Billy Jean presents Challenges between King’s Cup, Italy and France: Format, Call-up and Heroes

The challenges are few and far between Italy And France Valid for its initial round Billy Jean King Cup 2022. It will be played on the open court on April 15 and 16 Alghero Tennis Club. This morning a CagliariDepartment of Tourism, Crafts and Commerce in the Sardinia region, The presentation press conference was held During which the President of the Italian Tennis Federation spoke, Angelo BinaghiCouncilor for Tourism, Crafts and Trade in the Sardinia region, Giovanni ChesaMayor of Alghero, Mario ConosiAnd the captain of the women’s national team Tatiana Garbin.

Italy-France is a classic of world sports, highlighting historical achievements and legendary characters. This is even more so if it happens in the world of tennis, which is growing in popularity month by month in Italy. Let’s play in Alghero because Mayor Mario Conosi has shown great sensitivity: For this match we needed a fast track as per the request of the captain. And in Alghero they can deliver it. The city has always had a great sensitivity to tennis, Thanks to the generation of TC Alghero executives who have dedicated some of their lives to plant development, Which is of European significance. It’s about a A very difficult challenge for Italy, because we face a very strong team. A team where despite having fewer players than us in the current rankings can rely on two girls has great potential. The former number 4 like Garcia and the former number 11 like Cornet ৷, Capable of perfect level of performance, is more important than our athletes in general. This will be a balanced challenge. Because I am happy to be in this region In Sardinia since 1968 We have never lost in 11 matches for men and women“- The FIT president began Angelo Binaghi.

The word is then passed Tatiana GarbinWhich he has decided to call Camilla Giorgi, Jasmine Paolini, Lucia Bronjetti, Martina Travisan And Elisabetta Kokiretto. For a national team captain, concrete is the surface most suitable for such a challenge: “I think concrete is the most suitable surface on which to face a team like France. The combination we got between the court and the ball perfectly meets our needs and the requirements we wanted. But I don’t want to go too far into the full technical details of the decision, so that our next opponents don’t have to give more clues. As you know, the first part of the season is officially over on the fast court after the Miami tournament and the dirt road begins. When I offered the girls the intention to play on the hard court, I felt positivity, confidence and great enthusiasm from all of them.. This makes me proud of them, because it means that they put the interests of the team before their personal interests again. I am sure they will fight to the best of their abilityTo bring this team back to the finals

The Italy-France Challenge is an internationally significant event, more so because it is the first game in Italy.. Sardinia, at this time of the epidemic, tennis has been able to host two ATP 250s“- Withdrawal instead of Commissioner Giovanni Chesa.

Mayor of Alghero Mario Conosi He instead emphasized: “We are preparing to make the most of this event and we are aware that the alghero-tennis combination works, just remember that last year we hosted the Wheelchair Tennis World We are a great showcase and we feel obliged to represent not only our city, but the whole island and so we will give our best in the organizational effort till the day of competition on 15th and 16th April.

T.All matches will be played in the best of three sets: the first two singles on Friday from 2pm, the other two singles on Saturday from 12pm and the doubles at the end.. It is one of the 7 challenges that will qualify for the finals scheduled for November at a single venue with 12 participating national teams. All Blues matches will be broadcast Super tennis And on streaming platforms Supertenics. There will be no restrictions on public attendance at Alghero Tennis Club Central, with a capacity of 2,533 seats..

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