Two days in Opisina under the banner of nobility

Asd Club Sportivo Trieste Boxing has now re-proposed the traditional Memorial Maestro Enzo Battimeli (Julian Boxing’s technical historian) and, aptly awaited by an intense two-day ring and gloves, has opened its doors to professionals this year. Re-offering the usual program reserved for boxing, Olympic amateur boxing, youth boxing and, for the first time, innovative gym boxing.

The double appointment is set for Saturday 2nd (the gang will start at 5pm) and Sunday 3rd April (youth break from 10 and second meeting from 4) through Degli Alpini 128 in the ring set up at the Polysportiva Opisina Sports Hall. In Opicina (Trieste).

Weight Verification Procedures for Professional Athletes Archive Friday 6 April at 6pm Competitive activities will officially open at 5pm on Saturday with 2 gym boxing matches (an innovative non-contact discipline based on cleanliness technology movement, open to all ages). Seven more Olympic boxing matches will follow, including elite amateurs, organizers Juan Fernando Arieta Rivera, Borisov Bogdan Pazzik and stainless Andrea Kravatin.

Then, another level jump with two international challenges that the big blues will see involved: starting with, in the 57 kg, Italian-Turkish Arielmaz Halit (Fight Jim Grosseto, tri-color champion 2020, see in the red corner)) student of Ustad Rafael D’Amico ) And Slovenian Tade Cernoga in the blue corner (Boxing Club Portoroz, internationally awarded). The challenge in the highest weight category (92 kg) will be followed by Tuscan Matteo Girolamo (a student of ASD Boxing Club Firenze, Master Leonardo Turchi), who previously faced the Golden Glove and Italian champion, the formidable Croatian Marco Pratliasen.

Finally, at the end of the meeting, the main event of the entire Battimeli Memorial which saw ASD club Sportivo Trieste Boxing prepare itself for organizational support of an aspiring citizen athlete, although a representative of another association, although the cooperation for a sport Great prospects for the student, unbeaten with a roadmap featuring 4 wins, including 1 co and a draw) who is back in the home ring at 72 kg (Category Middleweights), Bosnian expert Milos Janjanin (Brusioni team, 15 wins with 12 knockouts) and 10 knockouts Facing 31 defeats, you will move forward on the path of tri-color opportunity).

The event, hosted by ASD Club Sportivo Trieste Boxing (an honorary company led by honorary president and technical manager Roberto Batimeli, his brother Paolo and the talented master Navio Karbi, Fabio Toussaint, Silvano Parvel and the staff consisting of ex-Ch্যামbione B্যামb). . At 10 a.m. the traditional juvenile standard is set which will bring dozens of children representing the future industry of Friuli Venezia Giulia to Opisina, who are engaged in motor coordination tests, sparring action and a variety of tests (all safety and no communication). Finally, at 4 pm, the second and final meeting begins, featuring 6 extra gym boxing matches and many amateur boxing matches (between the two City Derby lists, as well as the 63kg match between Germany and Cristiano Ricobon in the home-colored Matteo. Dell’Audace). .

The ভর্তি 12 Euro Single Admission Association Azura Malati is part of a fundraiser for Rare Onals that works for the benefit of the children of Trieste’s Irccs Materno Infantile Burlo Garofolo.

Access to the facility will only be allowed in accordance with current regulations regarding possession of green passes and use of protective masks. The Order Service, as always, will be assigned to Azure in Fiam, coordinated by Chief Inspector Romolo Incarnato, President of the Trieste Division of the National Penitentiary Police Association.

Bolognese, born in 1942, was transferred to Trieste as a child. Teacher Enzo Batemeli knew how to combine the activities of a dealer with a boxing technician. After good experience in the amateur ring, he founded the company in 1975 A few words, but a lot of toughness and commitment for ‘Guru Enzo’, who demanded above all heart, strategy and perseverance from his students.

“A dear friend – so described by the great Nino Benvenuti – with whom I have spent important moments in the glorious history of Trieste boxing. However, Enzo must be remembered above all as an excellent coach, capable of producing high-level athletes – after all, we remember, the mighty multiple tricolor and world bronze champion Biagio Chianis, as well as the WBA world champion and multiple European champions. Professional Stefano Joff, as well as Navio Carby, still the first teacher at the Julian Association, but Augusto Sparrano and Francesco Fotio – the values ​​of courage, commitment and loyalty that have always stood out to dozens of young people of different generations. A person who knows him is in the heart of everyone. “

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