Basketball, the league has reopened its doors and the Virtus Bologna-Milan match has resumed. Petruchi: “We need 100% tree power.”

After a crucial summer (returning to the Olympic Games after 17 years) and the immediately exciting Super Cup, the Italian is preparing to return to the basketball championship. Progress between newly promoted Napoli and Olympia Milan on Saturday evening will officially begin in a series that is as exciting as last season and has all the preconditions for a fight.

Vertas Bologna-Milan dual again

In the opening line, of course, the favorite choices are still: Virtus Bologna and Milan 7 The current Italian champions, greeted by coach Jordjevich, were immediately in good spirits: Scariolo’s cycle got off to a great start with a win in the Italian Super Cup against Olympia. The Messina boys, who were great in the Euroleague last season (dropped out of the final four by Barcelona) but want to take revenge by holding their breath away with a 4-0 win over Vertus in the Championship final. Confirmed are Rodriguez, Datom, Shields, Delaney and Hines, first-tier players such as Meli (returning after six years), Grant, Mitoglu and Vertus Ricky’s former captain. Scariolo responds to the purchase of Manion, star couple Teodosic-Bellinelli, but also Pazola, Ruzier and Harvey. Outside labels in Venice, Brindisi and Sassari. The two newly promoted, Naples and Tortona, are full of enthusiasm and full of desire not to leave the department immediately.

Petruchi: “100% power”

The new championship was presented at a press conference at the Unipole Arena in Castelcio de Reno. There was Federal President Gianni Petruchi speaking out on the importance of public repatriation: “Federations are not all one, they are very important to us. There are differences and we are considered the most. Yet there are still many difficulties. Summer successes cover many problems. They tell us that we cannot go on like this. I wonder why in Katowice, for the European Volleyball Championship, they were all packed together. It will be a defeat for everyone unless we reach 100% of the tree’s capacity. We are not happy with the 50% we think they will be able to give us. And again: “Someone even thanked the government. But for what? There were a lot of errors in this episode. For example, all the irrevocable contributions for children who first took 50 euros and then 800, what did they do? Because CTS doesn’t always say our request. It should be a resume championship for us but I don’t think so. The League has raised its voice because it can no longer take it. “A heartwarming speech, even considering the 2,200 people who made it to the Super Cup final, even less than 35% of the expected maximum power.” “You have organized a good event and we are starting on the right foot. This is the centenary year of the federation and it is right to start. That’s the decent thing to do, and it should end there. “

Gandhi: “Many limitations”

Leger president Umberto Gandini also sent an important message: “I thank Petrucci and all the sponsors for their participation and their contribution to the next championship. We must be relevant and influential in Italian sports. The 2,200 spectators in the Supercopa final are not for us. Despite the green pass, it imposes restrictions. Reading the news paper, it seems that the government and CTS do not increase the percentage of visitors. I want to understand. I can’t tell you the truth. All the indoor games are lined up on this line and we hope to get our request soon. “

Clear match in USA

Good news regarding the match. For the first time in its history, Serie A basketball championships and lega events will also have television coverage in the United States, where they will be broadcast without encrypt on Next Level Sports (NXT) broadcaster and digital channel Out for. Fans’

Copa Italia in February

This weekend, therefore, the championship will begin. On the other hand, the Italian Cup will be held in February: it will return to Pesaro, where it was already held in 2020 and will last one day longer than usual from 16 to 20 February (Friday 18 will be a rest day). In addition, with the start of the new season, Lba has renewed its digital channels by launching new websites and new official apps.

This is the first day program of the championship:
Naples-Milan (Saturday at 20)
Trieste-Brindisi (Sunday at 5 p.m.)
Versace-Brescia (17:15)
Sasari-Pesaro (18)
Fortitudo Bologna-Reggio Emilia (18:15)
Tortona-Treviso (19)
Venice-Cremona (20)
Trento-Vertas Bologna (20:45)

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