31 artists who “renewed” paintings in affordable stores with their brushes

Images edited through programs can be as beautiful and captivating as possible Photo editingThere are people around the world who still prefer traditional techniques and for this reason, they enjoy changing and re-painting old canvases or old paintings. New life.

1 # I came across this artwork

Reddit / skhaleesi

2 # He held a guitar but I decided to change it …

Reddit / OldUglyArtHoarder

3 # I thought this might be the perfect place for Darth Vader’s solitude

Reddit / Ubadishnard

This is just me 420 thousand Members of the “Repaying” group opened in 2014 on the Reddit platform and where users are asked to post repainted works in only one way TraditionalSince digital retouching is not allowed

4 # “Boyfriend, dreamer and I.Painted again a couple of years ago

Reddit / OldUglyArtHoarder

5 # Flower Monsters

Reddit / schnauby30

6 # is a rep that I finished a few days ago. I put it up for auction to raise money for The Hunger Project

Reddit / davepollotart

In fact, it’s not just a classic community dedicated to someone Old paintingSince the group was created specifically for all those who like to draw and draw on existing works, which can be found in thrift stores, discount stores or even Garbage.

7 # Re-painted or original?

Reddit / orqa

8 # Dog Jack

Reddit / ramshackleray

9 # “Get ready for trouble“I always knew I wanted to have a balloon, but I was thinking of adding Rocky and Bullwinkle. However, I believe Mouth is the best choice.

Reddit / OldUglyArtHoarder

In practice, these artists with their imagination, with them Brush And with their color, they add details that enrich old creations and give new life, and in most cases the results are real. Drugs.

10 # “Suddenly“(“Howl“Repaint)

Reddit / myriyevskyy

11 # my “Illuminated in the darkWhich I re-painted a while ago

Reddit / keuerle

12 # My first repaint this year

Reddit / schnauby30

Many of them Reinterpretation They feature characters from pop culture, cartoons and TV, but also famous brands or completely basic elements that result in the creative mind of the individual artist. Now, a few years after it opened, the group can take a huge pride Collection of paintings Second-hand revisits that, for their beauty and their sympathy, can be displayed in any museum of modern art.

13 # Here is my first repaint, I could not be happier with the result

Reddit / Ohobendage

14 # “Big crop of pizza slicesBy David Irwin

Reddit / TheGnarledBranch

15 # You can like it

Reddit / MajorBlink

16 # The country of the rabbit

Reddit / Slogfarts

17 # is already an addition to an annoying painting

Reddit / schnauby30

18 # “Draw four

Reddit / DPJ 333

19 # My repaint isn’t as good as the others, it’s a piece my husband took home from his office when they renovated it. But I get some compliments

Reddit / Sabrinacolada

20 # “Flying waffles

Reddit / Vartoons

21 # The heroes of my childhood meet in the Black Forest

Reddit / STFNBN

22 # A curious cow

Reddit / rrrrreeeeeddddd

23 # I’ve added googly eyes to this print which I found in a thrift store. It’s hanging in my dining room

Reddit / Ibroshampoo

24 # “Beans in Paris

Reddit / lupiloopdiloop

25 # “Marine nonsense

Reddit / OldUglyArtHoarder

26 # At first I wanted to add Buzz Lightyear, but then I chose Alice …

Reddit / OldUglyArtHoarder

27 # A thrilling race

Reddit / davepollotart

28 # Unsolved Mystery …

Reddit / davepollotart

29 # I bought a print from a thrift store and thought it needed a cat.

Reddit / Technicallynotrobots

30 # I had a lot of fun drawing it

Reddit / davepollotart

31 # I found an old print at an affordable store and thought I’d repaint it like this …

Reddit / Animal_pharmacy

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