Ukraine, three friends flee the war by car: in a bunker without water and light, then three thousand km torment

NoonMarch 30, 2022 – 13:33

Jane, Valentina and Anna arrived in Nocera and were welcomed to a parish. The story of the first bombing in Kiev

Of Rafaela Grimaldi

Two women appear in the corridors of the San Michel Arcangelo Church lecture hall at Nocera Superior. Frightened and frightened: They are Jean and his mother Valentina, who came directly from Kyiv. Gene very beautiful, tall, imposing status, eye pain. The mother is an elderly woman holding her little dog Leon XXL. In a small red car they reached the safe haven, refusing to fight. Traveling three thousand kilometers, running against time and looking for a road free from military attack. Jane communicates with some friends and guarantees hospitality at the Church of the Reign of Jesus. Don Enzo de Nardi, Head of Forania and Director of Diocesan Caritas, along with Rita Greco, Counselor for Health, provided first aid. Usca Passage, for transfer and reception between control swabs and other parishes San Michele Arcangelo of Nocera Superiore. For Jane and Valentina, two bedrooms and a small canteen were set up in a matter of hours. In this day of greater tranquility, the memory of a car escape remains vivid and dramatic. Bad road, sudden explosion. We have seen people die before our eyes. Going to the border was our goal and our only hope in life. We made it but we will never forget those scenes. Our husbands stay there.


At 5.20am on 24th February, we were at our home in Kiev. My cat was nervous. A roar, an explosion. I see black smoke. The first bomb fell far away from my house. Thus Jane’s awakening, the morning clash begins. The emptiness in his head. The thought of war belongs to the distant imagination. Now, of course, everything is in front of his eyes. Anna’s phone call and an invitation to join them in getting rid of Hnidyn, Jein and Mom. I thought we would join my friends, have a nice lunch and then go home. It didn’t happen, Jean said. Sudden flight without any basic need. They leave home and realize what is happening. Roads and panic. Eight hours to travel 40 km.

One day in the bunker

The sound of bombs. Even from Anna’s house, in Hnidin Oblast, from Kyiv, the sound of bombing can be heard. What Jean envisioned being a morning with a friend turned into the beginning of hell. Five times two families have taken shelter An ice bunker near Anna’s house. It was so cold, it was impossible to stay there all the time. When the siren sounds we run there, Jean says. So they spent a night and a day. A concrete house without water or light. Just the terror of the newly started conflict.

The people

Vladimir’s insights, Anna’s husband, to save two families. Women fail to be aware of what is happening. They do not want to leave their country, but Vladimir insists: Run away with the important things. Vladimir continues to fight in Kiev and communicates with Anna every day. Jean’s husband also remained, but it was more difficult to maintain contact. The bravest of all, Father Oleg. Sixty-seven years of insistence not to leave his land. While in Kiev, he monitored the houses to prevent them from being looted and provided first aid to young Ukrainians. Can we look our friends and countrymen in the eye if we run away?The other three men call themselves and their women

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March 30, 2022 | 13:33

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