“A classic of world sports”

There are two weeks left before the seasonal debut of the women’s national team to reach the final. Billy Jean King Cup From 8 to 13 November at a venue on behalf of BNP Paribahan which was not officially held. The Italian election on April 15 and 16 will challenge the French national team on the fast green set court of Alghero Tennis Club., In one of those classic derbies of the Italian game. The idea has been proudly reaffirmed by the President of FIT Angelo Free During the presentation press conference held in Cagliari at the headquarters of the Department of Tourism, Crafts and Commerce of the Sardinia region.

Italy-France is a classic of world sports, which evokes historical achievements and legendary characters.. This is even more so if it happens in the world of tennis, which is growing in popularity month by month in Italy. – The President begins – If we are in Sardinia, we owe it to the region, to the tourism department, to Councilor Gianni Chesapeake, whom we all thank on behalf of the Italian game for what we have been doing in recent years.

A classic that hides flaws identified by the president himself: “This is a very difficult challenge for Italy, because we are facing a very strong team. A team that can rely on two girls despite having fewer players than us in the current rankings has great potential. The former No. 4 like Garcia and the former No. 11 like Cornet, capable of perfect performance, are more important than our athletes in general. It will be one Balanced challenge

The FIT president focused on superstition and expressed optimism that Italian tennis was undefeated for both men and women in Sardinia. “From the women’s sector, we sealed that golden time by losing to Russia in Cagliari in the old Fed Cup.. As a Sardinian, I am proud that my region invests in sports, which are healthy things for the new generation and that help promote the beauty of this beautiful land where we live.. We will remember this Italy-France for decades, like today we remember the Fed Cup Italy-Russia or Davis’ Italy-Sweden.

The choice will not be left indifferent Hard and fast surfaceGiven that the Italian election has rarely been seen to select any surface other than the Earth. Captain Garbin Explains the reason: “This decision is closely related to the technical-strategic aspect. I consider it A more suitable surface to face a team like France. The combination we get between the court and the ball responds perfectly to our needs and the requirements we wanted. But I don’t want to go too far into the technical details of the decision, so as not to give further clues to our subsequent opponents. “.

The choice of surface was “positively received by five of our representatives” as Garbin himself noted. Italian colors must be preserved in Sardinia Camilla Giorgi, Jasmine Paolini, Martina Travisan, Elizabeth Kokiaretto and newcomer Lucia Bronzetti, Fresh from entering the top 100 and fresh from the Miami Quarter, not without remorse.

Julian Bennett will bring four daughters to Sardinia Eliza Cornet, Clara Burrell, Christina Mladenovic and Ocean Dodin, A few days ago, the latter called for the replacement of his injured compatriot from February. Garcia therefore prefers to take breaks for necessary treatment. The challenge will start with the first two singles at 2pm on Friday. The tie will continue to close the other two singles and double challenge programs starting at 12 p.m. Slovakia, Australia, Belgium and Switzerland have already qualified for the finals to select the winner of this challenge; Everyone else here has been called in for the challenge set in two weeks.

It will be there Challenge number 12 between Italy and France, The Italian election has a negative balance with 3 wins and 8 defeats. The last encounter between the two national teams was in 2016, when the French won 4-1 in Marseille. The last Italian success came back in 2009, when four titles were on their way to second place. On that occasion Schiavone, Panetta, Vinci and Erani beat France 5-0 in Orleans.

The five matches are played in the best of two sets out of three: the first two singles from 2pm on Friday 15th April, the other two singles from 12pm on Saturday 16th April and the double off. Everything will be staged on the central court of Alghero Tennis Club, Its capacity is 2,533 seats, without limitation of public attendance. Access will be possible with a basic green pass and the obligation to wear the FFP2 mask. As already mentioned, the Italian national team has won all the challenges played in Sardinia, 9 at the men’s level and 2 at the women’s level. The game was played in Alghero just fifteen years ago. In July 2007, the Italian national team defeated Luxembourg 4-1 in the Euro / Africa Zone Group I relegation play-offs.

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