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By Federica Giuseppe – Friday 01 April 2022 07:30 am

I never wrote about happiness because there is a risk of making terrible general, or overly philosophical and complex speeches.

Happiness should be something simple instead, but not fundamental. It is often thought that only children are truly happy because they are not yet contaminated by adult ideas and superstructures. I believe that everyone can be happy, children, adults, adults, as long as they are willing to simplify, to remove all unnecessary from their lives, to find something more in its essence.

I’ve been thinking a lot about happiness lately, for two different reasons. The first is that I was trying to figure out what the opposite of war is, and yes, of course, it’s peace, but I was wondering what was inside this magic word, and I believed it had something to do with the pure. Happiness, not only self-centered, egotistical, possessive, but what makes us calm with ourselves and others, always aware of being social creatures, unable to feel completely good if we don’t add one Feels good with …. Another element that has helped me to reflect is a series that aired on Netflix a few weeks ago that literally kidnapped me. It is on the happiness of Alessandro Catalan.

Personally I think Catalan has done a really great job with interviews, always in his own way, some characters whose happiness was interesting enough to say something about. I don’t want to ruin it, so I won’t tell you anything about the series, but I do advise you to watch it with an open mind, look for your suggestions, vibrate your strings with the luxury of listening to them, there’s tuning.

The images that newspapers, social networks and TV channels send us about what’s happening in the world in Ukraine are emotionally devastating and no one would think to find happiness there. But it is not like that. The eyes of the child found after losing the cat at the border speak of a lot of happiness. That hug between that baby and that gray big cat made me move a lot, but for joy, to share.

As I have said at other times, if we have the strength, the opportunity to defeat the war, it is to carry the message of happiness, which is not spontaneous, artificial and which is not as insignificant as thousands of clichs. That they are read around, now so trivial and humble, that they have lost any influence wow, if ever they had.

At the end of the summer, one evening when I was feeling particularly depressed, I walked to Lake Pontedera, sat down on a bench, put my favorite playlist on the phone and waited for the sunset, letting go of thoughts and tears as I watched the flat surface of the lake. And I felt it, I felt the serenity that compelled me to say: Now, you are happy in this instant Federica.

Federica Giuseppe

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