Nino, my ninja friend: the hero of private TV

In the eighties and nineties, private TVs presented the pearls of Japanese animation. Nino, my ninja friend is a symbol of endangered TV

‘Once upon a time there was a cathode ray tube, a giant television that stretched deeper than a width, occupying the furniture that made homes a perfect fit for older Rosana candy dealers. But those mammoth devices are in their infinite womb flooding the memories of generations of children who are now in their 30s and 40s, able to give those cathode ray tubes back to that magical stream of images.

Those mesmerizing afternoons, cut into endless games with a super tale whose unexpected trajectories are reminiscent of its absurd dramas. Oliver Hutton, But above all the hours spent in front of the cartoon, whose memory takes us to a moment in an age where the only concern was to learn how to make a perfect showcase before summer. To show it in the cabin cruiser of the bathhouse.

Nino Ninja friend

If rye, with Big! Then TickleAnd with Fininvest Beam beam beam They were masters of the cartoon world at the time, spending afternoons and evenings in front of animated monoliths often wandering elsewhere. Exploring those extraordinary, sometimes strange worlds known as regional channels.

Go to T with remote controlMC, Firmly anchored at number seven, it was like overcoming the hurdle of Game of Thrones. Before its birth MTV, Since the eighth channel, the boundaries of television have been broken, already showing the crowded world through teleshopping at very low resolutions at that time, caricatured characters, advertisements made with the worst paint worthy graphics. But beyond the barriers of national television, those channels had the Eden of Animation.

Marriage, the challenge of magic, Captain Harlock, Zodiac Nights (Before crossing Italy 1), Yattaman, Carleto, the prince of monstersYou bastard, Galaxy Express 999. This list will continue. But thanks to private TV, these masterpieces have been aired continuously, allowing several generations to fully enjoy the animation made in Japan in the seventies and eighties. Also because at the time Rye and Finivest could have ruthlessly censored, leaving their viewers in the dark without the internet.

In the eighties and nineties, especially Lazio’s personal channels had an endless galaxy. Especially in the heart of Generation Y forever: Super Three. Horrible Sonia, who was never given the responsibility of managing SunReMo, has given life to a fairy decade in the case of cartoons, aka Birilo, with C-3PO if you order at Wish. There is nothing violent on national TV.

Nino Ninja friend

In the endless programming of the Super Tray and its sisters scattered in different parts of Italy, a small but great character was the perfect symbol of a programming that dared and blew away the rigid plan imposed by Rye & Co. His name was Nino, my ninja friend. A TV hero who is no more, towards whom one can go through hit and run results without following the instructions of an inflexible serial.

Who was Nino, my ninja friend?

But who was Nino, my ninja friend? Because the characters definitely think of those Doraemon?
To answer, we need to take another leap in time. In another age, in another generation. It’s as far back as 1964, we are in Japan and its pages Listen weekly on SundaysA famous weekly magazine where they collaborated Shotaro Ishinomori, Fujio Akatsuka And Osamu TezukaAn episode of Ninja Hattori-kun is being screened for the first time, which will be its own in Italy. Nino, my ninja friend.

Manga at Fujiko. Carrying the signature of Fujio, Motu is the pseudonym of Abiko and a member of the author couple known by this name. Fujiko Fujio. The designers became famous for two more works, well known in Italy. In 1969 they actually made their own Doraemon And four years ago another undisputed hero of private TV: Carleto, the prince of monsters.

The manga title was a tribute Hattori Hanjo, The legendary Japanese samurai of the Sengoku era, is also remembered with the character of sword forgery in Kill Bill. In the Italian version, the name Nino replaces Kanjo Hattori, which completely loses mention of Japanese history.
The transition from manga to anime does not come immediately. At about the same time with the print version, two live action series were broadcast, each with 26 episodes and strictly black and white.

It will have to wait ten years for the first episode Nino, my ninja friend That we know best. Production house Shin-e animation, After the success of Carletto and Doraemon, he decided to focus again on one of the creatures of Fujiko Fujio. The first episode finally aired on TV Asahi on September 28, 1981 Nino, my ninja friend. The cartoon is so popular in Rising Sun that 694 episodes will be packaged, each lasting 5 minutes. Success is so exciting that in 1986 Hudson Creates a video game for this Famicon (Our Ness), which has reached one to one and a half million copies sold.

Nino Ninja friend

Exactly in 1986 Nino, Ninja’s friend finally lands in Italy. Its merits Doro TV Merchandising7 manufactured by a Japanese import and distribution company of audiovisual products Orlando Coradi And Kenichi Tominaga 1979: Thanks to them, our favorite private TV was populated by Japanese cartoons.

The difference with the broadcast and the success achieved in Japan was obvious. Of the 694 episodes completed, only 156 have been translated and distributed in Italy. Each episode lasted about 18 minutes and contained three stories. It often happened in those years, Holly and Benji docet, The original Japanese names were completely distorted and Italianized. As already mentioned, Kanjo Hattori was Nino, younger brother Shinzo Hattori. Linen Fantasy in a pachydermic jump. Unsurprisingly, co-star Ken ‘Ichi’ Ken ‘Mitsuba retains a Japanese hint as to why Suba has become. Her flame, Yumeko, which she became, has a different fate Laura. But the real masterpiece of the adaptation is done with the villain Kemumaki Kemuzo in charge, who is transformed. HamilkerAccompanied by the faithful cat Lucifer.

Dorothy TV relentlessly took care of the Italian distribution and rendering of the anime, and Nino, my ninja friend, like all the work of the time, had an absolute level of dubbing. Just the thought of lending Nino’s voice Alessio SiglianoVoice actor Kenshiro.

How can we forget the initials, yet another designer masterpiece Knights of the King. “Watch television like you. All kinds of cartoons and fairy tales “. Those legends are populous Super Tre, Italy 7 Gold Teleregione, Telenorba. In a distant, distant age, which will always be engraved in the cathode ray tube of our memory.

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