Ukraine, refugees and domestic animals. Parallel appearances in the drama of emigration

Since the beginning of the conflict, about 300 Ukrainian animals have come to our country. Those who are there do not leave the country for war in order not to abandon their 4 foot friends

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From feeding, Medicine And help, to rescue Pets even lions and tigers: From February 24, the day Vladimir Putin’s war with Russian forces in Ukraine returns to the gates of Europe, ENPA – National Animal Protection Agency – Was At the forefront for help and preservation The animals And their owners. Millions of refugees who, thanks to humanitarian corridors, have fled the besieged cities with their four-legged friends: in a carrier, on a rib, shoulder, under a jacket and coat, or in a backpack, but presumably Arrived Direct By volunteers On the site There are still about 10,000 dogs and cats Stayed in the country. An estimate that includes both thousands Animals Present at the shelter, both misguided Because they were abandoned or left without an owner. It is their right That’s Enpa 132 tons of aid guaranteed – mainly for animals but also for humans – In Food, kennels, leashes and blankets.

Assistance at the scene proved to be especially basic for those who decided to stay in Ukraine even if they did not abandon their cat or dog. Like Luba, a breeder who didn’t want to leave her 19 dogs to their fate. The agency then organized a mission to rescue him and his 19 dogs so that he could be brought safely to Italy.

NPR is a job that is also bureaucratic: as is the case with millions of people fleeing Ukraine, In fact, The reception of dogs and cats is also subject to system rules: lAnd its method Pet entry and exit It varies according to the boundaries you cross. Poland And Hungary, For example, there are in them More accurate check: gAnimals with microchips and documents enter without problemsThere must be others Checked and Sort e Even an observation Quarantine for 21 days, One of the most important steps in preventing the spread of rabies.

And what is the Italian method? Currently it is exclusively and exclusively for animals living with refugees and those who are allowed to come to Italy equipped with microchips. Anyone who brings or hosts an animal from Ukraine, according to its latest guidelines MThe Ministry of Health should inform the appropriate ASL about the presence of the animal So that a veterinarian can inspect it and possibly keep the animal in isolation. From the beginning of the conflict until today, About 300 Ukrainian animals came to our country: Thanks to the Association, Shelter, Canal and Cattery and Network of Volunteers NPA brings 75 to Italy Four-legged friend (62 dogs and 13 cats) and the other 12 hosted came on their own.

That’s not it Puppies and small pets: vTime dL Conflict They are me too A lot Animals hosted by farms, shelters, zoos. For them, various international and European associations have organized joint campaigns, How About this Six lions and four tigers rescued from a recovery center on the outskirts of Kiev, Thanks for bringingAssociations “Save the Moon Bear” and “Save Wild Found” Pozman, up to Poland. Where they were greeted by the City Zoo.

NPA has been launched as a sign of solidarity and to raise awareness among the citizens Social enterprise #animaliprofughi so anyone can freely participate by taking a picture of their pet with a yellow and blue bow and sharing it on social networks with hashtags: #animaliprofugi, #UkraineRussiaWar, #animali, #enpa, #NoWar.

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