Uninterrupted continuity

Break time, 2 to 1 for us, Manchini He allowed some of the Italians present to take selfies Konya. Coach’s expression, of someone who has just lost a cat: to drop a picture or to show every 2nd November. Will be kept, on the contrary, some things are seen against one Turkey Which has tried all means to make the harmony Fruit salad: Density and mobility of tonal and pessina, opportunism of raspadori, clarity of de siglio, left of biraghi. Although Donarumma demands a separate discussion. The personality of Chiellini, who built more than 70 power plants together with Acerbi, will not be easy to find among others.

I admit it: I was sure that Manchini Was near the end of the stroke, a Qatar Defeated, he will resign: I’m afraid of Portugal, of course not Macedonia. Answer, then. I thought the former champion’s pride would be won and he would fit in and give up two more years of work at the start and avoid hindrances raised by the clubs. So why? To play a new European tournament, already won and therefore a very high risk of failure-bis?

I underestimate the fact that Roberto really fell in love with the role, going out of contract with the national team until 2026. Gravina It didn’t even give him a chance to look inside himself: the president was enough to remind him of the importance of not giving up his post after his defeat, and not to underestimate the good he had done as far as London. Yes, because from the end of the summer to the end of March the coach made some mistakes, the end – due to lack of time and technical resources – partially abandoned the path and he successfully defeated. A section of the press claimed that some great heads fell: deadlines in the national team do not fix the contracts, however World Cup They Europeans. Gravina had the courage to go against history, challenging critics, popular dissidents and political opponents: she avoided emptiness, focused on the continuity of continuity. He could have shown Mansio’s head to the public to please tough and genuine people, but he never did or he never thought about it. Since the night in Palermo (in every sense) he has worked for stability, with the aim of underlining the flaws he claims and the themes he claims to develop.

It won’t be easy to start with one, it won’t be easy even if traumatic changes happen, and so from scratch. With that in mind, now our football must seriously rethink the base, the whole technical sector. Football is a planet where everything is possible, even retrospective. If the opposite path has to be, then what is the opposite path. The mini-psychodromer remembers a detail forgotten in these hours, the fall of the past simultaneously recorded the popular uprising: this time the people digested the defeat, surrendered the words used as tomatoes, rotten fish, stones to give the net. The poison of satire; And the MPs have abandoned the parliamentary questions, a demagogic display that football has always been biased towards the right and the left.

You will say: The controversy has gone from epidemic to epidemicUkraineDemagogues were not time, not desire, to be confused by a small event that was once described as scandalous, today only annoying. And then, we acknowledge the same people who, in the face of Macedonian defeat, did not waste hours of extraordinary joy and sincere gratitude. It was the people’s spontaneous belief, not the so-called power of the media, that told Mansini to move on. Manchini was reprimanded for not giving an explanation of the rate. After deciding to stay, he burned the note that he would read if he resigned and so did not continue with the blue team. Apparently I was able to snatch the ticket from the fire. Not explained here: «I made a mistake by getting a penalty shot Jorginho, Who must have a cousin in Switzerland. The Italian strikers, four or five who play in Serie A, can’t even score a goal in Europe. In Palermo, Barela pays homage to his title. Insigne was already in Canada with his head and legs. Better Lake or Palmers Emerson On the left “. In the name of uninterrupted continuity, Mansio chose to resolve this to Mansio:” Only misfortune “, if a Wembley It was just ass.

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