Angela Gatto employee goes to Assisi municipality, Traviselli, thank you!

L.Assisi municipality employee Dr. Angela Gatto, leaving, Thanks To always give my best. His positive attitude and his perfect professionalism will always be a prime example for all of us.

After 27 years of honorable service in the municipality of Assisi, from April 1, he moved to the office in Sector 5 – Welfare-Education-Culture-Castrovillari Municipality Tourism-Sports, His hometown, Dr. Angela Gato, a talented and skilled employee of our municipality. Often in this case, it always seems that it is a proper compliment, a sentence of circumstance, however, in the case and for Angela Gato’s person, none of this.

Mine, cHow I think I represent many othersI, the word from the heart, meant a heartfelt greeting from those who shared a long administrative season.

For those unfamiliar with her, who is Dr. Angela Gato?

Angela was born Castrovillary The province of Cosenza, a city also famous for being “the most beautiful village in Italy” and “Orange flagThe Italian Touring Club, for its scenic geographical location and the value of preserved artistic work.

She is the daughter of Luigi, an employee of the Castrovilari and Rosar Italsementi SPA factory, an always attentive woman, close to family and a loving curator of small gardens. Angela has a sister, Carmella, and a brother, Vincenzo, Aunt of Vincenzo’s two children. He attended elementary school (then called elementary) in the “Scholastic Village” of Castrovillari. He then went to the first grade secondary school (former middle school) “E. De Nicola” also Castrovillari. Later he always participated in the Lisio Clasico “G”. Garibaldi “.

His father, Luigi, was keen on educating his children and gave them a healthy sense of duty as well as a healthy sense of duty. Angela has always been a scholar, since she was a child she loved to read and study, she loved to play sports. He attended school in Castrovillari several times. “Youth Games“With good results.

It should also be noted that Angela was always very close to her grandmother Carmela and Angela, from whom she also took her name. Grandma Angela in particular was a true guide for him, Also very important personalities because they lived in the same house. After graduating from high school, as a young girl, she moved to Perugia, Umbria, to join the law faculty profitably, where she graduated in 1987.

After some experience as a practitioner in a Peruvian law firm, he qualified as a legal attorney.

In 1990, he joined ASC’s then ASL n ° 4With administrative responsibilities and, for a temporary period, in that n ° 2 of Perugia, always with the same responsibilities until 1995.

In the same year 1995 he joined our municipality. First as the head of the contract office and then she joined the social office, how many projects, how many calls, how many files go to her desk, how many hours Angela spent in that office, which was also a meeting place for them. Angela and her sector sought help and sometimes even consolation. He was the one who spoke for everyone every day, in a sector that has become increasingly subtle and difficult over the years, the growing scarcity of resources and calculations becoming more complex, but Angela has always found the right balance.

How many times have I picked up the phone and asked him to help me with solutions, work, difficult situations, how many times I have gone to his office to find answers so that I can be calm in my work. In recent years I have had the opportunity to get to know Dr. Gato intimately, both as a legitimate employee and as a great person with all his humanitarian baggage in considerable depth. In particular, during my 13 months of intense experience as a service councilor in this municipality, the collaboration and work Angela Gato This is the beginning of a series of initiatives and projects, many of which have been cited as examples in other Italian municipalities.

Along with Angela, as a councilor, I have participated in many initiatives and activities, I would like to remind you that Assisi is the leading municipality of Social Zone 3, which includes, besides Assisi, the municipalities of Bastia Umbra, Bettona, Cannara and Valfabbrica, the participating members are the respective municipal administrators, municipal employees and technicians. During that time, for the Social Zone, in addition to Angela Gato, Daniel Paserini, I and promoter Mauro Soli, there were Elisabeta Galletti, Stefano Ansideri, Rosita Tomasetti, Enrico Baccoli, Sara Bajjuchi, Elisa Granochia, Immanuela Bijario. , We have discussed together and faced with great importance and respect the many practice and approved area projects that have been implemented over time. During all this time we have Angela who, in addition to all her work, guided us on this great journey and gave us experience and advice, so I think I would also like to extend a special thank you to you on behalf of the members mentioned above. .

During my reign, I will mention a few, Angela Gato was important in all the projects that startedThe. I can quote and give examples, “Assisi City of Relief“We were the first” relief town “in Umbria and we pledged our concrete contribution to alleviate the suffering in the broadest sense of the word for those who are sick and in distress.”

Then, we put the minister’s stamp on our city. “The city that read“(Issued by the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism) In addition, on this occasion”First National Anti-Bullying Day at schoolWith your valuable cooperation, there was also a draft Memorandum of Understanding against Assassin’s Creed Bullying. Interventions were made to support its social spending. An initiative to coordinate between the municipality and the ASAD social cooperative

Dr. Angela Gato also played a role in creating information and listening points for women victims of violence in Umbria’s Social Zone 3. As a social region Thanks to Angela many projects have been undertaken, presented by the municipality, to bring together, promote leadership and promote youth creativity. With that, the “7 Ceste” Emporium was born, a symbolic work of Caritas Diocesan, present in the area since April 2016, born in close association and partnership with the municipality of Assisi, especially the Service Office Social. And agreement. Angela of Assisi Municipality was also a member of the COC (Municipal Operational Center).

Over the years and with various administrations, Angela has contributed to the success of many projectsLooks very closely at tenders, contracts, procedures and important administrative work, and the rights of the weakest and most needy.

Now Dr. Angela Gato, In his Castrovillary, he begins a new work experience, he will bring with him a human and professional luggage of knowledge and skills. On her journey to her hometown, always with her faithful dog “Luna”, Angela has so many memories, so many faces, so many emotions in her suitcase and allows me, a piece of the heart of so many like me who must be thanked more than ever today.

Happy Journey Angela, with affection

Claudia Maria Traviselli- (Former Councilor of Assisi Municipality)

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