Spring event at Hotel Ambasciatori

Only when the notes of music mingle with the cocktails on the most beautiful roof of Palermo can something good be born, capable of conquering all the senses. And the new review of Musicology, the Seven, the Hotel Embassy’s restaurant through Roma, addresses the five senses, which combine good music with the art of mixology and which will be with Spring in Palermo.

A series of 12 events dedicated to music and a sensitive experience that combines drinks and food together and which will animate Palermo Thursday on the verandah overlooking Palermo from March 31st to June 16th, from where you can see the Arab-Norman domes. A city full of history which is much loved by tourists. So a number of cocktails, including concerts, DJ sets and live acoustics, will mark the start of the weekend a day in advance.

It will begin tomorrow, March 31, with live music by Dario Bruno. From Sicilian blues and rock ‘n’ roll to 70s Italian pop and soft rock backgrounds, a Sicilian group of fancy singers will be the protagonists on Thursday, March 31st. On May 12, however, it will be the acoustic duo of Bologna’s Pala, Salvatore and Irene Bolon, which reinterpret these genres with new musical arrangements, from funk to rock, dance to pop.

There is also space for jazz music. April 7 It will be the turn of Gaspare Palazzolo’s sax and Fulvio Buccafusco’s double bus, while two Thursdays later, April 21, Chiara Minaldi, one of the most captivating voices in the Sicilian scene, will accompany a young man on the piano. Artists like Sekio Leo. We’ll have to wait until May 5 for a new evening of jazz music that will be under the stars, relying on good weather: on the beatpop stage, Rita Colura (sax) and Ricardo Seradifalco (guitar). . On May 19, however, it’s the turn of Georgia Meli and Lino Costa, who, together, will be singing in a diverse Brazilian repertoire. Dedicated appointments for the jazz have been closed by Giuliana Di Liberto and Antonio Zarcone, who will warm up on the seventh floor of the hotel through Roma on June 9, with some of the most important movie songs and soundtracks in international cinema.

There will also be a DJ set with musicology. The first to arrive on the console will be Vincenzo Bonura, April 14, who will take everyone back on time with his revival notes at 7 p.m. On the 28th of April Nunjio Borino Seven will arrive who will do a seal with his electronic vinyl music The evening will not be forgotten. May 26, another appointment with Vinyl Music, this time Luigi Anello and Francesco Saporita, with the cat and fox in the Palermo underground music scene. On June 1, however, young DJ Mary Casa will warm the atmosphere with her electronic music. Finally Mirco Sardina, a confirmation on the console, that he will be accompanying guests from Aperitif on June 16 with his house music selection.

So here’s a review that will animate Palermo Spring where the joy of the palate will be heard: because there will be a selection of cocktails with concerts, DJ sets and live acoustics, “Seven Signature”, designed at the Hotel Embassyatour’s restaurant bar. And it can’t be otherwise. Complex and refined, the seven special cocktails are reminiscent of evergreens in a mix of melodies: melodious drinks that translate musical notes into fragrant notes. Ingredients such as gin, vodka, champagne, whiskey, chocolate beetroot, bergamot rosolio, agave syrup, passion fruit and rhubarb liqueur are combined.

Added to this are two “special signatures”: one signed by Caf Moretino and known as Ethiopia – an Ethiopian espresso, liquid cane sugar, lime juice, camphor and raspberry liqueur – the other in insole – an island martini commemorating the Sicilian archipelago. , marsala and capers – both partners of the show together with Todaro Winery. To participate in the Musicology event, reservations are required and can be made by calling 091.6166881 or 333.3613986 or sending an email to sevenrestaurant@ambasciatorihotelpalermo.com.

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