How will the Qatar World Cup end before the new era of football

Qatar will draw for the 2022 World Cup today. The football world has changed very little. With just five innovations, Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo and Mbappe and Italy will still be in the headlines and Italy will be out of the big ball again.

We are here, Qatar 2022 Today will be his first big moment by drawing for the elimination round of the first episode. Here we are, but we are not there, we lost the first play-off match with Northern Macedonia and there has been a lot of talk about what happened after and around. We are not here for the second time in a row and among the great “historians” (quotes mean history when you have to go on the field and win a game against eleven players will be counted up to a certain point.) Participating.

Russia has jumped into Europe, because we know very well that Sweden stood at our door four years ago and Iceland ended the story and played its group in an almost indecent way. Scotland, Ukraine and Wales are waiting. It will be a return for all and imagine what the World Cup will be like with Ukraine. This stagnation has once again attested to the level of the parties And the fact that we are not there for the second time in a row, despite the victory of the Europeans, unequivocally confirms that we are far behind the average continental bourgeoisie. The most innovative confederation is Central American.

Canada and the United States are not just waiting for their World Cup in four years, because even today, if Canadians are happy to be there, the United States With various policemen, Reina, McKenney, Timothy Weh They are a great team in Qatar. Apparently Mexico is also present, when Panama jumped after a half-miracle four years ago. Costa Rica could return if they win the play-off against New Zealand.

If Italy goes to the World Cup … how does qualification work, the new play-off formula

In Africa there was fierce competition between Senegal and Egypt, The play-offs that pitted the two best teams on the continent, as attested by the Africa Cup final between the two teams. Salah has been out of Egypt and along with the Pharaohs, Africa has lost other very interesting teams, such as Nigeria in Ocemen and Mahrez and Algeria in Benassar. On the other hand, Cameroon’s indomitable Lions and Ghana’s Black Stars are back, two citizens with their own history in the World Cup, where Achraf Hakimi’s Morocco Russia doubled in the World Cup. Asia News, Great power is always the same. Japan and South Korea are from the Far East, Saudi Arabia is from the Arabian Peninsula, the second in a row, the symbol of great continuity and the host of Qatar. Inside Iran, there is also a national team in Russia, the most talented Asian team but the most ups and downs. On June 7, the UAE-Australia inter-zone play-off will be there to decide who should play against Peru.

In South America the Peruvians are hanging on to the last thread, The adults (Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay) qualified, while there was a change between Ecuador and Colombia, with perhaps the greatest Italy and the Netherlands being eliminated along with Norway. Pot 1 of the draw is Brazil, Belgium, France, Argentina, England, Spain, Portugal and Qatar. As always there is a second level bogeyman that everyone wants to avoid, in this case Germany. As mentioned earlier, these world qualifiers have told us that the classification has changed slightly over the last ten years. Changes compared to Qatar’s net, Russia 2018 only 5 out of 32 teams (for now). The world has changed a little and even the candidates for the final victory are always the same. France, Brazil and England in pole positions, others in the first bracket (excluding Qatar but adding Germany) second in the grid and then scattered potential surprises, such as the Netherlands and the United States and increasingly competitive teams such as Japan, Senegal and Iran.

S.Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo and Mbopp will still have the World Cup, From Deschamps, Southgate, Fernando Santos, we expect goals from Lewandowski, Neymar, de Bruyne, Cavani and Suarez, play from Modric, Tadic, Eriksen and probably save from Kyler Navas. Very little has changed and we have noticed it. We will be at the forefront if we hope that the United States and Canada’s Mega-World Cup 2026 (48 teams at the start) will really usher in a new era of football.

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