Antonino Spinalbase Autoimmune Disease and Sports as “Medicine”

Belen Rodriguez’s ex, Antonino Spinalbase, discovers that he has a serious autoimmune disease, gets help from his personal trainer friend and starts a new project

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He has been at the center of gossip for almost two years now due to his relationship with Belen Rodriguez Antonino Spinalbase Decided to come out and tell him everything that happened last year. He’s gone through all sorts of things, but the story with the Argentine showgirl, in all of this, is only marginal. In a long video lasting about 10 minutes, posted on his Instagram page, Antonino Spinalbes explained to his followers that he had gone through it. Accidents and serious health problems. There is a side to the video, it is professionally packaged, even the text is very accurate, because, in fact, it works to launch a new project that, as far as we know, has more to do with solidarity. With business

From Antonino Spinalbase, Hair Stylist to Instructor

Born on February 1, 1995, Antonino Spinelbas met Belen Rodriguez in 2020 and was a typical hair stylist, but The passion for fitness is always there, As was immediately evident from his muscularly defined body. After their birth Daughter Luna Marie, In July 2021, the two caught a rift in their relationship. In the black and white video where he explains his situation, Antonino recounts his love story, how he is usually very reserved, found himself in the spotlight, and how, after the arrival of his daughter, the relationship couple fell into crisis. . But later he had a more difficult problem to deal with.

Spinalbase health problems

Due to marital problems and pressure from the media, Antonino Spinalbase survived. A period of deep stressAs a result of which he began to lose weight, this weakness made him physically weak. He fell and broke two ribs. His mind was gradually blurred, so much so that he lost his reactivity and did not notice the presence of an abandoned tire on the highway. He had an accident, his car broke down, He was attached to the IV for a few days, but fortunately the trauma was mild. After a while, after spending the whole day holding her daughter in her arms, she began to feel pain in her abdomen.

Antonino spinalbase for autoimmune diseases and fasting

Just be careful Pain in the upper intestine, Antonino thought it was because Luna Marie had been trying to hold him in her arms for so long. The pain, however, lasted for a few days More and more lacerating. So he decided to go to the hospital, where they put him immediately Hospitalized And has been kept under observation for a few days. They did a lot of experiments, the doctors were initially “opaque”, as the patient explained in the video, then finally Diagnosis: One autoimmune diseases With which, presumably, he must survive for life. After the diagnosis was made, they kept him in the hospital for another ten days, and he said that he had recovered within ten days. “Fasting with homogeneous and white food”. When he left the hospital, Antonino no longer recognized himself. He lost 13 kg.

Spinalbase physical problems

In the video, Belen Rodriguez’s ex is well explained What does sports mean to him? And what it was like to be completely different because of the disease: “For me Physically there has always been a way to feel good about yourself, even mentally. Seeing my silhouette in the mirror was like a terrible nightmare The first time Antonino was hospitalized for Spinalbase was psychologically dramatic: “I started dressing in a weird way that wasn’t recognized on the street, I was embarrassed. Such a shame to stop me from going to the gym, Where those general social concerns will increase. Until I meet an old friend: Andrea “.

Personal trainer friend help

Its image Andrea Adino, His friend and personal trainer, is fundamental to the story of Antonino Spinalbes and it is clear that he will have a very important role to play in the project that is about to begin. The former hair stylist actually said: “Andrea is not just the best personal trainer I know. Andrea is the person who reminded me that there is a moment of glory after a moment of pain.” Just a quote from the picture sentence Intact, Which Spinalbase also tattooed on one arm, is the common thread of his speech. He explained it Andrea asked “in a crazy way” about her pathology And “created an action plan with one goal: to bring back the original Antonino”. And so Spinalbase found excitement again because, he said, the mirror came back to show its “true shape”.

Willingness to help other sick people

After rediscovering himself, the period of reflection for Antonino Spinalbase People like him who, in the most diverse way, have lived an experience like hisThey have moments where they don’t recognize their bodies, for which “looking in the mirror in the morning – Spinalbaniz says – the day starts in the worst way. When you feel so bad that you hardly find the strength to react.” Took Help other people who are suffering in their physical well-being. The goal is to find the physical form that makes you feel good about yourself. He doesn’t want to make money, that’s why he’s involved Andrea, sure he can help others, but he can’t ask her to work for free. She talked to him anyway and Andrea found the right idea: a way to help as much as possible from anywhere in Italy, making sure they could train with the two of them.

Integration project of Spinalbase and Adino

The will of Project by Spinalbese and Audino Seems obvious: Help those who have experienced or are experiencing illness find or restore physical form that makes them feel good and at peace within themselves. That was right Adino To better explain what it is: and this oneFree app With for everyone Customized workout plans for muscle groups, For both men and women. The training program lasts 12 weeks and consists of four training days per week and one bonus abs day. Cards are changed every four weeks To ensure that the user is not bothered. In addition, Adino and Spinalbase invite those who follow the program to tell their stories. “To inspire those who want to start again”.

In between Spinalbase also dedicated itself to other solidarity projects: he was on the Ukrainian border To bring food and basic necessities to the people suffering due to the Russian aggression. In short, Spinalbase shows that his life today is very different from the life depicted on gossip pages at the time he joined Belen Rodriguez and that it is far from the surface of a particular environment.

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