Dealing with Putin? This is pure madness! The only way to stop him and the war

It’s been over a month now, and every day, we hope to see the end The abominable slaughterhouse On the other hand, the fearless Putin commands the ever-defeated ancestors with strong winds. And he is more and more convinced every day that his opponents will give up. Especially those “West” (Like us) so far accustomed to face the real obstacles of a century of carefree and comfortable life and military life.

Vladimir Putin introduced February 24 The last order to invade Ukraine, sure it would have been a “walk” and his courage and his temperament led him to rearrange the hierarchy in a region that Great Mother Russia He knew how to unite but its illusory union “Soviet” And the treacherous “tenderness” of its rulers eventually leads to self-destruction.

Putin thus began the restoration of old order by sitting in the control room at the highest level. The Ukrainians are proving to be tougher than expected, but Russia has already bent on their past and it will happen again. Today, if they are able to respond to such a resolution, it is only thanks to the huge amount and variety of weapons secretly supplied by NATO and their courage and communication skills. Zelensky. But now the book is open with him.

Putin has closed his eyes and already seen him paddling in the Red Square tied to his chariot, just as Julius Caesar with the proud Versing Gatorix, the great Red Square as the Imperial Forum of Eternal Rome (but it could end otherwise: for example Ceausescu). But this is my thought, not his, now thrown into the role of the leader who sets the conditions and is capable of others, spineless western loose, only cunning in the living room and lovers of the sin of gambling.

In fact, it has already started to open An opening for discussionBut it’s just her “Clever”: If they haven’t already seen all the mess he has made and are marching to deal with it, it means they are ready to throw away their breeches hidden behind the fig leaves of the awkward Western dictionary.

The only one who could tell him what he deserved Joe Biden, But that – poor man – his shadow is more afraid than him! He said Putin a “Criminal” And its approval rating has risen above 40% but … for just one day! Then the Republican friends (already led by Trump even if he has no more power) fix things right away.

And US? How European we are, physically the closest people to that Red Square that he should be admired The winner, What are we determined to do in this dangerous imperialist dream? Virtually nothing! Let’s “deal” Get a few more tanks of gas or oil, nothing more.

And the Ukrainians? Ehh, let’s just say I’ve seen better, but we’re sorry for the inconvenience. The treaties of the last century established this situation. We give them everything, but we can’t do more than that. Putin has made it clear that if we intervene in Ukraine, he will consider it an attack on Russia, and he will intervene with nuclear weapons in self-defense. We’re not crazy!

Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either.

Yet he has already committed a crime from “Nuremberg”, is there anyone to judge him? Yes, there will be a UN, but Russia has a veto. We need an international tribunal capable of prosecuting this crime (even in its absence). It already has, in Holland, it has International Criminal Court And he’s already interested in it, but what’s his real power?

At the moment I believe that the possibility of a trial is clear: Putin is killing indiscriminately and destroying an entire nation for the sole purpose of subjugating its inhabitants to democracy and self-determination. He must be stopped by any means because if he is allowed to deal with it equally (After what he did!) Can only encourage him, or others like him, to try again where he wants.

We can try to create a “significant turning point” by putting on the table the one billion euros (?) Given to the Russian government, Whoever represents, He must immediately begin serious reforms that include self-determination of the Ukrainian people and other countries bordering Western Europe. However, the money will be paid in two installments, the second only after the reforms take effect.

Instead of spending money on useless weapons, which no one would dare to use outside their home against them like Putin, Europe could spend in this way. Maybe he will agree too Pope Francisco Because it would be consistent with his pressure prayer to stop the deadly arms race, European and global, which is starting to be brutal.

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