Weekend events (2 and 3 April 2022)

This is “Castellango – the story of a magical confrontation” with Miss Mona Lisa Nel Mondo weekend and Tetrando. But not only that.

This weekend Miss Mona Lisa in the world And “Castellango – the story of a magical encounter” With Teatrando. But not only that.

What to do in Biella and Biellese areas

Here is a selection of events from last Thursday’s edition Echo of BiellaWhich offers weekly chapters Echo Week With scheduled events in the Biella and Biellese areas.

Various events

After being hungry on the Christmas stage “Miss Mona Lisa of the World” The rich menu of the beauty contest is enlivened and resumes from Biella and … arancini. The event, scheduled for Saturday 2 April, introduces the 2022 summer season from the restaurant “King of Arancini” Orazio Saitar, through “Sikuli” Bilar Piav, who is also trying to export Sicilian food to the western lands.
Thus began a series of stages in every corner of Italy that led to the summer regional finals and the Romagna Riviera national finals. The jury will be chaired by Eduardo Raspelli, who will evaluate the three outings on the girls’ catwalk (casual, elegant and swimsuit).In the cover photo), Chronicler of Gastronomy, and will be hosted by “Seculi” Leading Saturday evening, where guests will be two-time Italian champion of micro-magic Matteo Carraro and Biagio Antonacci in disguise as Giorgio Piovara, there will be Andrea Guasco, who will start next Wednesday (April 6) at the Telecouple 42 in Scale (89) TVSAT) her new program titled ‘Il Bello e Il Buono’ so that Miss Mona Lisa Nel Mondo’s Miss and Stages Hosts have a good meal. The main thing.

Solidarity market. On Saturday, from 10 to 18, the “Solidarity Market” is scheduled in the garden of Bieller Edo Tampia Fund, where one group will offer works of art made by a group of sewing, knitting, embroidery and stencil volunteers in exchange for an offer. Which will support the fund’s cancer prevention, treatment and research activities. Access to the garden through Malta will be free. It will also be possible to enter the courtroom through Marconi. In case of bad weather the event will be postponed to Saturday 9th April.

Evening for autism. On Saturday, on the occasion of World Autism Awareness Day, the ANSA Association, in association with “La Casa par l’Otismo” in Candelo, will host a special evening at Palazzo Ferrero with a charitable aperitif (6pm). , An opera concert (8.30 pm) and a charity auction.

Open air art. On Sunday, the 9th to 19th, at Ricetto di Candelo, the village streets will be colored by the color and imagination of the artists of Lake Maggiore for the exhibition of “art in the open air”. In case of bad weather the event will be postponed till next Sunday.

Be enlightened. The Sia Lus appointment calendar continues with themes of holiness published through art. On Saturday 2 April at 3pm, a guided tour of the new parish church of Pavignano is arranged during which, for the intervention of Don Carlo DeJuto, the public will be able to appreciate a building that presents an unusual on an architectural and artistic level. Solution for where it was built (data and storage at 392-5166749). The event is in dialogue with Carlo Rap’s work exhibition, running through Sunday, April 3 at Biella Cathedral.

Poor devil. Presentation of a novel by Roberto Portinari, entitled “Il Diavolo Povero” (Alternative Literature), on Sunday at Villa Buffo, via Gramsci 29 at Biella, 5pm and 8pm. Admission is free, but reservations are required at 333-2662599.


Theater in Castellengo. The events and characters of the last century, more current events, adapt strictly to the historical concept (texts by Danilo Cravia and Anna Bossazar) with a little imagination, and then wine and tango. Here are the elements of “Castellengo – Story of a Magical Encounter”, the Traveling Theater shows that the Tetrando Company will stage at the Castello of Castelঙ্গngo in Cosato this weekend. The public, divided into groups, will start from Porta del Moro and proceed along a path of “eight steps” (like the tango basics) that will allow them to walk around the castle and enter some of its rooms. Travel through time listening to events that took place in Castellengo in the early 15th century and the present day.
Admitted in collaboration with the “Interno Al Castello” Association, the show includes admissions every 20 minutes, Saturday evening from 7.30 to 9.30 and Sunday afternoon from 5 to 7 (Reinforced Green Pass is mandatory). The journey takes about an hour and a half. Admission: 10 euros, free for those under 12. Tickets can be purchased online at the Teatrando website or booked at 333-5283350. In the end it will be possible to participate in a testing (wine glass and cold cut and cheese dish) by Sentovin at a cost of 10 euros through reservation at 335-5252890. The Austria della Villa will prepare a “historic dinner” (two courses, dessert, wine, water and a glass of coffee) at a cost of 28 euros; Reservation: Telephone: 015-921084.


Ricardo Rugeri (vocals), Gigi Riveti (piano) and Marta Caldara (piano) will play with Sindon in concert “You will not die in love”, Saturday night at 9 p.m., at Ponderano’s Social Center, to talk about violence and abuse against women. Admission is free and reservation is recommended. Information and storage: Telephone: 366-6893834.

The screen falls on the Pettingo review “Villa Piazzo in music”, Which will host a duet (pictured) by Sebastian Singer (cello) and Andre Fisher (guitar) on Sunday at 5.30pm. Tickets for 12 to 15 euros at bit.ly/VillaPiazzo.


