Kyiv, street fighting. “Resisted the first Russian invasion”. And Zelensky lives in the capital

For the third night of the war Kyiv It was harder than expected. By evening the residents had already realized that the next hours would be very difficult. As the sun set, the Ukrainian capital saw darkness: power outages in several areas, and even blackouts in the center turned many roads into ghostly landscapes.

Explosions heard from different parts of the city indicate that something important is about to happen. According to the mayor of Kiev, Vitali Klitsko, A large power plant will be targeted by Russian expedition already in the late afternoon. The first air alert came shortly after 20:00. The first of many. In the ensuing hours it was a legacy of Russian artillery bombings and shelling, near and far.

Trying to take Kyiv from the south

On Friday evening it was confirmed that the Russians were present north of the Ukrainian capital. A breakthrough that began on Thursday, when Moscow troops captured the Moscow airport in an air raid. Hostmail, 15 from the center of Kyiv. The Ukrainians recovered after a stopover, but there was a long-running dispute between the two sides. Also on Thursday, Russian troops entered from Belarus, occupying the area of ​​the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, 140 kilometers north of the capital.

During the day on Friday, the Russians took up positions in the northern suburbs of Kiev. In the morning, residents could hear the sound of artillery, and eyewitnesses reported firing at government quarters. When the evening air alarm started, many were watching the evolution of the situation from the north. Surprisingly, however, at midnight, the Russians attempted a pincer action from the south.

Understood when in town Vasilkiv, 40 km south of Kyiv, the presence of Russian troops has been reported. Witnesses reported violent clashes, especially in the military airfield area on the outskirts of the area. The action performed in Vasilkiv is almost double that of Hostomel. In fact, Russian troops were sent to the airport to occupy the airport in order to build a bridge for future progress.

So Russia’s intention was to encircle and blockade Kiev. It is difficult to say whether the operation was successful. What is certain is that from that moment on, evidence of a violent urban war was found in the capital of Ukraine. Videos of Russian tanks on the streets and horrific clashes with the Ukrainian army have surfaced in several neighborhoods.

This is the condition of the city

The Russian troops, after capturing Vasylkiv, began to advance towards the center. Here, however, they face stiff resistance from Ukraine. The main collision took place on Victory Avenue, one of Kiev’s main arteries. It is a major road that connects West Tangejial with the archipelago of Dinipar and the central area of ​​Maidan Square. On social media, videos of residents shooting have been released showing Ukrainian and Russian cars confronting each other on the street. However, attacks by Moscow troops will be repulsed. Indeed, local sources reported a heavy defeat by the Russians near Berestiska station.

The Ukrainian army, for its part, confirmed Russian advance from the south, but at the same time, shortly before dawn, announced that they had blocked the attack on Victory Avenue. The details were not disclosed as the situation was confusing. The Russians from the north are pressing on the areas adjacent to the government territory, and from the south and east the airborne forces of Vasilkiv have entered into action. For the moment, however, the Ukrainian resistance seems to have survived. At around 6:00 a.m., a Kyiv army source said the 101st Brigade destroyed another Russian convoy advancing from Victory Avenue.

Zelensky has rejected a proposed US eviction plan

With the news of the first Russian advance from the south of Kiev, concerns about the impending collapse of the capital and the government led by President Zelensky have returned to the United States. Late at nightAuxiliary printing pressWashington has offered to pull out of Kyiv, according to U.S. intelligence sources. However, intelligence sources said that Zelensky himself denied the allegations. The president expressed his desire to stay and believed he could keep the city.

At 8:00 a.m., as if to confirm his presence in Kiev, Zelensky appeared on video on his telegram channel. These are pictures taken on the President’s own mobile phone. Behind him you can see a monument in the center of the capital, while he emphasizes his intention to stay in Ukraine at the forefront and lead the resistance against the Russians from the capital.

Residents hit a tall building

Pictures of a missile hitting a skyscraper in Kiev around the world. According to local media, it was a residential building that is now being demolished. There will be injuries, but for the moment there is no mention of the victim even if this possibility is not ruled out. A surveillance camera captures the effect. The incident took place at 8:11 a.m. Kiev time. The area affected by the blast is Lobanovsky, In the western part of the capital of Ukraine. It is a nerve center of the city, half way between the arrow of Diniper and the West Ring Road.

A few kilometers away from Crow fly from Lobanovsky Avenue are Julzani Airport and the important Volinsky station, and a little further north is Victory Avenue, where the worst collision of the night took place.

Fighting is going on in other parts of the country as well

The battle for capital is one that is currently in the spotlight. But fighting is also raging on other fronts in Ukraine. Above all, in the south, where the Russians seem to have the upper hand after advancing between Crimea and the Dnipropetrovsk River. The Moscow army has indeed declared victory over the city Melitopol, Whose capture was favorable by an amphibious landing on Friday afternoon This area is now moving towards the goal Mariupol. Fighting has been reported in the Ukrainian army Kharkiv, SumiAs well as in Donbass. Moreover, the first collisions will also occur in the vicinity Odessa.

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