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What is the name of Chi’s cat, Home Sweet Home? Well, his name is in the title, it is called Chi (Chi in the original language). Let’s learn more about this character and the other cats in the series: Blackie, Alice, Kochi, Ann, Terry, Tama, Fuji.

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K – Home Suite Home (Chīzu Suīto Hōmu) Hall Manga Written and illustrated by Kanata Konami, published between 2004 and 2015, based on a television series Spirit. Tell the story of one Kitten That one day, while walking with his mother and his brothers, yes Lose And comes Found From one Children Name Yohei Who decides to take her home and calls her Chi. The child’s family, YamadaUnable to keep animals in the apartment, he tries to find a place for the kitten, but in the end he decides to adopt her, thus risking eviction.

What do we know about Chi, Chi’s cat, home sweet home

Kittens in the series Can’t talk So he spends a lot of time describing what happens to it ThoughtsSo doing long Psychology And Consideration Abstract.

Who is home sweet home
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On the other hand, when he meets an animal, he talks by asking lots of questions.

Who does a little bit Gray and white kittens With Black stripe And Big eyes. Her breed is a mix of an American short hair and a Brown cat With white and gray ribbons.

Naturally Who is it Sweet But sometimes rude, often smiling, especially attracted to small moving objects. He is also sometimes inexperienced and makes many mistakes, most of which he does not seem to know.

Inside Chi’s Suite Home # 2 WHO Meet A big black cat that causes her problems while staying at Chi’s Sweet Home # 3 Two cats become friends with Chi and get caught eating together. Who calls a black cat by name? Blocky And this season Yamadara has decided to move to a new pet-friendly apartment.

Now let’s see who they are Other cats in the series:

Blocky (Kuroino) Is one of the minor characters in the series. We said it was with a male black cat White eyes It’s one Short tail. This is the first one Friends Help Kader and the kitten learn what to do as a cat. He never says “hello”, only “later”, Yamada calls him.Bears are cats“, Its real name” Kuroino “literally means” black “.

Alice (Arisu) It’s one Cats The long-haired Scottish fold, owned by Saori Izuin, but behaves more like a human than a cat. He likes to make waves in his water container and loves food. For example, he does not eat what the yamdara gives him.

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Kochi (Young) A male kitten Misguided From the hair White And Black Who became Chi’s close friend. Although he is a bit rude and behaves like a boss, he is actually kind, shy, caring about who and often helps him whenever he gets in trouble.

Annie (Ann) And Sister Of WHO And Terry. Physically he has only a slight light gray coat, similar to Chi’s. Naturally it Kindly But Strong, Takes on the role of a big sister, stopping the other kittens when they misbehave. She often goes for walks in the park with her mother and brother.

Terry (Teri) And BrotherLarger“Of WHO And AnnieLooks a lot like Chi but has no white fur. She is a reliable cat who often goes for walks in the park with her mother and sister.

Tama (Tama) A cat that Chi first met when she got lost in the mall. Tama is usually Unbelievers Towards People Since they have taken his younger sister Hannah away from him. He often came to Chi’s aid when he was in danger. It eats With regular Raw fish from the back of a Restaurant Of Sushi And when he first meets Alice he defines her as an “unconscious young woman” and begins to compete with her, but they both know they can’t lose sight of who they’re friends with.

Fuji (Fuji) It’s one Older cats And often arranges meetings for all other cats to discuss. It is considered as one by other cats LeaderIs equipped with Power And Wisdom Higher but most of what he says has no deep meaning.

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