Viaregio mourns for bartender who dies at 45 ASL directs investigation: resolving suspicions

The whole city mourned the death of Viareggio Sergio Benedetti, 45, Grecale owner of Passeggiata Bar. A Viareggio in love with his city, an attentive and sensitive merchant, fond of literature. Someone had placed a flower in his memory in the window of the closed bar since Monday. When Sergio starts to feel bad, until the tragic end.

Sergio’s illness will be investigated after he made the third dose of the anti-covid vaccine the day before: an autopsy has been ordered by ASL, which will be performed at Luka Hospital. It is not possible to draw conclusions at this time, as the health agency explained. Which also deems this verification necessary.

For years Sergio has been in the Athos family pizzeria in Pasegiata, a few steps from Molo. One of the most famous clubs, known not only in Viareggio but everywhere. Sergio, with his smile, knew how to entertain customers with polite manners that always set him apart. Piero Bartolani, President of Confcommercio, like everyone else, failed to give himself an explanation for this tragedy. “Until the Politama movie opened, I used to go to the pizzeria often. And this guy was always with the piece like all the other members of the family. In the name of the whole association, I express my sincere sympathy to the family.

Among his many passions, besides reading, was Sergio’s football: he was a fan of Viareggio and watched many Juventus matches at the Pinnacle Stadium with friends. When he couldn’t go because of work, he was curious about what his favorite team had done, calling as soon as the game was over. Jury Bartolucci, One of the historic ultras of the zebra team, was speechless, like many other boys, who used to rejoice with him at the Bianconari stand on many Sundays. Sergio and in Daniel BianchiThe owner of the Ristopizza caffè “Il Delfino” had a nice relationship, throwing a stone from the Grecale bar at Molo. “We’ve known each other for almost ten years,” he said. “On Tuesday evening I received a message from another friend who told me about this tragedy. I can’t believe it. We’ve always cooperated. There has to be a relationship that needs to be established. He came to me the other day to ask for coins for the cashier and I would go to him when I needed him. I will send flowers to the family by name and place.

After a family restaurant experience, Sergio started this new activity at the Greckel Bar: he made it a meeting point, not just to meet an apprentice, but also to present a book. And just to get back to his passion for football and his love for Viareggio, when a book was written to mark Viareggio’s centenary, he wanted to have a presentation at his club. It was an afternoon where he was really satisfied, as he was able to gather many friends with whom he shared many wonderful experiences together. He also created a space for a photographic exhibition at the restaurant. He also had a golden heart Paula Serni And his father, Alfredo, took care of Itor for a while, a cat that was on the dock and then when he died, an idol was dedicated to him, because it was a symbol of fishermen. The “Gli Amici di Ettore” association was also born. He collected money by leaving a box at the bar to make the statue in memory of Hector. “It’s not easy for a friend to find the right word that left us so surprised – says Paula Serni – no one can tear a death as fashionable now. I want to say a few words to this good, cultured and kind boy: Wanted to give his own mark, the scene of the literary meeting with the book writers where I participated several times, he also hosted us. Ettore’s various aperitifs and exhibitions are always enthusiastic. 6 will remain in the heart.

ASL: Necessary check. “Very rare vaccine death”

An autopsy will be performed at Lukka Hospital Sergio BenedettiThe 45-year-old owner of Grecale Bar in Passeggiata who died after an illness. A necessary assessment, as explained by the ASL, to investigate possible links with the anti-covid vaccine, which occurred the day before the illness.

“The case must be thoroughly analyzed, without preconceived notions or prejudices,” he said Franco Barghini, Head of Public Health ASL, Versailles. Barghini is one of the most iconic characters in the fight against covid in this area: from swab to vaccine, he has worked hard against the virus from the beginning. To see thousands of patients in person. It is part of a group of technologists who have identified ASL vaccine for monitoring, including any harmful effects.

“These effects, however, are very rare – explained Bargini – data from the Italian Pharmaceutical Agency tells us that of the 136 million anti-covid vaccines given in Italy, 22 people died from the vaccine – one in six million. 100,000 reports of so-called adverse events.” There are, in other words, a variety of disorders that occurred after vaccination, 85 percent of which are mild.

According to Barghini, concerns about the anti-covid vaccine do not take into account some of the basic ingredients. “Vaccines of extraordinary importance, for example against diphtheria and polio, have a much higher risk of adverse events. And they have eliminated the deadly disease. Also, the reaction to an antibiotic or food allergy is much more common than a vaccine.” Lets go where the virus spreads wildly, shuts down all of us and claims many victims, where the infection continues, but lives almost normally and sanitary without extra stress on the services it happened in two years: I guarantee you that every epidemic in history is truly normal It took a long time to get back to normal. Even today we can’t say we’re out of the epidemic, but we can certainly breathe and prevent the health system from being able to treat people anymore and the economy from collapsing. I’m a doctor and I say this as a citizen.

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