Presentation of Mariana Scagliola’s book “An Extended Family, With Dogs”

An extended family with dogs Of Mariana Scagliola It is a novel that narrates the turmoil of a Neapolitan family whose everyday life is unexpectedly shattered by the narrative voice played by his father, Genaro Schitaerella: The Little Dog Pulsinella “Missing”. The volume will be presented for the first time Wednesday 30 March 2022 A. 18:00 A. Sala Dale Capriet Distillery On the way Rome Citizens 281 Per Pomigliano d’Arco, Naples. The ceremony will begin with its institutional greetings Mayor of Pomigliano de Arco Gianluca del MastroThen the author will speak Evan Scudari, Journalist and radio host and Decibel Bellini, Radio speaker Who signed the proposal.

The book

An extended family with dogs Of Mariana Scagliola This is his first novel, which speaks of the author’s love for his land through a solo and fun style.

After the reader becomes acquainted with the outstanding Sciatarella family and the mysterious disappearance of the beloved Pulsinella, an adorable Mestizo, a new challenge arises for all: his discovery. To hide the beloved little dog, however, Gennaro’s wife and wife, now tired of the disorder and confusion that constantly erupts in the house.

So despite the presence, everyone will know how to get involved, because only together will they have the opportunity to find out where their little friend ended up.

Against the backdrop of a delightful Naples, full of color and love, Genaro will be with the readers in this fun and exciting venture, showing different insights into the reality in which he himself lives. Through this descriptive voice, Scagliola presents a single feature of his land in each character, taking some of it to the extreme and creating the character in the same way as the most pronounced humor.

Finally, the foreword to the novel, signed by Decibel Bellini, is an interesting contribution by a radio speaker to the protagonist of the story: Gennaro Chiattarela, who is not only a favorite supporter of football, but above all a favorite supporter of the team. His heart, Naples.


Mariana Scagliola was born in 1978 in Naples. He lives and works in the province of Naples. Thanks to his grandfather, he became a fan of the Neapolitan dialect and began writing poetry in the local language for his mother, Neapolitan food and simple humor. In 2000, he was hired to write short stories, which were included in collections published by local publishing houses. This is it 19 (nineteen)Posted Functional relationship (Albus Edizioni, 2008) and UncertainInside Work in progress (Albus edition, 2008).

In 2007, she participated in the comic and comic writing workshop “Achilles Campanile”, founded by Pino Imperato, the first love in writing. Since then he enjoys writing.

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