Basketball, Serie A: Brindisi falls at home with Cremona and loses top

Rome – Round full of very heavy wins, and it can not be otherwise when the regular season is now nearing the end. The Serie A basketball championship comes alive with a day where there is no shortage of surprises, such as the success of Brindisi’s home suspension of Cremona in the evening for which the Apulians had to lose their dominance for the benefit of Olympia Milan. Saturday Virtus Bologna Italy Derby in advance. The Brescia crisis has been confirmed, but virtually all of them have lost at the bottom of the standings: Fortitudo surrenders to Rare Venezia, Reggio Emilia leads Cantu straight to the final, and the race for salvation becomes more complicated.

Basketball, Serie A: Italian derby in Milan, lost to Vertus Bologna 94-84

Happy Casa Brindisi-Vanoli Basket Cremona 67-78

Brindisi falls at home and loses the summit, a feat of Vanoli Cremona, which celebrates salvation two rounds in advance. A great result for the Lombard team, which at the beginning of the season decided not to even register for the championship and today the author of 22 points has cleared the parquet of the former leaders thanks to an extraordinary Mian. Brindisi pays for the absence of Parkinson and Thompson, as well as Vituchi on the bench. The game seems to be already on ice in the second quarter, with Vanoli a partial cut of 28-10 and 27-47 in the long run. Brindisi returns to the fourth quarter with great pride, returning passionately to -8 and missing a triple of potential -5 with Bustic. Cremona, saved from danger, finds a new extension with Barford.

Happy Casa Brindisi: Bostick 8, Mota Ne, Krubli 13, Harrison 18, Visconti 2, Gaspardo 10, Catapan Ne, Guido Ne, Udom 7, Bell 5, Willis 4. Coach: Vituchi
Vanoli Basketball Crimona: Barford 11, Williams 12, Tronic Ne, Williams 9, Poeta Ne, Mian 22, Lee 4, Kurnuh 12, Holmes 8, Donda Ne. Coach: Galbiati
Referee: Grizioni-Pepponi-Capotorto
Note: Partial: 17-19, 27-47, 42-60.
Free throws: Brindisi 17/21, Cremona 17/20. Out for five fouls: Harrison.

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Germany Brescia-Banco di Sardegna Sassari 82-94

The Brescia crisis has not stopped with the seventh consecutive defeat. Banco de Sardegna took the opportunity early in the match to score a great 0-14 in the first four minutes and manage the gap throughout the match. The first quarter actually ends at 16-29 and the long interval (42-53) is in double digits. At the beginning of the third quarter, the new extension of Dynamo was seen, even able to fly at +19. Final Period Pozzecco Pure Academy for Children.

Germany Brescia: Bartini Ne, Vitaly Ne, Parilo, Cherry 6, Bortolani 11, Wilson 2, Willis 22, Crawford 10, Burns 10, Kalinowski 16, Moss 3, Sacheeti 2. Coach: Buskaglia.
Banco de Sardegna Sassari: Speisu 11, Bilan 14, Trier 4, Chesa Ne, Kruslin 8, Hap 10, Catik 7, Ray Marco Ne, Bernell 14, Bendzias 20, Gandini Ne, Gentil 6. Coach: Pojeko. Referees: Bartoli, Paglialunga, Morelli.
Note: Partial 16-29, 42-53, 57-74.
Free throws: Brescia 9/11, Sassari 21/22. Excluded for five fouls: Spisu.

Allianz Basketball Trieste-Carpegna Pesaro Ham 101-88

Excellent move for Trieste in terms of playoffs. A clear win against the Jasmine Repesar coaching team allows you to reverse the goal difference compared to the first leg. The Dalmason boys immediately dug a crucial furrow 19-8, failing to replicate Pesaro Trieste’s attack and the first quarter even ended at 33-15. Guests manage to return to a single figure of difficulty with an explosion of Robinson and bring the partial 20-7 wave back to -5 (40-35), which becomes -3 in the second period and at long intervals (52-49). The third quarter, however, saw Trieste replicate the first trend and, in fact, shut down the game, as the advantage surpassed the double figure and Pesaro no longer gained strength in the second half of the match. Return

