Blisters, looseness and other pains in young tennis blues

AGI – Italic white gesture black bracket element, aligned, these. Matteo Berettini has suffered an abdominal muscle injury again after a stunning semifinal match in Melbourne, or who knows. After all, the body has memories of suffering. The story ends with Tomljanovic and they see him having dinner with Anisimova and Bouchard in Miami; Someone assumes that one of the two is his new flame, Anisimova denies, he says nothing.

Kekmanovic loses to Indian Wells in Miami due to a hand injury. Who knows where they manage it (apparently in Barcelona), a successful intervention even if little is known about the disease. Will he return to Monte Carlo? Month Who knows, who knows, who knows.

Exhibit number two. In Indian Wells, Janick Cena dropped himself for an unspecified illnessOr effect? Maybe. In Miami he played exciting games against Carino Busta and Kyrgios, then retired 20 minutes later against Serundolo. He doesn’t greet the public, doesn’t even make a gesture, takes the bag and goes out into the flute. Are you upset In trouble? He later revealed that the problem was a blister on his leg, a rupture and that he could no longer walk. Already successful against Rublev in 2020 in Vienna.

Korean Chung, winner of the first edition of Next Gene in Milan in 2017, has disappeared from radar due to similar problems (also). Nadal has been suffering for a long time, but it is not part of his thinking to withdraw for Nadal, the injured leg. Problems without remedy? Maybe.

Exhibit number three: Lorenzo Sonego has not won another game and two negative appearances at Davis (with two defeats) seem to have taken away his conviction.Other than an adrenaline injection from the team competition.

Four shows: The best result of the season for Lorenzo Musetti (he lost to Poprin in Florida) was the success against Gambos against Slovakia, the match that allowed Italy to win a round pass from Davis due to a cap-breaking. September.

We must comfort ourselves, With the resurgence of Bolelli and Fognini and the first Challenger title won by Flavio CoboliWho represents the 3.0 generation of Italian tennis with Luka Nardi

But on the eve of the season, three problems for Italian tennis come to the fore: a widespread pain that pediatricians once defined as “growth”; A heavy intervention of misfortune and finally, a communication deficit.

If the problems in Sonego and Musetti are of a technical and competitive nature, the situation is different for Matteo Beretini. He has always enjoyed a positive image capable of evoking empathy; An image that is changing in light of his new role as a star, on and off the field.

Privacy is undeniable, but when you are a “star” and suffer from constant and repetitive trauma, it is not worth the extra privacy. That one, for example, accompanies the bolt to the hand injury blue. Otherwise the image is tarnished and the world (especially social) takes very little and suspects that the object of attention (Matteo) Not only this, with the help of fire you can do welding.

Sinner, for his part, must have been frustrated and furious when he left the pitch in Miami. But as many super champions can teach him, a gesture of dissatisfaction to address the public (especially on television) was enough to attract a premature departure from the field.

Instead, the same coolness that kept him from conceding to Kyrgios’ confusion after winning a beautiful match against Australia means that Janick has crossed the wrong picture: someone who has problems but is overly self-centered. And he doesn’t really care who is following him.

Of course the pain of growth. Which are part of the game. But the pain of the game also needs to be addressed wisely, especially when you are a top player. Otherwise the satisfaction decreases. And it’s never a good thing, especially in tennis.

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