019. Osaka’s only victory came in the distant past 2013 In an ITF tournament in Pelham, Alabama, a memorable match for Naomi in some cases. “It sounds really weird, but I remember the game started too late, and I wasn’t that experienced so I just had breakfast and didn’t eat anything for the rest of the day. I was just thinking to myself ‘Wow, I’m a little hungry. Am I going to face this hungry match? ‘ So I ate some chopped pineapple. My father ran to the store and picked up the pineapple. This is so weird. But yes, I remember how the other players in the tournament talked about it [Bencic]How he was a really good junior “. So much so that he soon won the Roland Garros and Wimbledon in that division.

Two tennis players of the same year, and Kanju, Ostapenko and Kasatkina are represented together. The gorgeous wine of ’97 (Also acclaimed by AGF on various occasions). On that occasion, nine years ago, Osaka won: When I was younger, I didn’t think I would like to have a strategy. It was all instinct, and sometimes I still play that way, for Wim’s horror. Bensik, however, left a strong impression on the Japanese. “It was good to see another young player. At that time he was already very professional, Like there’s a lot going on that I didn’t even realize. She warmed herself properly and had things like that. She had an Adidas sponsor at the time and I was like, ‘Wow, that’s great, she’s already there.'[…] “It’s nice that we’re all the same age and I think we’ve pushed each other.”

One of the specialties of Osaka is that it does not hesitate to talk openly about its problems, even if it does, it can reveal useful information to the opponent. “It’s very strange to me, I don’t know if I should say it, but still, I get really excited when I meet people my age or younger. I don’t know because I want to be better than them, but I automatically put a lot of pressure on myself. I found it after losing to Coco [nel 2019 agli US Open]. I said to myself, you know what? I have an age where there will be a team of really good young tennis players and I have to respect them and know that I am here for a reason. ‘ I once had their shoes. I think my mentality was a very relevant part of my defeat then. “I hope it gets better, because I feel like I’ve worked on it, so I hope the match with Bensick will be more about tennis.”

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