Van Cliff & Arpels introduces new complexity watches

On the occasion of returning to the ceremony The clock And Surprise In 2022The Van Cliff and Arpels The new enchanting story takes inspiration from its main source, an expression of it Temps poetic To his own

With collection Poems of complexity, The wonder of watch-making techniques, valuable materials and the service of the traditional Savior-Fair story that animates the dial. In every creation, innovation is incredibly combined with the pursuit of wonder. The retrograde movement, flower opening module and minute date window allow you to read the time while walking in the flower garden or in terms of dancer’s movements. In addition to technical expertise, these wonderful processes provide valuable emotional moments that reflect imagination. Van Cliff and Arpels.

Lady Arpel’s Huerus Florales and Lady Arpel’s Huurus Florales Sericia:

Lady Arpels Hurres Flores Ceresia Clock © Van Cliff and Arpels – Clement Russet

Respect for nature, which fascinated him 1906The Mason Was inspired by the idea of ​​a flower clock (Horologium Florae), Designed Charles Linnaeus In his work Philosophia Botanica In 1751. Swedish botanist has sparked a fictional garden project made up of a variety of plants, whose flowers indicate the time of opening and closing at certain times of the day.

Van Cliff and Arpels Two new creations, inspired by this principle to give life to the clock Lady Arpels Hures Florales And Lady Arpels Hures Floresless Ceresier. Their three-dimensional dial twelve corolla spends time with the poem to open and close. Thus the lesson of time becomes a show of floral rhythms that open and close, renewing the dial scenario every 60 minutes.

Good to dial 166 Material A module fully developed thanks to the craftsmen come alive Watch making atelier From Mason Per Geneva. Each petal of this garden is pronounced and connected to the clock mechanism, which requires subtle assembly work. This was due to the technical difficulty of adding many such elements that allowed the flowers to be opened in three different order. With each change of hour the open flowers are closer to revealing a new combination. The order of the published bouquet will be different as the hour passes the next day. The vision is thus delighted by the constant wonder, running from bud to corolla to realize the measure of time. The hour reading is done by displaying the minutes, which can be read in a date window located on the thickness of the case.

The clock Lady Arpel’s Huerus Florales and Lady Arpel’s Huurus Florales Ceresier A box surrounds an authentic jewelry garden 38 Mm, White gold and rose gold, respectively. The first watch is reminiscent of summer through the gentle shades of blue and green, where the leaves and flowers create a subtle contrast with the white mother-of-pearl background. The second timepiece features the same design in a spring setting. Symbol of sad blue butterfly Van Cliff and Arpels – They fly in pink and red corolla, emphasizing dial relief play. In each quadrangle well 226 material They are developed by the art profession gathered at the heart Watch maker Atelier Of Geneva. The miniature painted petals and butterflies, the engraved gold branches and the sculptural Mother-of-Pearl Clouds are enhanced by a highly refined setting that combines white and yellow diamonds. On the reverse side of the gold case is engraved to commemorate the dial. Visible through a sapphire crystal, the swaying weight of the movement, in gilded gold and miniature paint, is engraved alternately and enamelled to reveal a winged animal, dragonfly or butterfly. Time flows in the garden in the rhythm of nature Van Cliff and Arpels.

Lady Arpels enchante ballerinas:

Lady Arpels enchante ballerinas

Lady Arpels enchante ballerinas

Born 2013 And awarded the same year Complexity dam From Grand Prix OfWatch made Of GenevaThe clock Lady Arpels enchante ballerinas A major source of inspiration for this: Mason’s watch has become an icon as an expression of dance. This year Mason offers two new versions of this timepiece that are bound with grace and modernity, one in white gold, the other in rose gold. The dancer’s elegant silhouette has been reinterpreted with a slender and dynamic posture, while her tutu screen has been reduced to new materials and colors.

Today’s hint of hindsight, which gives the text of that time a poetic dimension, is a distinctive feature of the collection. Poems of complexity.

In the new models, the ballerina’s body is sculpted in gold comfort, while the diamond outlines her hair style, face, bust and waist. Lift your arms neatly across the tutu overlapping veil. A First Corolla – Champlav Enamel, Sapphire and Diamond for Watch Lady Arpels enchante ballerinas And plaque-in-force enamel for watches Lady Arpels Ballerina Enchanti or Rose – Dancer dress. A second set of veils adorned with plaque-free enamel forms two transparent wings that gently lift to indicate time. The image stands in the background of a sunburst gilloche that accentuates the impression of movement. Numerous layers of opaque purple or pink enamel are then applied to give full depth and brightness.

Lady Arpels Ballerina Enchanti Watch © Van Cliff and Arpels - Clement Russet (1)

Lady Arpels Ballerina Enchanti Watch © Van Cliff and Arpels – Clement Russet (1)

Mason re-emphasizes the poetic aspect of his time, now thanks to a movement based on demand, a double retreat. In clocks with retro hints, the hands describe a pressure in a circle and then return to the starting position ready to start a new cycle. In this case, the ballerina tutu comes alive when you press the 8 located button. The petticoat that indicates the hour rises first, then the other petticoat stands on the minute scale. To allow time to read, they stay in position for a few seconds and then return to the starting point at the same time. One of the features of this complex is the fluidity of the movement, thanks to which the dancer seems to be fluttering her wings slowly and tragically.

Lady Duo:

Inspired by nature since its inception, Van Cliff and Arpels Respecting the fauna, the new watch captures all of its richness and diversity Lady Duo. The inhabitants of a green land or the deepest savannah, the animals express the vitality and charm of the natural world in various gorgeous materials. With this universal theme, Mason expresses the values ​​of love and affection that set it apart, in harmony with its animal resources. Its bestiary is a renewed vision Van Cliff and ArpelsIn creativity, savoir-faire and poetry.

Lady Duo de Lions watch:

Lady Duo de Lions sees Van Cliff and Arpels

Lady Duo de Lions sees Van Cliff and Arpels

Clockwise Lady Duo D The lion The combination of artistic craftsmanship creates a sense of the depth of the landscape. In the foreground, a pair of white and yellow gold lions are carefully carved in high relief, with special attention to body size and mantle luster. On their feet, a pattern of diamonds and pink sapphires contrasts with the involvement of turquoise and onyx in the background, defined by round-cut diamonds to suggest the presence of water illuminated by sunlight. The latter, reflected in mirror-polished gilded pink gold, appears behind the subtle iridescent clouds of white mother-of-pearl. The love story told in the dial continues in contrast to the gold case which has an engraved ornament.

Lady Duo de Lapins watch

Lady Duo de Lapins sees Van Cliff and Arpels

Lady Duo de Lapins sees Van Cliff and Arpels

New creation Lady Duo de Lapins Some of its symbols pay homage to handicrafts Van Cliff and Arpels. The Mother-of-Pearl sculpture gives life to a pair of rabbits with the intention of exchanging gentle glances. Around them, a garden of emeralds, sovereign garnets and pink sapphires welcomes the green with a plik-a-jar enamel. The mirror-polished guillotine rose gold reflects the intense reflection of the sun, while a lapis lazuli cloud deepens the scene. In contrast to the case, an engraved ornament echoes the graphic line of the dial, thus prolonging the running vision.

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