The Nigerian team lost to USA 90-87: in Tokyo it is in the Italian group

The African national team, which is part of the Azzurri group in the Olympics, defeated Popovic’s team 90-6 in the first friendly match of the Games in Las Vegas.

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They’re physical, they run fast and shoot three as if they were Mike D’Antoni’s Houston rockets. No, this is not the 2021 edition of Greg Popovich’s Team USA but Nigeria, which will be in the Italy group in Tokyo and those who literally won Las Vegas (the bookmakers obviously for the home team) qualified and lost the national team 90-87. They and Stripe, at the first outing of Olympic preparation. A historic win, an incredible 20/42 from the Arc and built on the patience of the desperate U.S. return effort at the last minute, has 88 seconds left with 68 seconds left and could not close the hole despite Kevin Durant waking up, though the best with 17 points despite an opaque game. US scorer (4/13).


“Respect us,” and “Respect us now,” the D’Tigers wrote on Twitter after the Las Vegas achievement. The team has shown on the field that they deserve that honor. He was coached by Mike Brown in Golden State, now Steve Kerr’s deputy (pop’s deputy in this Olympic adventure) but praised LeBron James’s coach in his first experience in Cleveland. He was the one who brought this group together, who was able to give it an identity. Far from the limelight, like Gabe Vincent, the NBA talent is a fake, a Miami Heat star with 21 points, including a third point guard and 6 triplets. Also the protagonist Valuable Achiwa, another player of the heat, the only true Long of the Brown’s five who fought like a lion under the basket with 7 rebounds. Others in the NBA are KJ Okpala from Miami, talented Josh Okogi of Minnesota (a little shadow, 4 points and 2/7 shooting at 16) and Chimeji Metu, who played in San Antonio last season in Sacramento two years after Popovic’s court. Brown has a determined, proud team with players like Caleb Agada (17 points) capable of performing well beyond their level. “We’re going to Tokyo to win a medal and the best thing about this win is that we can still grow a lot,” both Coach Brown and Vincent reiterated. A win worth double: no African team has ever won against Team USA before. “We think we represent the whole continent, not just Nigeria.”

Use the flop

Pop doesn’t play for defeat. “This may be the most important thing for us on this journey: we need to learn the lessons, not behave like it is the end of the world but we know we have a great team that can only get better. Basically we trained for 4 days and on the pitch I saw things I like, like the ability to stay together when things get complicated. They have won with triple and rebound, but they are not off-road players: they deserve credit for what they have done. ” Sometimes it feels like we’re taking a turn for the worse, instead we have to play as a team and find a free partner. ” And Middleton playing for the NBA title): In addition to KD, the pass for Bill (shooting 2 points with 1/7), will be reviewed by Lillard, often and voluntarily aiming from a distance but unable to turn the team around. There’s a lot more and little time to do it: the Olympic tournament starts on July 25, but on Monday, Las Vegas has another test, this time with Australia (another team in the Italian group, Tokyo), and a defeat Red Alert. .

The match

Offensive Nigeria and Forward for most of the first quarter. Team USA’s first overtaking (23-22) was signed by Tatum 20 “from the first siren, an offer to escape which Lillard 39-29 to 4’52” sealed for the game. This seems to be the single role of the pop team, instead Nigeria starts with a triple and the break is shortened to 43-41. Even Team USA’s sprint start did not stop Brown’s side: partial 9-0 for 52-52, then head-to-head towards Siren, where Nigeria led 66-64 for a triple lead at the edge of Siren. Brown’s side continued to hit from three and Irogbu scored 88-80 with 1’13 “from the end. Durant led the U.S. response, but Nigeria held on. And he took a historic victory, which commanded honor.

America:Durant 17 (2/8 of two, 2/5 of three, 7/8 of free throws), Tatum 15, Lillard 14. Rebounds: Tatum 7. Assist: Lillard 4, Durant 4.

Nigeria:Vincent 21 (0/1, 6/8, 3/4 TL), Agada 17, Nawamu 13. Rebounds: Achiwa 7, Nawamu 7. Assist: Vincent 4.

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