“Three-month-old kitten abandoned and left to die, without animal rights” – Low Newsboy News

Below is a rather annoying note from some Oriya citizens. Here’s what happened:

News of an injured cat near the church of San Francisco d’Assis in Oriya a few days ago, a tragic story, built and covered by shadows, a kind of revenge against the municipality, often missing in misguided issues, raises the question of whether it can be postponed for a quiet day.

To make ends meet, a poor cat fell into the wrong hands. At first he was confined to a booth for the whole night and a few hours and was injured, then left in a cold and very serious condition in the church garden.

We wanted to clear up the whole incident after reading the proposal of a person who wanted to pay the veterinary expenses and which was completely ignored by the volunteers. In the meantime, we warn a local man we know who runs a cat colony registered by the Oriya municipality alone.

Unfortunately, by the evening of March 15, after the third day of suffering, the cat’s condition was serious and virtually lifeless.

The doctor, who went to see her trying extreme therapy, could do nothing but confirm that it was too late and the cat could not make it overnight. He was bleeding profusely and was hypothermic.

Published on a local Facebook group, Diatrib has raised strong suspicions about the work of the volunteers involved, especially a woman known in the village for retrieving and adopting cats, who at the time offered no explanation.

In the following days we asked the mayor, the parish priest of the church, the brigade and some witnesses to explain. A lady calls a girl, who looks after stray animals, and tells her that there is a wounded kitten in an alley near the church; The girl relies on the volunteer and warns the brigade, where more people willing to pay veterinary expenses, including the mayor, begin to come and go.

The girl asks the parish priest to host the cat and accepts it politely, but not understanding the real condition of the cat, they are sure that they will take care of it. So the cat stays under the pew all night.

The next day both the warrior and the mayor arrive, but at two different times, but they cannot find the cat because one of the two volunteers removed it with the sole concern of feeding him, which the cat apparently did. Don’t.

A well-known national association a few kilometers away from Oriya has also been warned, but for our unknown reasons it has not intervened. While the parish priest was engaged in the confession, the family and the parishioners witnessed the municipal visit to the church.

The cat volunteer, after a sermon to the parish priest, abandons the ax, the woman who received it, and cares for the parish priest. The girl frees the injured kitten. Behind the scenes there is the shadow of the third volunteer, who knows but he does not move to activate the rescue work.

Hours after her release, “Cat Volunteer” wanted toys for her stagnant kittens on her Facebook profile, while a poor three-month-old puppy was under a hedge in agony. Between indifference and taking position the cat obviously dies.

The animalistic and voluntary consciousness is driven by a lot of love and a lot of commitment, but if there is a lack of risk, courage and importance, it would be more appropriate to reconsider one’s role, because we think that animals are not soft toys to accept. And that’s it, love them. After all, animals mean saving them and seeing the world from their point of view, not ours.

The animalistic consciousness must prove that it is better than the human base and must be kept away from dislike, rivalry and personal resentment. We therefore urge all volunteers and animal rights activists to spread the word about what has happened so that it does not happen again and to isolate ourselves from this failure to help. We urge the Oriya Municipality to give more time to plans against stray animals, control and protection of cat colonies, an agreement with veterinary health facilities and rescue.

We have heard and thank you for clarifying: the parish priest of the Church of San Francisco d’Assis, the mayor of Oriya municipality, the municipal police, the eyewitnesses. The cat, whom we called Francesco, must have said: “Don’t argue, think now of what should be done for me and for my life.” Thanks also to the editorial staff of Low Strillon.

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