10km ride in Favorita, departure and arrival at Palme Stadium

In the sign of resumption, but above all in the sign of hope and peace. This is the 37th edition of Vivicità, scheduled for Sunday, April 3, which returns after a two-year stop due to a health emergency. Unfortunately, due to the war between Russia and Ukraine, the joy of resumption and the desire to keep the epidemic behind us have diminished. That’s why this spring’s Vivicità dusts off the “Race for Peace” slogan, embraces the rainbow flag and the symbol of brotherhood, launches a message of solidarity, as embodied in the UISP brand’s DNA.

In Palermo, “Race for All” has changed the position that has characterized the event in recent years. The departure and arrival, in fact, will be inside the Stadio delle Palme-Vito Schifani. Mariyaluisa de Simon, president of UISP Palermo, said: “This is a new version of the epidemic and the aftermath of the two years of stagnation caused by the epidemic. The 37th edition of Vivicittà ‘Run for Peace!’ This year – de Simone concludes – it will still not be possible to run a recreational-motor walk, but we will try to have a pretty competitive competition that will give many amateurs a chance to have fun after many difficult months. “

Competitive one

With more than 450 registered athletes, the youngest in the competition is Giuseppe Camilo Cusina, 82 in May, the largest club being Gs Amatori Palermo with 42 athletes at the start. Mohammed Idrisi and Analisa de Carlo, both members of the Mega Hobby Sport of Calantice, must be favorites to win the final. Idrissi, who won Vivicità Palermo in 2018, is fresh from Agrigento’s victory in the Concordia Half Marathon and the Italian marathon champion in the category (SM35); De Carlo finished 17th overall at the Roma Ostia on March 6 and boasted a personal “sub 3h” in the marathon. Also in the race was Palermitan Barbara Benici winning the 2015 VVCita Palermo.

10 km path

The route develops inside the Parco della Favoritas: a single lap of ten kilometers with athletes who, after leaving the stadium in Palm, will travel through Ercol, stopping the case, going around the so-called Leoni Gate, then Diana, they are at the Pallavicino traffic lights, Palazina, Palazina Half a point is expected there), Viale will enter Ercool, Case Roca and Athletics inside the stadium. The event took place on the same day in about 30 Italian cities, with a single departure at the same time through the radio microphones of seven foreigners, Rye Gr1. 18 prisons and juvenile institutions are involved.

Playful-turn off motor skills

This year, due to a health emergency that still requires attention and caution, Palermo will not host Vivicita’s playful Motor Beating Heart; The competition will need to be “resolved”, a strong signal for the organizers to re-launch after the forgetfulness of 2020 and 2021, an injection of confidence in any case.

Roll of honor

Lots of history in Palermo VVC. Yuri Floriani’s six wins in the honors roll are different, five Toto Antibo (two half marathon distances), Vincenzo Massimo Modica’s three wins. Among women, Sylvia La Barbera has won six (last in 2019). The thirtieth anniversary edition in Palermo was controversial with the victories of Vito Massimo Catania and Tatiana Betta halfway through the marathon.


From a technical standpoint, what’s new in 2019 has been confirmed, such as updating the 10km route and all-time compensation coefficient, by the Connie Institute of Sports Science, to give cities a single international ranking life for cities on Sunday 3rd April.

VVCita in Sicily

Not only Palermo, the race for everyone will also be held by Eric, starting from Manzoni to Ragusa which will be given by Lena from Viale Tennant. The only ones suspended are Enna’s Vivicità, scheduled for April 24 and Catania’s April 10. VVCita is also present in the criminal and juvenile organizations of Augusta, Eris, Geary, Catania, Anna and Ragusa.

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