“30 years in prison risk”

A dog ran away, whose body, however, was never found. The man who had been missing for more than a year, was seen getting into a car, with three men inside, lost his tracks that evening, a woman who told her story in front of the prosecutor three days later, to be the first carabinieri.

The “mystery” of a night in January 2021 on the Prata Principeato Ultra, with the addition of others that didn’t really happen that evening but that episode is disturbing.

Many are trying to unravel the mystery, including the television show “Who Saw” on Rye Tray, directed by Federica Shearelli, who also dealt with the case of 69-year-old Domenico Manzoor from Irpino. Wednesday. That evening, January 8, 2021, while her daughter Romina’s birthday was being celebrated at her home, she decided to go out and smoke instead of returning to her home, to her children. Domenico, for all the mm, has disappeared in the thin air, nothing has been known about him since that evening.

“Everyone in the village is sure he’s dead, but we’re afraid to talk. Many in Prata do not like to mingle, many claim to know and then decide not to say anything. “

Stationery store in Montefalcione

Domenico Manzo, a 69-year-old man who died on January 8, 2021 from Prata between 2018 and 2019, “borrowed” his name from some people to open a stationery store in Montefalcion via Aldo Moro.

An undisclosed, recent fact has come to light due to the intense intelligence work of Sergio D’Amour, a well-known private investigator in Avelino, to whom the Manzo family became. The stationery bookstore opened and closed within a month, a very vague story: Roro, investigator and lawyer Federica Rena, Mimi’s family lawyer, went to Montefalcion, where the stationery bookstore was.

No one has seen Manjo in these 30 days, according to area residents, the manager was a 45-50 year old, hairy man from Avelino. Many questions: Who wanted this “grace” from Manjo? For what

All orders for the stationery store were placed in the name of Domenico, who never said anything to anyone, not to his sisters or his children. The ordered material was never paid for and the lenders were often seen through Aldo Moro.

“I think it’s important to understand who was behind this stationery bookstore. They may be the same people who have already been spotted during this time,” said lawyer Rena. “Maybe they weren’t really polite people if they couldn’t open a stationery bookstore directly for them, maybe they had a legal problem,” Mimi’s daughter Romina insisted.

“It’s important to understand this aspect of the complex relationship, it can open a gash that leads to the truth,” said lawyer Nicodemo Gentil, president of the Penelope Association, which is pursuing the whole matter with lawyer Rena.

The woman on the porch

This is the second aspect to be explored by “who saw”. A woman hosts three men for dinner at her home on the evening of January 8, 2021. Which, at one point, cocaine began to pierce. The woman invited them to leave for this reason. That same evening, looking out of the porch, Mimi got into the car with the three of them, sitting next to the driver.

The woman told the carabinieri everything but surprisingly, a few days later, she withdrew her confession before the public prosecutor. She says that the next morning, one of them goes to her house, telling her not to say anything about Mimi. But even these things are withdrawn. He asserted that his confession had been obtained through torture, and that his confession had been obtained through torture.

This story about the woman drives Mimi’s sister, Mena, and Lucia into a frenzy. “It’s an irrational thing: if you want to hurt someone, why involve others who have nothing to do with it?”, They ask.

A detailed account of the woman’s story hits the sisters: The woman actually says that Domenico had a light-colored jacket with her that evening and carried it on her arm. “Mimi used to do it often, it was her habit: so it’s true that this lady saw her that evening.”

“What happens at the Prata Principato Ultra is really crazy,” commented Federica Cyreli in the studio. Lucia, sister: “I wonder why no one is still under investigation.”

The dog runs away

Another tragic incident happened the same evening where Domenico Manzo died. It’s always that scream, often expressed by a girl. Romina, a 69-year-old girl, was invited to the party. But it doesn’t show. However, at a certain time in the evening, she calls Manzoor’s house and talks to Mimi’s other son, Francesco. Disappointed, he asks Pratata to reach the basilica of the Annunciation. Francesco was with a friend: arrived at the scene, the girl was crying and shaking. But Francesco returns to the party and only his friend returns to the girl.

Soon, the girl shows up at the party. She is very upset, she tells everyone that she has hit a dog. A version of the information confirmed to investigators, to which he added a further detail. The girl, in that excited moment, would shout: “Mimi, Mimi, what have you done?”. An annoying fact, Francesco saw it on his microphone: “For me it means just one thing, he saw something, he saw someone hitting my dad”.

There is another annoying element. Some time later, the girl, while arguing with her boyfriend, says at one point: “You realize I’m risking 30 years in prison.” A phrase heard by several people.

A sentence that makes you think, because the car in which the girl will go over the dog is returned to the hire the next day. Those who saw him interviewed an employee who said that the trunk of the car that morning was dirty and covered with fallen leaves. Also, right front, side there was little damage. Asked for an explanation, the girl said she had taken the sidewalk. But he said nothing about the dog.

In short, the mystery of Domenico Manzoor’s disappearance is getting deeper and deeper “Investigations are needed, a lot of shaky alibi, a lot of half-truths,” lawyer Gentile confirmed. Who, along with lawyer Rena, presented a detailed summary to the prosecutor’s office, asking him to deepen many of the obscure aspects of the story.

“We want the truth, whatever it is: we have a right to it,” Mimi’s sisters shouted. How can I blame them?

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