Terrasina has closed the notice for Kennel. Legambient lens

Legambiente Terracina Animal Support: Canal’s tender for বছরে 1 million in 4 years has been closed since the tender was submitted. A call that has a complex and painful history with a series of cancellations and withdrawals in self-defense and which seems incomplete to us, where there is a need to allocate unnecessary dogs, including rewards for private canals, and a rather cat management among us. The missing model is the city

“Legambiente Terracina Animal Help Terracina kennel raises some concerns about the ban. After many pauses and the first revelation and then withdrawal without fully understanding the inspiration, about a month ago the new call to operate the Terracina Canal came with the assignment number 328 of 28/02/2022, now a call is closed with the submission of the offer. . The announcement relates to the custody, maintenance and care services of animals trapped in the Terracina Municipality area for a period of 4 years and a total of 26 1,268,651.60.

The choice to run downwards, rather than aiming to strengthen the superiority of this recognized city, again points in a clear direction to the external structure, which in some cases has already proved to be a deficit. In it, we recall the famous Borgo Harmadar Canal, which has an agreement with the municipality since 2015 (Convention n.683 of 10 June 2015), on which about 150 dogs and 50 cats were assigned. This canal, we learn from the press, was confiscated by the Latina prosecutor in 2019 because it lacked the necessary health clearances, where the animals were kept far from the standards required by law, with numerous uncertain structures and structures with some animals. In bad condition. Health.

Well, from a careful analysis conducted with the help of animal help experts at Legambient, it is clear that this call (by rewarding the technical offer which in any case weighs 70% of the prize) can support all contracting agencies to strengthen kennel municipal management instead of kennels. It is clear in practice that the structure of the municipal canal will require extraordinary maintenance as well as rearrangement of spaces and other boxes but this promise is not mentioned in the declaration, on the contrary, the responsibility shifts to the contracting agency. Imposed “Maintenance of canal facilities through scheduled and timely recovery of aesthetic, functional and agricultural erosion conditions”, Just as we noticed that the technical offer of the organization method of private outdoor channel has high score (11)!

We also note that for all services that municipalities must share with ASL, or the cost of a Veterinary Emergency Room (PSV) that will be “sunk” into daily management costs, even if it is replaced by structure, resources, Procedures, equipment, adequate and adequately paid personnel are required and all of these with the risk of not guaranteeing an adequate service and in any case poor quality. It is true that, as widely advertised by the municipal administration in 2019, the current structure already includes a sanitary kennel equipped with a operating room, but it is not yet well-organized to meet all PSV requirements, the staff is still there. Operational. With only one day of disinfection per week, the needs of the city’s animals are clearly inadequate, as many volunteers testify.

That’s when the announcement Treats cats in a residual and obscure form, blaming only 5 points of the technical proposal for the way the caterer is set up and organized. In particular, the possible capture of stray cats is mentioned (we hope for the exclusive cause of the health emergency as it is explicitly prohibited by applicable law!) With the request to the contracting agency. “Keep stray dogs and cats at your convenience with experienced staff Caught All dogs and cats in the Terracina area and in any case at the request of the municipal administration. Will be, and has published a. Tender for the recruitment of the remaining houses in the cat colonies recognized by ASL.

In short, our concern is that with this announcement, what has been done so far in a garrison terrace kennel to protect animal welfare may be scrapped, in this regard, we strongly regret, Unfortunately our city lacks only a single point of communication dedicated to the protection and welfare of animals and still lacks a regulation for the protection and welfare of animals. The Terracena Shelter, as we learned from the Facebook page, was born out of the love of the Terracenais volunteers in 1989, and over time there have been various management of the municipal canal, which has always been contracted with the voluntary association for animal protection. ASL Veterinary Services Support – LT (ANPA, ANPANA, ARCA, AMICI DEL CANE, LA MADIA, ENPA, DOG’S TOWN). Relevant information from the Municipal Canal’s more than thirty years of experience is the high welfare of hosted animals, obtained by all checks conducted by competent agencies in recent years, and the high number of dogs abandoned for adoption. .

Our Legambiente Animal Help Department with its volunteer Jufil Environmental Guard is active for animal protection with an EcoSportello https://www.legambienteanimalhelp.it/ecosportelloanimali/ and is putting it through some investigations with the Forest Police. In the Terracina area aimed at ensuring proper management of animals. In addition, Legambiente is an active municipality in preparing annual reports aimed at rewarding at the regional and national level and ASL who are the most prominent in the best management of pets https://legambienteanimalhelp.it/animalincitta/ Latina ASL does not appear to be interested in accessing it, as it does not answer questions about Frosinone’s ASL. “

“As the Legambiente Animal Support Department (born in 2020) and the Legambiente Zoofile Volunteer Environmental Guards Group in the area, we are cooperating with the police to report and report on pets in the area, and have launched some public investigations. Given that it seems completely unreasonable that the municipality of Terrasina still lacks a single dedicated reference to the protection and welfare of animals and the lack of regulations for the protection and welfare of animals, the question of cats in the city where it is treated is a taboo. With a certain patronage, considering the cat as a dog accessory, it ignores all its features. To degrade the animal first aid service With actual risk. Many services and related costs seem to be absorbed in the actual daily allowance paid by the call, considering any discounts, requested services, certified and qualified staff, extended opening hours and availability, building maintenance with Katari construction and ensuring the right level of quality for this service. The risk of not doing. Furthermore, in various and subsequent versions of the tender specification, including self-defense publication, cancellation and withdrawal, it is very strange to us that we start with 3.50 euros per day for each dog, then go up to 2.90 euros. Then go back to 3.43 euros, an unequivocal sign for us that the boundaries of the requested services and therefore their costs are not very clear. It is also clear that as fuel bills and raw material prices rise, the amount of auctions will still need to be reviewed which, in our opinion, may no longer be consistent with the services requested and may therefore lead to deterioration of care. Feeding the animals with the risk of not ensuring the continuation of the experience of the Terrasina Municipal Canal, as well as encouraging the movement of dogs in the external canal which is difficult to control. ” Anna Giannetti has been announced as the President of the Terracina in the Sarcolo Legambiente, Director of the Group of Environmentalists and Jufeel, a volunteer of the Legambiante, and National Councilor of the Association.

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