Volpino de Pomerania: Characteristics, education, disease and curiosity

All you need to know about Volpino de Pomerania is this little German breed, much loved by the stars. Don’t be fooled by its size, it will amaze you with the character of this beautiful Spitz pepper with a very thick coat.

Small, but very firm, with an enviable covering and a very high and frequent bark. Do you recognize him? Yes, it is Volpino or Pomeranian SpitzAlso known in English Pomeranian Or with its German name Zwergspitz. Let’s find out now from our much-hyped breed in the United States.

Origin of lineage

First of all, the German Spitz, a much larger dog than the small Pomeranian dog, is one of the oldest dog breeds of all time and is extremely strong and resistant, being used as a shepherd dog around the world. . From this very close relative, Volpino de Pomerania He inherited some of these traits, even if the Pomeranian breed was chosen around 1800, the area between northern Poland and East Germany that gave the Spitz the “Pomeranian dog” name.

Some specimens arrived in England in the mid-1800s, reaching the court of Queen Victoria who wanted to get such a small and beautiful dog. Thanks to the English royal family, its popularity has increased dramatically so that this little Spitz has become a very attractive dog almost everywhere. Although the first Pomeranian volpini was large in size and weighed about 13 kg, today the average weight of this breed is much less.

What is the difference between a Volpino and a Pomeranian Volpino?

Both Volpino and Volpino de Pomerania Spitz type dog The 5th group of dog breeds officially recognized by the FCI. The team also includes Husky, Akita Inu and Italian Volpino. The term “volpino” usually refers to the genus of our country, the Italian volpino, which is slightly larger in size than the volpino de pomerania and is distinct in its origin.

However, there are many types of Volpini around the world, an example being the Japanese Volpino or Spitz in Asian countries.

Appearance and features

Volpino di Pomerania is a must Small breed of dog, One might say “small”. Males weigh an average of about 2 kg and females no more than 2.5 kg; All the rest is just fur that makes the animal look bigger than it really is. Its coat is actually very thick because, in addition to long and straight hair, the dog has a cotton-like undercoat.

The color of the coat varies from cream to black, but as the animal ages it becomes darker.

It goes without saying that its thick hair should be brushed every day, as it gets dirty easily and usually requires a lot of care.

In the dry state, Volpino di Pomerania reaches about 25 cm.

Its ears are small and always erect, dark eyes, very lively and elongated in shape, while its face is slightly delicate.

Its tail, also very thick, curls back instead.

How to take care of the coat

Volpino di Pomerania’s hair is certainly an element of pride, but as already mentioned it requires a lot of attention to keep it always shiny and soft. It is important to brush the animal regularly, especially behind the ears and in the abdomen where many knots are formed.

You can use dog-specific products, such as conditioners and live-ins, to dissolve the most difficult tangles, but never humans! These will be sprayed on the knot, left to work and then combed from bottom to top as recommended. Brushing fur allows you to remove dust and dirt that is hidden in its dense coating.

If your Pomeranian fur looks dry, damaged, or generally poor in nutrition, the animal may need an omega 3 supplement. Always consult your veterinarian before introducing tonics and supplements into his diet.

What character do Pomeranians have?

The Volpino de Pomerania is a very energetic dog that barks loudly even at the slightest start. This trait of his personality undoubtedly makes him a watchman, but in reality the animal is also a perfect one. “Apartment dog“Car does not require special physical activity, tired after a long walk.

Being a very intelligent and cunning dog, he sometimes shows a tendency to go his own way, but in spite of this he is undoubtedly a loving dog who is extremely attached to his family, proving faithful in all situations. Conversely, with strangers it is very suspicious and will respond to the first attempt with its constant barking.

Relationships with children

Volpino di Pomerania comes very close to the children of his family, establishing a harmonious and deep relationship with them, but it can suddenly react, enter into competition or feel threatened by the little ones in the house.

However, it cannot be said that this is not a Suitable breed for family With babies, because nothing prevents them from being one with proper education, but being a small dog, babies must be careful when dealing with dogs (as should always be done for any animal).

Volpino di Pomerania though is a very small breed, with fine limbs, and can get leg injuries after playing very strong.

What are the most common diseases of Volpino

Like almost all small sized dogs, Pomeranians have a rather long lifespan averaging 12 to 16 years, but many specimens can reach up to 20. This breed really enjoys Excellent healthStrong thanks for its source though.

Volpino di Pomerania may suffer from the following pathologies:

  • Tracheal collapse;
  • Dermatitis;
  • Eye diseases;
  • Epilepsy;
  • patella luxation;
  • Cardiovascular problems.

Also pay attention to the summer months as these little spitz suffer a lot from heat and especially on uncomfortable days, it would be better to keep them cool in the shade or at home and avoid long walks.


Have you ever thought that Pomeranians are descendants? Sled dog Scandinavia and the Arctic? Yes, of course. This little guy would actually be related to Samoa and some species related to European Spitz such as Kishand.

Pomeranians are a widely distributed breed in the United States. It was also confirmed in 2021 that it is among the top 30 most popular species in the country, ranking 24th in the rankings by the American Kennel Club. Many have chosen this breed as a companion dog as well as thanks to the chest, Pomeranian has 15 million users including a Facebook page.

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