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Gianluca Veneziani

I am with Putin You would expect to find the #StopPutin trending, and instead find yourself on Twitter as the #StoconPutin trending topic. The Social media They often have the ability to amaze us with widespread human stupidity, but they bother you when that stupidity turns into self-harm and Stockholm syndrome, that is, love of the death penalty. General Ingerili, the former chief Gladius, The secret military organization was created with anti-Soviet functions, which, in an interview with Adenkronos, noted that, despite its anti-Russian stance, “this time I am more in favor of Putin than Zelensky.”

These words already ignited the prone soul and freed the always ready finger tips to hit the keyboard lion, this time from No Mask to Yes Tank, i.e. in favor of the Russian tank. Those who were with the Tsar flocked because they were against Europe and they liked to go backSoviet Union Instead of staying in the European Union: “I am with Putin and I dream of a Russian Europe that they have destroyed for 70 years. The real dictators who have come to power “Read it.

It was a premeditated murder, the main one here: the cold delusion about the death of Montagniar, who raised a finger.

And those who were with Putin because the real Nazis would be Ukrainian and NATO: “The UN must be disbanded!” One user was struck by lightning. “It is a table-controlled organ. If they really wanted peace, they would listen to the Russian representative instead of doing a fucking show. Crimes in Nazi Ukraine should be punished and unprotected “. But there were also those who accused Zelensky of having demonic tendencies (sic!) Because it could kill his own people, thanks to the connection with the powerful and secret power: “If you give weapons to civilians, you will send them to massacre. Army, you are an absolute criminal New World Order6, some screenshots of the tweet in support of Putin published yesterday warned. They range from Nazi accusations at the UN to comparisons between healthcare dictatorships and Western dictatorships, to Jellensky’s definition of an enlightened conspiratorial “satanist.”

Or obviously there was no shortage of those who were with Putin so as not to be with Draghi (“#StockenPutin and I hate this criminal government”). But Kovid denies and the link between it Tsar’s denial of guilt. Thus, for some foolish no-wax, “I am with Putin against the insane people (Italians).. Then you have to understand who the fools are …

Given that this social campaign was probably also carried out by trolls, it is interesting to analyze the short circuits faced by the fans of Russian expansionism. The same people who were screaming at the health dictatorship until another day The No-Wax opposition now dreams of ending under Putin’s dictatorship. And the same people who use Twitter to promote their pro-Russian religion may not realize that their favorite leader has stopped using social networks in his country.

If they lived in Russia, they would not have the same freedom. Even to shoot … the same social networks after all, there is a vague attitude For example, Facebook censors those who, as a form of legitimate political satire, post Hitler’s costume, Putin’s cartoon, or the Russian flag with a swastika in the center. He told us for example Alexandru Melnik, President of the Association “We are Moldova” which, after two disrespectful anti-Putin posts, Saw his ‘restricted’ profile. For Tsar’s expatriate friends, what a pro-Ukrainian user wrote on Twitter is valid: “If you’re with Putin, fine, go and stay in Russia.” Trust me, you’ll be fine with Count Vlad …

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