Cartoon cat names – 50 ideas with explanations

If you want to give Missio a name used in movies or on television, you will find the right idea in this list of cartoon cat names.

Lampo, Miladi, Pillow and Meatball from “44 Cats” (Screenshot YouTube)

You want your cat to have a name Famous? In this article, we have compiled the names of several female and male cats, including a specific one Notoriety. These are names associated with the world Carton Animated Like the unforgettable “Aristotle”, “Lady and the Trump” and “Garfield”.

Choose from cartoon cat names for your kitty

The name of the cartoon cat
Cartoon Cats Name: Oliver at “Oliver & Company” here (Screenshot YouTube)

You just got a cat and you want it to carry the name of a kitty that history has made Great Or of A little The screen? Not alone in this list GarfieldThe name of the red-haired cat, the well-known hero of movies and cartoons, but there are many cats in the world. Display; Ideal name for both Cats For both Cats.

Duchess, Romeo, Minu, Matisse, Budget, Scott Cat, Shawn Gon, Hit Cat, Peppo, Billy Boss: They are the cats from the 1970 film “The Aristocatas” in Paris, which tells the story of the Duchess, a white cat, Minu, Mattis, and the mother of three young children of Budget, a street cat fighting for the love of an ordinary and poor Romeo;

Lucifer: Lady Tremaine’s naughty cat in the 1950 animated film Cinderella (“Cinderella”);

Cheshire cat: She is the purple and lilac brindle cat, the unforgettable character of “Alice in Wonderland”;

Figaro: This is the kitten that lives with Pinocchio, Maestro Gepetto and the little fish Cleo, a 1940s film based on a novel by Carlo Collodi;

Yes and i: Two Siamese cats famous in the animated film “Lady and the Trump” (together protagonist, Cocker Spaniel Lily);

Puss in boots, parla, gonzalo and timi: Puss in Boots starring Chris Miller’s 2011 animated film, a spin-off of Shrek Saga and three feathered kittens; The largest Parla, the second Gonzalo and the third Don Timothy Montenegro (often referred to as Timmy);

Garfield: Red cat from film and cardboard of the same name;

Chloe: She is the kitten from the movie “Pet 2 – Life as an Animal”;

Wooden legs: He’s Mickey Mouse’s enemy;

Zorba: He is the protagonist of the 1998 Italian animated film “The Seagull and the Cat”;

Tom: Brown House Mouse, famous for his expedition with Gerald named Thomas’s small, blue / gray shorthair pet cat Jerry.

Sylvester: Including many Canary Tweet stars from the episode Looney Tunes;

Torakiki: “Hello Spank” ‘s “Japanese” cat;

Doraemon: Also the protagonist of the Japanese cartoon Hominimas series is the famous blue and white cat with a magic pocket in its belly;

Hello kitten: Created in 1974 by designer Yuko Shimizu’s hand, it was initially a cartoon then it became an icon of gadgets and objects.

Birba and Azrail: Gargamel’s cat in cartoon “Smurfs”;

Luna and Diana: The first is a black cat talking to a moon on the forehead of the “sailor moon” and comes from the planet Maui;

Julian: Andrea’s favorite cat, Mirko’s younger brother from “Kiss Me Licia”;

Felix the cat: The famous black cat, otherwise known as Mio Miao, was born in 1917 by Auto Mesmer;

Sergeant Tibes: He is the cat of the 1961 Disney film “101 Dalmatians”;

Crazy Cat: The protagonist of the 1910 comic strip, George Harriman, a cat with its head in the clouds, naive and curious, madly in love with Mouse Ignazio;

Snowballs and scratches: They are the cat American version of “Simpson”, Grattachecca is “Scratchy”;

Benny the Ball, Cho cho, Spook, Fancy-fancy And The brain: The cats of “Top Cat” created by Hanna-Barbera since 1961. A film adaptation was released in 2011 with “Top Cat – The Film”;

Mouth: First Generation Pokemon Cats;

Oliver: “Oliver and Company”, the protagonist of a 1988 Disney animated film;

Lampo, Miladi, Pillow and Polpetta: They are the protagonists of the animated series “44 Cats” inspired by the famous song that won the tenth edition of Jacquino D’Oro in 1968;

Rudolph And Tiger: A little black kitten and a perverted head-cat is the protagonist of “Rudolph in Search of Happiness”;

Blanket, Wanderer And Cape: A stray cat, a stray cat and a former son, respectively. They are the heroes of the movie “Birba – Missio Combinagui”. The names are of the original version, they are called in Italian Oscar And Birba.

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