Horror in Nice, 100 dead cats discovered at pensioner’s home, 20 animals rescued

The bodies of 100 cats were found yesterday at the home of a pensioner in Nice, in southern France. In addition to the dead cats, twenty or more were still alive, but in poor health.

According to the NIC-Matin newspaper, the body of the 81-year-old man, most of whom were stored in sealed plastic or wooden boxes, was found after he was admitted to the hospital.

Several animal defense agencies were alerted by the elderly granddaughter who discovered the remains of squirrels, rats and a dog’s jaw around and inside the house.

“Considering the location in which they were found, most of the cats had already died when they were placed inside the box, but we think at least two were trapped alive,” said Philip Desjacks, president of the La Tribe Association. France Press du Formillier.

The carcass of a cat was probably eaten by his colleagues on the sofa at home. Instead, twenty more cats were still found alive inside the house, but were saved by veterinarians and volunteers in stagnant or dramatic health conditions.

“Unfortunately, this happens every year,” Desjacks explained, adding that the pensioner suffered from Noah’s Syndrome, which involves collecting more than one animal that is able to adapt or eat properly, as well as Diogenes syndrome. Mandatory storage of objects. Associations want to file complaints for “abuse” or neglect of animals, Desjax said.

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