Tell me your dog breed: How much does insurance cost?

Anyone who loves animals is not indifferent at this time Clashes between Russia and UkraineFrom the incident Andrea CisterinoItalian photographers trying to save the afterlife from Kyiv 400 animals (Between cats and dogs) who are in dramatic situations. While waiting for help to arrive at the cause of the conflict, our compatriot and his staff share the complete absence of food and water with the animals.

As the site reports Greenme.itActually:

“At Andalia Cisternino’s Shelter Italia KJ2, our compatriots and her staff are reluctant to give up despite the great difficulty of finding themselves. “Unfortunately, despite the activation of the emergency mission of the International Committee of the Red Cross, help has not come.”

Unfortunately, without going so far, Even thousands of dogs in our country are waiting for a good time. Dogs are said to be man’s best friend; People need to see if dogs can be best friends.

That said, there are many families who can’t let go of their four-legged friend. Specifically, Growing up with a pet can be a life saver for childrenThe site recalls

“Growing up with a pet is an experience that is good for the child’s health and behavior. The presence of an animal in the home can add an extra value to our children’s education. Thanks to a pet organization, children will be able to understand and respect diversity and learn to be much more responsible.” “

A dog carries the responsibility. And also potential risks, or unforeseen events. Here’s the reason, Taking out insurance can be very effective in protecting yourself. Let’s try to understand how and above all there can be a difference in terms of guarantee and cost between the different varieties of our four-legged friends.

Dog insurance: Why take a policy

Let’s take as an example, the title of an article reported by the site

“A bite worth 112,000 euros: the horrific events of Torri di Quartersolo”.

This is an incident that happened in the province of Vicenza in 2009 and involved A dog escaped from a dog garden, which, after chasing a man on a moped, bit him with a calf, causing him to fall.. The man in question suffered significant damage to his legs, and could not walk without a support later.

Whose responsibility is it? In cases like this? The owner of the animal. That could easily be you. Have you ever wondered if you could find yourself in the unfortunate position of breaking your savings? This is if you haven’t signed up yet An insurance policy that protects you from loss claims And above all by leaving your financial resources.

However, taking out an insurance policy can also help protect your dog. How? In addition to third party damage (things, people, animals) that could be your four-legged friend, Insurance may also cover any costs you may incur for Fido’s injury or illness.

It is important to be able to assure him of adequate care without choosing between him and us. Also because these are not trivial, but respectable statistics: and yes, why Keeping dogs is not cheap. As the site highlights

“So in a nutshell, at the end of the fair, the total cost of maintaining a dog in the first year is between 1700 and 2500 euros, while in subsequent years it stops between 1200-1500 euros. Excluding unexpected costs, anything can be thousands of euros.”

Dog Insurance: What It Covers And Who

Definitely, What it covers and who exactly covers insurance?

That is, are all losses included in the perfect condition or are there limitations? If so, which one?

Meanwhile, it should be remembered Insurance must be taken by the dog owner (Which is indicated in the so-called veterinary passport of the animal and who is responsible for it).

It should also be noted that if the dog harms the owner and those who are part of the owner’s family status (both physical and material), they are not liable under the policy. In the end, it’s as if we’re hurting ourselves: insurance certainly doesn’t pay anything back.

In addition to protecting us from third party claims for damages caused by our pets, The policy can also cover reimbursement of costs for the care of our four-legged friend.

Obviously, it has to be Events that do not fall within the scope of checks and inspections Provided by current law. So, Injuries and illnesses They may be covered by an insurance guarantee while, for example, the classic annual immunization is not part of the cost for which reimbursement can be requested from the insurance company.

Dog insurance: Beware of dangerous breeds

Tell me What is the breed of your dog and I will tell you how much insurance costs.

And yes, because insurance usually divides dogs based on their breed and their risk. If the dog falls under the so-called “Dangerous race”, The policy may provide for overdrafts and discounts beyond the norm. In some cases, the guarantee may have a lower limit that covers third party damage.

Why this? Because insurance companies, based on statistical information, Some species show greater risk and recurrence of the claim than others. Here then, To protect themselves, but to allow policyholders to still be able to insure their animals in non-restrictive statistics, companies are forced to set limits and restrictions.

Obviously It is also up to the owners to pay more attention and behave more responsibly: To give just one example, it would be more appropriate for the owner of a pit bull to keep the gate of his house closed than for the owner of a poodle to do the same.

It must be remembered Some companies (some actually) do not differentiate between dog breeds and do not require any discounts or inventions for harmful events.

Dog insurance: Third party losses

If the dog is responsible for the damage to people or things (Animals are also included) of the third person, then Insurance intervenes and compensates. With all possible relief those who avoid being forced to pull some pretty penny or penis.

In most insurance policies, there is a loss of property (including other animals) Exclude At the expense of the owner. Cutable The portion of the loss that the owner of the animal has to bear and, As a rule, it is about 100 euros.

Insured ceilings, as far as civil liability is concerned, range from a minimum of € 250,000 to / 3/5 million.If not exceeded.

For greater protection, it is always best to guarantee a larger ceiling: let’s say one million euros costs a few euros more per year than a respectable guarantee and a minimum ceiling. Often the “civic liability for dog ownership” guarantee is attached to the family unit.

On average, this kind of policy, It can cost around 80/100 Euros per year: A consistently tolerable cost, especially in the face of a certain high cost.

One thing to consider before signing a policy is whether the maximum number of animals has been insured. Pay attention to all the small details.

Dog insurance: reimbursement of veterinary expenses

What if Fido is injured or ill?

Usually Insurance covers a range of interventions and unapproved costs that vary from company to company and from policy to policy..

In principle, Dogs are insurable from a few months of age to ten years. Also in this case, the race may differ, especially since there is a tendency for certain diseases or pathologies compared to others.

Depending on the policy form you choose and the related guarantees, There may be overdrafts and / or discounts at your expense. Usually there are both overdrafts and deductibles, except for a more expensive formula that only provides a certain deductible.

What to do if you have an accident or Fido’s illness? Only, After taking her to the veterinarian and arranging the necessary treatment, you will need to submit all documentation insurance for compensation, including the line of complaint for what happened.. This is usually a relatively quick process that can be completed within a few days with the settlement of the claim (if the documentation is complete and regular and the claim is eligible for compensation).

The Veterinary costs are also deductible, In accordance with the procedure established by the present law.

Dog Insurance: A monthly fee to protect Fido

In times of economic hardship, many find themselves in a difficult position to care for their dogs or to choose, if they are not allocated a reduced financial income to buy basic necessities.

Especially for the elderly, for whom the animal represents an extraordinary mate, the economic side can be an unpleasant and painful obstacle to caring for your four-legged friend.

For this reason, most insurance sources, Provides the possibility to pay the policy by monthly debit to your current account: A small amount per month can be less expensive than paying for a single solution. Generally we can consider, for adequate full coverage, A basic monthly amount of about 20 euros: a tolerable figure.

You keep your heart at peace Ensuring any care for Fido in a sustainable and loving way.

Because love for dogs is priceless, but sometimes choosing is not only painful, it becomes vital. Giving up a part of yourself (because part of a dog family) can be a bad hit on a moral level. And the cost is much higher than the economic one.

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