A live to talk about dogs as ambassadors of peace during war

The dog lives side by side with humans in every corner of the universe, but he doesn’t always do it that way. A lot of people are always used to thinking of dogs next to us, when we are walking on the city streets or when we go for a walk in the afternoon. But a little movement in space or time is enough and we see that dogs always have different roles and some of them are reflected, we do not understand that the life we ​​humans live depends on the culture we are associated with.

“The World Wide Pet Project was born out of this reflection, a webinar hosted by Vieniconme.dog and the Esserecane Association, aimed at deepening the direct experience of those who deal with dogs around the world every day, different in story and tradition. The style reflects what we put together with them “, explained David Moretini, dog trainer, Elena Quirici of England, the organizer of the scientific committee of Kodami, and Federica Nunziata from Mexico, who spoke about the life of a street dog in San Cristobal de las Casas in one of our videos. Lives:

In order to be featured in the most up-to-date news, the World Wide Pet Team has organized a live broadcast on Facebook, which will be held. March 31 at 8.45 pm on the social channel of the two associations. During which Anastasja will also intervene Third, A girl from Kyiv that until a few weeks ago ran a shelter for dogs. However, due to the attack by the Russian army, Anastasja has been moving inside Ukraine for more than a month, seeking refuge for herself, her companion and the 19 dogs that live with them, many of them disabled or elderly.

Dogs as messengers of peace

According to Moretini, the images we have seen of people fleeing the brutality of war for weeks with their dogs show the Western world that these animals play the role of friends and companions and know how to support us. The difficulty is a fact that has been happening since time immemorial and not just in Russia on the occasion of this limitless atrocity, as our magazine director Diana Letizia points out, in an article we collected historical photos of people fleeing World War II bombings or Seen sleeping in the shelter.

“We do it through live streams, we want to Promote dialogue and exchange on this topic To show that in addition to being a life partner, a dog can also be a messenger of peace in this society, which is full of discord between war and culture, ”explained the dog trainer.

During this evening’s lecture, Anastasia will have the opportunity to take advantage of instant translation into Russian, so that she can actively participate in events in Italian. A break is enough to reflect the generous gesture of help between these two girls, who are facing each other in battle, to understand thatThe hema of the dog combines and acts as a glue in humans – And tonight we want to ask Anastasia what it means to live with animals in her world and, perhaps, to learn something to improve herself.

A video will be broadcast in the evening telling the story of Anastasia and the difficulties she is facing in this difficult moment. “Images that speak to what he’s feeling, looking at images, some people think that regardless of our origin, we humans are a lot more like what we think -” he said. Luca Spenacio, The dog trainer and member of Kodami’s scientific committee who will be the moderator of the event tonight – in fact, there are people in every part of the world who The relationship with the dog is at the center of one’s existence And war must not be able to stop them.

Pets worldwide for social mediation

“We often think that the only way for a dog to live, or rather, the most” correct “one for us – explained Moretini – if, on the other hand, we leave room for dialogue without justice and hear those who face this relationship elsewhere and in other contexts.” We may be surprised to see their direct experience as a starting point for our own improvement. “

According to Moretini, this is also an example of how dog-related issues in society can encourage a proper dialogue that transcends boundaries and competes between different peoples, races and cultures.

“Even in the poorest countries of the world, we always find those who give the dog the dignity and recognition of the personality that we constantly propagate in the code – experts conclude – the same coexistence with a person of another species, inevitably accustoms us. Based on justice, respect and faith. To open up different relationships and build relationships: What a dog seeks in us and what we find in him.

At the end of the evening, the live broadcast will be free for those who want to watch the recording.

The next event in the World Wide Pet Format will be on June 16 and will see the intervention of the Genoa “Oltre il Cane” Association to talk about the laws, styles and practices of dog freedom around the world.

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