Valdilana, Rafaela, her own style. A photographic exhibition dedicated to Rafaela Cara, titled “Rafaela, a Lifestyle” by Chiara Samugeo, a great photographer who died in January, opened on Saturday at the former Lanificio Tonella-Valdilana Hub. The event is part of the Hershey Festival which runs from 7 to 10 April. Info: May 1st, Friday and Saturday 6pm-9pm, Sundays and holidays 3pm-7pm.

Biella, a festival of nature. The Piazzo Cultural Center (Palazzi Gromo Losa, Ferrero and Lamarmora) is hosting the 9th edition of the “Selvatica – Art and Nature in Festival”, an event that explores the beauty of nature through artists, photographers, creatives and researchers. Suggestions that they combine painting, photography, sculpture, workshops and conferences. Exhibitions: Palazzo Gromo hosts a solo exhibition of watercolors with mountain scenery, including mucron and camino, by artist Sylvia de Bastiani of Losa Feltro, who won the Biella Competition B Natural / B Wild in 2020; Then there’s “Assignment. A Wildlife”, featuring a report by photographer Stefano Antarthiner, commissioned by National Geographic Magazine for the period 2006-2017; Jessica Carroll’s installation on the theme of bees and nature; “Cryptos.” Cheating and imitation in the animal kingdom “, collected by the scientific exhibition Emanuel Bigi and Francesco Tomasinelli. Glancelichter, Germany’s largest nature photography competition, returns to Palazzo Ferrero; Then there is the exhibition of Nuvolosa – the comics festival, “Nature that will come”; Group exhibition of Biella Photoclub with a natural theme. There is a private exhibition of Casey Kobayashi, a Japanese engraver, at the Palazzo La Marmora. In the Crb Culture Space via Bieller Garibaldi at the “Be Natural, Be Wild” corso with 2021 competition finalist works (free admission). Information from 26 June, Saturday and Sunday 10-19, also open on 18 (Easter Monday) and 25 April, 1 May and 2 June 10-19, admission 7 euros, 5 decreased (over 65, group of at least 12 people, University students), free under 25, www.selvaticafestival.net

Biella, Robinson with ‘Thug’. A new exhibition entitled “Thugs” by English artist John Robinson (1981) is currently running at Ulbridge Gallery through ex-girlfriend Salita de Reva 3. In dialogue with “Thugs”, the Ulbridge Gallery presents a new selection of works by Italian and international artists, including screenings of two videos by Joseph Beaz and Philippe Glass by Marco de Castri and Gianfranco Barberi. Information: Until May 29, Wednesday through Sunday 10.30-12.30 and 14.30-19, free admission.

Biella, living room to visit. Last day for exhibition at Museo del Territorio “Collector’s Salon. The Fornaro Collection ”, a collection of paintings from the 1950s and 1960s that represents the local art market. There are Piedmontese painters of the late nineteenth century, such as Giuseppe and Alberto Falchetti, with local artists, including Luigi Bofa Tarlatta, Guido Mosca and Mario Carletti, as well as other entrepreneurs of twentieth-century Italian painting. Information: until 3 April, Thursday 10-14, Friday 14-18, Saturday and Sunday 10-18, admission 5 euros.

Ponderano, although we are women. At the Spazio Eventi Ex Vinicola, through Mazzini 28, the combined exhibition: “Although We Are Women,” features visual arts, poetry, music, and women’s monthly theater. Information: Till April 2, Monday to Friday 10-12, Saturday 16-18, Sunday 10.30-12.30

Sordevlo, TripTych of the Sublime. On the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the Fluxus artistic movement, the cultural organization Zero Gravita Enzo Mineralli has proposed a private exhibition “TripTeach of the Sublime” – poet, actor, Italian researcher active in the field of word poetry, electronic and video poetry – by Carlotta Sarnigliaro. Info: Best de Leoni in Villa Sernigliaro until 8 April, Saturday and Sunday 4pm-7pm.

Biella, 190 photos from one era. The exhibition “Italian Music Beyond Here: The Golden Year of the Andorns Ferragosto” is set on the hospital porch, which tells about the golden season of Ferragosto between 1958 and 1973: 190 shots from Sergio Figueroa’s archive documenting that era. Information: Open throughout the month of March.

Candelo, Egyptian stretch. The ongoing travel exhibition “Free to Learn” in the medieval village of Candelo has been extended until May 1. The exhibition, which is the result of a collaboration between the Egyptian museums, the Department of Prisons of the Loruso-Katugno Prison, collects twenty copies from the collection of the Turin Museum, including the Maya Chapel, the tomb fresco. Iti and Neferur, portraits of Fayum, Astrakhan of the dancer, as well as some funeral books. The patterns were made by prisoners. Information: Until 1 May (open on weekends, on other days on request) with free admission. www.ricettodicandelo.it

Biella, the garden of joy. The “Garden of Joy” by Francesco de Larnia and Octavio Florial is an exhibition proposed by Zion Gallery at the former Lanifici Priya Solita de Riva 3. Information: From 1st April, Wednesday to Friday from 4.30-6.30 pm.

Biella, portrait extension. Combined exhibition portraits curated by Irene Finaguera have been extended to April 9, and can be viewed at the BI-Box Art Space via Italia 38 in Biella, bringing together the works of fourteen artists. Info: Thursday, Friday 15-19.30; Saturday 10-12.30 and 15-19.30.

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