FIBA World Cup 2023 Qualifier: Della Valle Iceland leads Italy to victory with 95-87

LawItaly Coach Mayo takes revenge by SachettiIceland Won 95-87 at the end of a pleasant and good game. In Group H, qualifying for the 2023 FIBA ​​World Cup, tonight’s win thus straightened Azzurri’s rankings, who are now second in the standings in terms of goals scored by Icelanders (reversing Hafnerfjordur-2).

Another group match between the Netherlands and Russia has been postponed. The 2023 World Cup qualifiers will return next July with the third and final “window” of the first round.

Azuro was the top scorer Amedio della Valle With 26 points. Michelle Vitali (16 points) and Nico Manion (18 points) are also in double figures. This was the 50th bench of the Paladoza national team for Mio Sachetti.

We played better than Iceland – City said Mio Sachetti Post Race – Even in the first trimester the filth of Hafnarfjardur Co. was still visible. As the minutes went by we broke down both attack and defense and the quality of our game improved, everyone was important. Tonat’s injury was a heavy tile but the reaction was obvious even if we still have to work hard to improve. A huge thank you to the Bologna visitors, we felt a lot of warmth around us

Like this Amedio della Valle: “Tough game against a complex opponent, we are on top of the defense compared to the game three days ago and we are very happy with this victory. We faced this challenge with the right animosity, as if it were the last chance available for qualification. It’s nice to act like that in front of an audience

In memory of the victims of the conflict in Ukraine, a minute of silence was observed before the match: as a sign of solidarity with the Ukrainian people, Azzurri wore a white shirt.

In the long run, the passion of the 3,375 spectators at the Paladoz is evident in the event that Franco Loro, a rye sports journalist who died in April 2020 at the Basketball Hall of Fame in Italy. Franco, Francesca, the highest honor is given to FIPs, who have worked exclusively for the expansion and growth of Italian basketball.

Many personalities in part of the historic Bologna facility: National football team coach Roberto Mancini, who met Mayo Sachetti’s team this morning, also backed Azzuri.

Moments before the pairing, Renato Villatta, the third scorer with an azure shirt, brought Nicemith TrophyFIBA World Cup trophy which travels between the countries involved in the qualifying tournament for the 2023 scheduled event between Japan, Indonesia and the Philippines.

Manchester, Pazola, Tonut, Vitali and Tesitori coach Sechetti were selected by the quintet and Iceland had a problem with our pick-n-roll in Thursday’s match which accelerated Hlinasan’s physique and Frederickson’s execution: two consecutive triple Akele and Vitali led us 12 ( -11) But Pedersen’s team continues to hurt us and at the end of the first half our opponents score 28 points against our 27 (Manion 10).

Frederickson’s show continued into the second quarter, but Della Val’s three free throws brought us back into contact (32-33) and then again Brescia signed an overtaking from the guard arc. Italy reached +4 at 42-38 but Hlinason’s free throws are worth the new parity compared to the game in Iceland.

The loss of a key player like Stefano Tonut (blunt in the thigh, further investigation in the next few days) due to a Sacheti injury in the second quarter, reduced the percentage of both sides but Azzuri could not escape. Our offensive reference remains ADV, which scored 13 points in the second quarter and inspired the first mini-escape (51-44). A magic from Flacadori gave Biligha a +8 ball for 53-45 which sent the two teams into a long break.

Azzurri’s decisive acceleration comes at the beginning of the third period thanks to Michelle Vitali’s 6 points, which pushed us to 61-45: Iceland sped off but did not go to the mat (65-55 Goodmundson) (74-62) Managed to maintain a two-digit advantage, dominating Vitali’s 15-point attack in the 8th minute.

A rebound we consistently suffer (24-41 for Iceland at the end), this is a remarkable percentage (50%) from the Arc that allows us to touch +19 at the beginning of the last quarter thanks to two in a row. Three times a very inspired Della Valley. It was Frederickson who made the final surrender (93-84) but the Azzurri kept it in the game and stopped it without a hitch, thus greeting the great spectators of Paladoza in the best possible way. Thanks Bologna!

Italy – Iceland 95-87
(27-28, 26-17, 21-17, 21-25)
Italy: Della Vale 26 (1/5, 4/8), Manion 16 (3/4, 3/5), Biligha 6 (3/8), Tonat 5 (2/3, 0/2), Flacadori 4 (2) ) / 3), Tesitori 8 (4/8, 0/1), Spanish (0/1), Gaspardo Ne, Vitali 17 (4/6 of three), Alviti 4 (2/3, 0/1), Akele 3 (1/3 of the three), Pazola 6 (0/3, 2/2). All: Bags
Iceland: Steinerson 8 (4/6, 0/2), Goodmundsson 16 (3/3, 3/7), Thorsteinson 2 (1/1), Thurbjernerson, Frederickson 30 (7/10, 3/9), Johnson 8 ( 1/3, 2/4), Paulson K. Ne, Harmanson Ne, Olafson 3 (3 1/2), Ermolinskiz 6 (0/2, 2/6), Hlinason 14 (6/7), Bijorson (0) / 2 out of 3). All: Pedersen

Referees: Nicolas Mayestre (France), Fernando Kalatrava (Spain), Can Mavisu (Turkey)

Results Group H

Netherlands-Iceland 77-79
Russia-Italy 92-78

Italy-Netherlands 75-73
Russia-Iceland 89-65

Russia-Netherlands 80-69
Iceland-Italy 107-105 d2ts

Italy-Iceland 95-87
Netherlands-Russia suspended

1 July 2022

July 4, 2022

Group classification h

* FIBA ​​gives two points for winning and one point for losing
Russia 6 (3/0), Italy 6 (2-2), Iceland 6 (2-2), Netherlands 3 (0-3)

Press Office FIP Photocredit: Savino Paolela

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