What to know if you want to do gym at home

Today more people decide Not training in the gym And to doHome gym. The reasons for this choice may vary. Often the frantic pace of work life and the combination of thousands of promises do not allow you to find time to go to the gym. But if Keep healthy And being comfortable with my body is a priority, I still feel the need to train and do daily physical exercise.

LawPhysical training It has many benefits for people because it improves them Mental-physical well-beingAccelerates metabolism, improves sleep quality and also improves body mood and perception. Corporal Sanote male Sana The elders said and they were not completely wrong!

Let’s find out together How to set up a gym at home In an easy way and on the right budget.

Which equipment to choose for home gym?

Based on the training, you choose which one Gear To buyHome gym The goal is to have the highest quality using the minimum budget. The first thing to buy is versatile equipment, such as those used for a variety of workouts and essentials in a home gym. Bench press, kettlebell, weight, barbell, exercise bike, stepper and treadmill.

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To reduce costs, you can usually choose an exercise bike and a treadmill based on what you usually like to do: long walks / jogging or a steep climb paddling?

If space available for the home gym is limited, you can take advantage of the height space with hooks, shelves and furniture pots to store weights, kettlebells and elastic bands.

This is useful during training Equip yourself with a smartwatch Ideal for monitoring physical activity, but also for background music or talking on the phone if you have to be absolutely communicative during training.

Where to set up home gym

More and more people are not finding time to go to the gym, but they do not want to give up training. Here comes the need for then Set up a home gym And based on your daily commitments and unforeseen events and train with great flexibility of time.

The first thing to consider carefully is the space available. The big question is: Where will the home gym be located? In which room of the house? Obviously you need space and you have to choose a house that is not essential for the activities of the occupants of the house (you certainly cannot choose a place to stay). Often many people have one The garage is not used And they can transform it from a cluttered storage room into a neat home gym. Dimensions must be sufficient to set up a home gym (minimum 250 x 500 x 240 cm).

The second option may be that Choose a home that is not used at home(Even if it is a difficult guess).

Before turning into equipment choice, it needs to be consideredFree air circulationEnvironment If it is a garage, it is not assumed that there is a window and then you need to have a ventilation system. Second, rLight and floor. If you work with weights and barbells, it is best to cover the floor with rubber mats.

In any case, the important thing is to organize, create the space available in the best possible wayFitness angle A welcoming, functional and inspiring oasis. Although small, the home gym must be a well-organized space, easy to clean and sterile. It must be safe and have enough space to move Train safelyWithout injury or damage to things or objects or interruption of normal household chores.

Extra touch in your home gym? Choose inspirational posters to hang on walls and vertical mirrors, and of course a stereo speaker for music (it’s important to choose the right playlist for optimal loading).

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