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Lino Lardo is facing two qualifying challenges for the 2023 European Championships. Of the two games, the first is undoubtedly the most complex, and it should represent one of the few problems with the Slovakia vs Pistani, where the Palacattani de Fঞ্জnzer challenge with Luxembourg. Lisa JablonowskiAlready the hero of our championship with Costa Masnaga.

The Blue Expedition, in addition to the wounded, is already missing for this reason (Francesca Pan and Sabrina SiniliTwo names), it will not be able to be available Alyssa PennOne, which avoids this window, is reshaped according to a calendar of great form periods and an early period of rest given by Rare Venezia, and Albis AndreWho instead hit his nose during the big match between Shio and Ragusa.

Remains in the role of lighthouse Cecilia Jandalasini, Who is currently averaging 13.4 points, 6.2 rebounds and 3.2 assists at the A1 return season with the Vertus Bologna shirt. In the Euro Cup, on the other hand, 4 games averaged 10.2 points, 4 rebounds and 5 assists. With him, from the Bologna block, is a newcomer to a major level Beatrice Barberis, In the columns of the European Under-20 Bronze Medal 2014 at Udine. He started well in A1, with 8.5 points and 4.3 rebounds per game.

The most important element is that of Reyer Venezia Martina Bestagno In fact there should be only 5 in this case: for his 11.8 points and 5.2 rebounds in six A1 matches and 9.8 and 3.4 in the Euroleague, where Umana is currently traveling at 1-4. Deborah CarangeloOn the other hand, he wrote 7-5-2.3 for the three main items in Italy and 4.8-2.8-3 in Europe On the other hand, for Sara Madeira, 6.3 points and 4 rebounds in games played so far in Italian territory, where both employment and performance are virtually stable; Less is more than a continental key.

The presence of the Family Shio players is smaller than usual: there are only two. A, Jasmine Kiss, Already has a significant blue luggage, and outside the 7.5 quota for both A1 and 5.9-5.3 (including important peaks) points and rebounds in Euroleague, he has brought an evolution of his game on the field. The other, Costanza Verona, A new and confident face in the game-setting industry in Italy, but he also knows how to be a great scorer (three consecutive races in double figures at the start of the championship). After all, he is a partner in his team Georgia Sotana, Francesca Dutto and Kim MestdagFor which the name is enough.

The couple confirmed Nicole Romeo-Mariella Santucci, Part of the well-divided luggage of small children in the possession of Ragusa, among the least predictable in Italy, and in this case the numbers do not serve to explain the problem. However, these are useful in explaining the start of Romeo’s season: an average of 16.2 points, three to 62%, while Santucci is a further distributor with 3.6 assists per run. But it also has a return Margia TagliamentoThanks to some notable performances earlier this year.

For the young couple, and in the case of a debut, Geass: Sarah Crudo He should have been part of the blue team a year ago, but he was stopped due to a serious injury that added Kovid-19 to the team, preventing him from playing with the blue jersey. This time he took it back, and let’s talk about another element that is already important in the youth team. Valeria Truco On the other hand, he is doing well in A1, and especially against Schio he scores 15 points proving that he can be on the field even against very high-quality players, as the family is in important Eurolig brackets.

However, the big news in this case is its entry Matilde Villa: Born in 2004, she is considered the future of Italian women’s basketball and is not mistaken. Seven games in double figures, two of which are 21 points, in the first season at A1 (one interrupted by Covid, 2019-2020), a 36-point lead against Sassari in the 2020-2021 vintage and a 38-run championship against Campobo. With an average of 16.2 points per game which, even without the terrible test against the Molis women, would be very respectable.


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