A stray cat waits in front of a house until it is greeted by family

A kitten has found a real and effective way to give up the stray life and be adopted by a family. One day he was waiting on the driveway of a house, completely tired, as if he had walked a long way to ask for help. The very thin kitten sat there until the homeowners noticed her and came forward to help her.

“She was underweight and had a stuffy nose. One eye was completely closed due to an infection, ”said a family member. At that point they decided to take him and treat him until his health improved. She was called Sweetie and their real purpose was to feed her so that her health would return and then she would get a permanent home. For the first few days the kitten was very fragile and did not have the strength to eat or move alone. He curled up in a ball and slept a lot.

“We discovered she had a respiratory infection, and she allowed herself to be treated properly – they say – we gave her milk with a dropper and let us take care of her.” Over the next few days, they started feeding him with a syringe while he was on medication. Her eyes and nose have slowly healed, and she has even been able to gain weight. Sweetie recovered within a few weeks, but it took her a while to change from milk to solid food.

Soon, he started playing and exploring the house and befriended the family cat Mickey that was very keen to see the new arrival. Sweetie has learned some tricks from him, going from a stray kitten to a perfect pet. The kitten brought immense joy to the whole family “as soon as he finished the game he came to me and fell asleep in my lap in search of comfort,” Valuable said. “And although at first we thought of keeping her temporarily, we became so attached to her that we decided to adopt her – they say. The decision to stay on the driveway was the right one and now it is an integral part of our family.”

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