Elisa: “I always think about the future of the planet”

He told Sorisi about his daily life, his passion for skateboarding, his upcoming tour and his concern for the environment.

Francesco Chignola
March 31, 2022 at 08:31

Elisa He answered the phone from a recording studio not far from his home in Monfalcon, Gorizia province. It’s an intense time for him: Sunremo and after the release of the album “Back to the Future / Back to the Future”, he is preparing for three concert-events and a summer tour at the Verona Arena. But then you always go home.

Elisa, in what environment do you breathe in your home?
“Our lives and … a house full of disorder, which I don’t like but tolerate, between games scattered around the living room and a kitchen that is a laboratory of turmoil. We are lucky, it has a spacious house, trees, a vegetable There’s a garden, we have two cats and a dog. We made it from scratch: at first there was a field. And it’s a “round” house: I don’t like the edges, so we put the bottles in the corner and built the walls, like a hundred years ago. It was a cross between a Friulian farmhouse and a Mexican “Hasinda”.

Is this a house you always want to go back to?
“Of course, but because of the epidemic I’ve never been home so much since I was 16, so now I miss traveling, going to America … Here my mother, my sister, my closest friends and adults are in. The open space revives me but. When you travel all your life, you become a nomad inside.

Do you have a place to sing in your house?
“An ’emergency’ study, like a mini-living room, with a keyboard, speakers and a laptop.

Is the album giving you a lot of satisfaction?
“The main thing for me is that I still want to hear it. And I assure you that I have heard it many times! It’s a record where I took risks, I fainted. The epidemic has left you in a bubble where you have forgotten the opinions of others. And it was just that.

What do the fans think?
Some have been around for so long that they have my numbers, we often hear from each other, and they have written me beautiful things, for example that my songs ‘give strength and power’. That’s what I was looking for. I wanted to create a source of sunshine and positivity in the dark.

When you hear a song, the world cries. When did your interest in the fight against climate change begin?
“I’ve always had a strong bond with nature since I was little: I was always lost in the colors of the sky with my eyes up. Global warming was discussed in the 1990s and I realized it would be the most important issue of the future.”

Has this awareness changed your life?
“Not now, but then I started noticing the consequences of my actions and changing them. Since 2003 I have been printing records on recyclable materials, I have no plastic on my tour, I have solar panels, an electric car, a heat pump, I Buy as many environmental products as possible, food from local farmers and we try to eat less meat and less fish, avoiding intensive farming.

Many think they have a hard choice.
“As soon as you start realizing it’s the opposite, the hard thing is to think about it. Now everything is just a click away, ten years ago it took a long time to find information on these things ৷ just want to.”

Aside from the promise of work, I’ve seen you fight with the brush …
We had a “skating bowl” built (A skateboarding track, ed) In the garden, and it was time to repaint. I entered it and finished almost the whole interior ….

Even Sanremo you were equipped with a skate, where does this passion come from?
“From Snowboard! All Friulian kids are sent for two games: sailing or skiing. Mom used to send me to ski on the bus, I raced. Then when I was 20 I got on board and never went down. Between promise and epidemic, however, often It’s hard to go up the hill, so I found an alternative … My kids followed me closely: Sebastian fell in love with skateboarding.

Do you also cook all together?
“I cook, but I often stay in the studio and so we have a lady who helps us. She’s a” rock and roll housekeeper! ” Go (Laughs)! “

Do you watch tv
“Zero television, only film, but we have to enjoy a lot of cartoons” ….

You’re back in “Amici” as a guest: don’t you miss making television?
“If Mary hadn’t pulled me (D. Philippe, ed) I would have lost a lawsuit. I’m shy and have a conflicting relationship with the camera, I have to forget it. But I miss the human side, the journey with the boys.

On May 28, 30 and 31 you will return to the stage at the Verona Arena …
“It’s not just a concert, it’s a celebration of sustainability. It is the duty of an artist to bring a message about the climate crisis.

In June you will leave with dozens of summer dates. What are your hopes for the tour?
“Bring back our lives, start the engine again. I miss the simple surprise of being together under the open sky. We are all hungry for music, art, escapism, entertainment. In a word, dreaming.

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