The amount of service for two years is 77 thousand euros –

S’sCanal-Shelter Animal Shelter, Custody and Maintenance Services In the Imperial municipal area, the provincial division for stray and free dogs and cats.National League for the Defense of the Dog ‘.

The agency was called to a meeting of the commission on February 17 to decide on the notice issued in January. The proposal was made in the provincial section of the National Dog Defense League Fall of 26,393% Of the expected amount for a period of two years, amounting to 105 thousand and 580.04 euros, thus defining the cost of 77,814.35 euros for the service.

Although the award is not yet valid as all checks of the successful bidder have not yet been completed as per the relevant law, the entity has been selected as the winner following the results of the procedure. The cost for the service for the current year will be 32 thousand and 381 euros, 38 thousand and 857.15 euros for 2023 and 6 thousand and 476.20 euros for the first month of 2024.

“By 2020, In the technical report prepared by the company and in the preparatory report for the issuance of tender notice, She is registeredThe facility that the service was provided, An average of about 25 dogs and 5 cats per day. “ And that is why the municipality “It simply came to our notice then Strengthen the habit of adopting hosted stray dogs To ensure the number of dogs admitted to the hospital annually Not more than 25 units “.

“The daily threshold for dogs kept in the structure is set at a maximum of 25 units, Written, As a result of the increasing number of hosted dogs, future catches and adoption. It explains that The successful bidder will be entitled to a fee calculated on the number of dogs but up to a maximum of 25, Apart from this, his salary will not be increased, thus remaining unchanged. ”

Established by the municipality, the structure would have to accommodate dogs for which the actual condition of stray dogs rescued on city terrain has been confirmed and the animals They will be distributed by ASL Animal Health Facility Operators, Dogs and cats are kept or bred in conditions that compromise their well-being, if ordered by appropriate agencies, for animals that do not want or cannot keep them and cannot find adequate habitat. The owners will deliver the animals to the kennel only after the approval of the person in charge of the appropriate office of the municipality.

The so-called will also be hosted Dog bites, In the disposal of ASL animal health facilities, for the period of observation provided by the regulations, the identification of a dedicated place of facilities. At the end of the observation period, if the animal is returned to the owner, the successful bidder will have to recover the cost of maintenance and care of the animal. Definitely in case of relinquishment of ownership, the successful bidder will take delivery of the animal.

The service is also open to proprietary animals that cannot be temporarily detained by residents of the Imperial Municipality due to the use of force, dogs that have been detained and / or found waiting to be returned to the owners, Free cats are not owned, even injured, injured or sick.

Animal care and maintenance must include modernly equipped stalls and adequate hygienic-sanitary protection and, if necessary, appropriate veterinary care, specific daily nutrition, use for feeding the animals and exclusive watering from the stainless steel bowl when required. Replacing them when they occur, maintaining a healthy condition with the following operating procedures:

• Clean the box daily;

Remove the manure inside the stall at least twice a day;

Drying the stall floor after washing, which must be done with non-toxic products for animals;

Proper hygiene and cleanliness of animals;

Disinfection and disinfection whenever necessary and in any case use at least quarterly boxes, corridors and other rooms, as well as Siesta beds and kennels, outdoor enclosures, non-toxic products for animals;

নিয়ন্ত্রণ Control and replacement whenever necessary or identified by health care providers to ensure hygiene of cell furniture components such as blankets, benches, bowls, cots, cisterns and kennels.

Successful bidders, of course, Guarantee “frolicking” of animals at least once a day And the killing of rats on premises used for food preservation.

Adopted animals need to be ensured through the presence of proper sanitary management Veterinary medical staffWhich must at least be present in the structure At least 2 hours one day a weekSystematically examines the health status of animals and conducts all therapies necessary for a good state of health with the administration of appropriate drug therapy for persons suffering from leishmaniasis and other types of treatable diseases and surgical treatment.

Finally targets all activities Increase donations with cards and photos And at the same time, access to the structure must be ensured for the volunteers of the Animal Protection Association registered in the Regional Volunteer Register and for the public at specified times.

“In order to reduce the number of animals in the canal and prevent many of them from entering, the caretaker – It is written in the document – Have to Encourage temporary family custody In which the animal will be kept with a family that provides itself, properly trained in this regard and information on the identification of animals transferred to temporary custody and details of contact made by their own citizens to the municipal administration on a monthly basis. Available for this method “.

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