Allianz Basketball Trieste: Coronica 2, Epson 7, Fernandez Ne, Arnoldo Ne, Laquintana 11, Delia 25, Henry 3, Cavaliero 5, The Ross 12, Grazulis Ne, Doyle 12, Alviti 24. Coach: Dalmason.
Carpegna Ham Pesaro: Drill 5, Massenat 8, Phylo 2, Robinson 21, Tambon 9, Muzakovic Ne, Ibua 3, Serpili 6, Filipoviti 11, Janoti 23. Coach: Repesa. Referee: Rossi-Bongiyorni-Galaso.
Note: Partial: 33-15, 52-49, 80-68.
Free throws: Trieste 20/27, Pesaro 21/25

Umana Rare Venezia-Fortitudo Lavoropio Bologna 92-76

The match between Rare and Fortidodo lasted just under two quarters. The two teams travel in full balance for 18 minutes, while the match is 38. Venice then began to push the Bologna attack, when Stefano Tonat (26 points at the end of the race) was irresistible and took the scene. A heavy victory for Venice, which came within a week, was marked by rumors about the possible departure of coach de Rafael at the behest of Vertus Bologna. Four figures in a double figure is not enough for the EF: the rankings remain inadequate, with only one win from Cantour having the last place.

Umana Rare Venice: Casarin 7, Stone 9, Tonat 26, Day 3, De Nicolao 5, Campogrande 8, Clark 10, Chapel 7, Majola 3, Serela, Posamai, Watt 14. Coach: D. Raphael.
Fortitudo Lavoropio Bologna: Banks 16, Aradori 15, Mansinelli 1, Manna Ne, Pavani, Fantinelli 5, Baldasso, Cusin 8, Withers 15, Tot ’16. Coach: Dalmonte.
Referee: Begnis-Persiavalle-Pierantozi.
Note: Partial: 22-15, 46-40, 69-61.
Free throws: Venice 10/12, Bologna 18/24

De’Longhi Treviso-Openjobmetis Varese 94-103

Pure Oxygen with a view to salvation that is a success for Varese. OpenJobMates broke Treviso thanks to an incredible Luis Scola, who finished with 24 points and 8/10 shooting. A game that the Lombards were able to do in the second half (57 points after the break), after closing the first 20 minutes under 6 (52-46 partial). Until then, Treviso had surgery at 2 shooting ranges (15/22). In a game where the defense was not bright, the difference was made by the attack and in the fourth quarter Scholar allowed two triple varsities to set the winning set.

De ‘Langhi Treviso: Logan 18, Russell 16, Vildera 9, Bartoli Ne, Imbro 2, Pikin Ne, Chilo 5, Mekoulu 18, Sokolovsky 12, Akele 8, Locket 6, Coach: Manetti.
OPENJOBMETIS VARESE: Beane 13, Morse 4, Scola 24, De Nicolao 8, Ruzzier 11, Strautins 14, Egbunu 6, De Vico ne, Ferrero 7, Douglas 16. Coach: Bulleri.
Referee: Near-Quarta-Valjani.
Note: Partial: 28-25, 52-46, 77-79.
Free Throws: Treviso 22/29, Versace 18/20.

San Bernardo Water Cantù-UnaHotels Reggio Emilia 71-72

Reggio Emilia made a decisive overtaking in the final through a basket and a foul by Brandon Taylor and achieved a victory with a countless fixed weight in safety. Coach Atilio Cazar is an important achievement for the trained boys, while the formation of Piero Buchi misses the engagement in Brescia and is left alone. Burning frustration for Cantor, who deceived himself to find the right part in the third quarter flying at +8. A margin is held at the end of time. In the fourth quarter, however, Reggio Emilia finds a wild coponen and reappears until 62. In the long final sprint, Taylor decided a three-point game, Gaines could not find the final basket.

ACQUA San Bernardo Cantu: Smith 5, Bayehe 2, Johnson 10, Leonen 15, Gaines 19, Baparpe ne, Pechia 13, Lanzi ne, La Torre ne, Radic 2, Thomas 5, Procida, Lanzi ne. Coach: Buchi.
Unahotels Reggio Emilia: Lemar 13, Coponen 13, Candy 3, Baldy Rossi 6, Porfilio Ne, Taylor 20, Elegar 10, Soliani Ne, Johnson 7, Bonachini Ne, Duff Ne, Keyslink. Instructor: Kaza.
Referee: Lo Guzo-Martolini-Nicolini
Note: Partial: 19-23, 37-33, 59-51.
Free Throw: Cantu ’11 / 13, Reggio Emilia 8/10. Out for five fouls: Bayehe.

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