What is the most desired fur friend

The most popular dog breed of 2022? They are the undisputed winners of this ranking. Let’s get to know, together, the most coveted four-legged friends of the year.

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For many, the presence of a four-legged friend in their life is a great gift to cherish with such tenderness. Fido, with his enthusiasm and fidelity, can love unconditionally and be helpful to all of us. Then there will be curiosity to know that there are some very popular dog breeds. Let’s see what happens today The most beloved dog breed of 2022.

Most Favorite Dog Breeds of 2022: Here are the hairy breeds of the moment

Dog breeds are really many in nature and all over the world, you can find beautiful and loyal specimens of every aspect and character. The ones we are going to talk about are included in the ranking of the most popular and loved ones of the year. Let’s not know them here.

The most popular dog breed of 2022
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The most popular dog breed of 2022 I:

  • Pre-history;
  • Dutch;
  • Poodle;
  • Bulldog;
  • Beagle;
  • Boxer;
  • Swiss mountain dog;
  • Equestrian King Charles Spaniel;
  • Doberman.


Great Dane is the first example of this updated ranking. It has been confirmed as a highly sought after breed, also placing it in its master for safety.

The most favorite bau of 2022
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Strong looking dog with a determination, Great Dane lot Kindly In his relationship with people and family people. In addition, he relies entirely on those who take care of him, with fidelity and respect, Ready Per To protect All from any danger or threat.


Dachshund has also been confirmed as one of the most popular dog breeds of 2022. A small dog that many like and whose company is always pleasant.

The most popular dog breed of 2022
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With a lively and enthusiastic mood, little Dachshund is always happy to share the experience with his owner. Brave And Too much FunnyThis little dog is also independent and takes his place whenever he wants.


Then we find the poodle in the ranking of the most favorite dog breeds of the year. A pattern that has always been highly appreciated by the whole family.

The most popular variety of Bau in 2022
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Poodles are highly regarded all over the world and not just for her Bearing Classic And elegant. With him Character Light And humble, he inspires a lot of tenderness in people who can’t wait to give him lots of caress and affection.


The Bulldog cannot be missed, a pattern that many prefer, especially those who prefer a quieter and slower life.

The little dog of nature
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A special friend of children, Bulldog is suitable for those who want a quiet home life, a combination of long moments of relaxation and pleasant games, away from chaos and demanding projects. This fur is an ideal companion for those who don’t mind Rest Often And Isolated Hug For an hour.


An excellent sample like the Beagle was not left out of this ranking. Friendly and courageous, he is much loved.

Good faith in nature
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The Beagle is a strong dog Emotions For There The victim And for adventure in the wild. She loves her home and family, but at the first opportunity she let herself go into madness and advertising Experience New Which stimulates him a lot.

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Another breed of 2022 favorite dog is the boxer. An intelligent and energetic specimen, his presence is not unnoticed.

The dog wants to play
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Boxers know how to be a complete domestic partner: brave and Defensive When needed and sweet e Loving When daily life is peaceful. Samples are indicated for those who live alone.

Swiss mountain dog

Another very popular breed of dog is the Swiss Mountain Dog. We are talking about a hairy dog ​​that is a very careful observer at home.

Fido goes green
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Of Nature Peaceful And excellent intelligence, the Swiss Mountain Dog is highly sought after. This sample Ready Per Attack Very strongly that threatens her family and likes to spend a lot of time with her loyal owner.

Equestrian King Charles Spaniel

The Equestrian King is another long-loved dog and it is not strange to find him on this list. Let’s see why.

The little dog is looking away
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Equestrian King Charles Spaniel is an irresistible little dog Loves Move A lot And feel stimulated. For him, shared games and activities should be on the agenda.


Doberman is part of the 2022 list of most favorite dog breeds. We are talking about a model that likes its serenity.

Fido moves to the area
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Contrary to popular belief, Doberman is a very peaceful dog with everyone. He likes to be respected and treated well otherwise Maybe Last hour last hour But it features many races. A dog Too much Intelligent And Obliged With his beloved Lord.

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Most Popular Dog Breeds of 2022: Other Samples

We have reported that many dog ​​breeds are known around the world for their qualities and characteristics, but they do not end there. Let’s keep reading. In the article, other furs are the most popular during this period.

The most popular hairy variety of 2022
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The most popular dog breed of 2022 I:

  • Golden Retriever;
  • Special breeds of hounds;
  • German Shepherd;
  • Australian Shepherds;
  • Siberian strong;
  • Snauser.

Golden Retriever

Always present in the most intriguing ranking of four-legged friends, the Golden Retriever is by far one of the most beloved dogs.

The dog rests outside
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Golden Retriever Hall is one of the most reliable and sweet dogs in the world Friend Of Everyone And it can be helpful for anyone. Fearless and courageous, he can face any situation to save a needy person.

Special breed of hound

Another favorite specimen is the Labrador Retriever and he is also on the unforgettable list.

The hairy friend nodded
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Workable And BalancedLabrador Retriever Yes Affectionate Too much To the people. A hairy servant who is interested in life at home and closely follows the experiences of those who are part of his life.

German Shepherd

One of the most popular dog breeds of 2022 is the German Shepherd. Samples are respected and preferred by many owners.

Fido wants to play with the ball
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Brave, Strong And Proud, German Shepherd carefully observes the life of his human friend. She wants to live with him Per Experience And the time of day, the time to respect his habits and place.

Australian Shepherds

Let’s not forget the Australian Shepherd, another example of a man who loves company.

The rest is hope
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Sports lovers and Activities Inside Nature, The Australian Shepherd could not stay away from his master. In his company, he feels active and Stimulated To experience any adventure.

Strong in Siberia

An interesting example is the most beloved, Siberian husky. It’s a dog that always feels compelled to defend.

The dog moves
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From the character Social And Kindly, The Siberian Husky always stays on who goes there, to better protect those who take care of him. This hairy one Caress To give yourself From To do And his master as well as work, willing and always engaged in some activity.


At the bottom of the list is the snug dog, a favorite for protection and great affection for his family.

Fido goes to the forest
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The hairy snout makes a great companion dog. Protective and Be carefull From His AreaHe examines the reality he lives in every day to ensure that everyone can live with him in peace and security.

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