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L.And gravel bikes are even more popular and this is a really interesting product. CBT Italia focuses on this growing segment with eBike Blade 99 e-pebbles. The glasses are close to a racing bike, but with some important differences. The first d Frame geometry is more comfortable than a road bike. Second, the system The gearbox is often a 1×11 system Like mountain biking, the third handlebar is usually wider and creates a more comfortable approach. In the end, The wheelset is designed to be tighter with slightly larger tires and again with disc brakes.

Blade 99 has one Carbon frames and exceptional electronic equipment that interface the cyclist to the bike and connect the power of the auxiliary motor to the rider’s heartbeat. What struck us the most Weight, only 13,250 kg. Being accustomed to EMTB, this pebble has lost half. The frame, for example, weighs only 900 gramsOne third of an MTB.

Technical shade

Full carbon frame mode. BLADE99
DEDA GRAVEL 100 handlebars
DEDA zero handlebar column
Saddle Cell Italia Model X.
DEDA Zero Seatpost
DT Swiss wheel for CBT bass disc
Weight 13,250 kg (size 54)
420W / h battery (removable battery)
Smartwatch with heart rate control and direct connection to motor card
8-function smart notification display
The working power of the motor at the wheel is 250 watts
CBT e-bike app for Android (Play Store)
List Price (4,870).

Motors and batteries

L.A Blade99 uses a rear hub mounted motor Which distributes its energy in a subtle way and in almost complete silence. There are five support modes and a fully automatic mode where the bike determines the level of support based on the rider’s heart rate. Even using LThe highest level of support we have been able to cover at least 80 km with a single recharge. By reducing the level of support, but still not working too hard, we were able to cover more than 120 kilometers.

The motor responds sensitively, it does not have huge torque like the lower bracket motor. The support is rarely noticeable, especially in the plains, where we can probably cross the 25km / h support limit without realizing it. The engine is a system Gearless brushlessWith an efficiency of 91%.

The main difference is seen in climbing, where we have managed a high average speed and the support allows our feet to reach the top of a climb without “burning”. There 420 Wh battery This allowed us to travel an average of 120 km, with a weight of 90 kg and a good physical shape. This alleviates the concerns of autonomy, also thanks to the low weight of the bike and the excellent rolling of the tires. L.Easily detached from the bike in seconds for battery powered recharge.

Display and control

PerWe noticed that The display is just like any bicycle computer Usually used on a racing bike. It is easy to read and provides all the information. Using a combination of app and heart rate monitor, we were able to control the power of the bike based on our heart rate. Very few companies offer this level of technology, so we have to say that CBT ITALIA’s very easy-to-use customized system is probably leading the pack. We found automatic support to be more useful on gravel surfaces than on roads, Especially uphill and downhill roads. Really a nice system. The remote is on the left and is very easy to use, waterproof and allows all basic activities from that button.

How are you

PerWe have operated the Blade 99 in different conditions Asphalt, gravel and gravel roads. This is a bike that is incredibly flexible to use. We have noticed that light weight allows you Paddle with extreme simplicity up to 30 km / h.

We thought it was a very efficient bike, especially the Ascend 6. When standing on the paddle and pushing hard, the motor helps and maintains the cadence smoothly. Since the motor is mounted on wheels, the absorption is different from a lower bracket motor. In gravel or asphalt, we saw that the gear ratio and support force doubled our speed Climbing average compared to cycling with power off. Energy levels can also change with the response of our heartbeat, But the whole experience is much more “smooth” than the bracket motor below. The wide and fluffy bar is very useful for handling the most demanding surfaces like holes or stones.

Downhill average speed is much higher and the bike is very responsive to all our inputs. This type of bike requires disc brakes and is extremely effective. This is a big change from the traditional break.


C.Considering our limited time on e-gravel, we have to say we stayed Surprised by the general level of product quality And detailed attention. Everything worked as it should without any problems. Apps and control systems take some time to set up, but they are very reliable. It is also important to choose the right size carefullyJust like a road bike.


L.At BLADE99 it’s an amazing, Little did we know that we would have so much fun. We found that this bike is great for the initial level of fitness and for enjoying long rides on the road or dirt road, it allows a ride that is more fun than just the road, also dirt road is the perfect option if you want to stay away from traffic and this The type of bike is the perfect companion. This is a very attractive product if you like to take long rides and walk on dirty roads. Pebble boundaries are usually very rough paths, or the most slippery wooden tracks. Also The price of the 4,870 is very attractive, especially considering the specs and technology.

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