The best Italian amusement park and all the news of 2022

Is about to begin Amusement park season. And, despite the closures and limitations imposed by Covid, each of them has worked to improve offers and attractions. Let’s find out together 2022 headlines.

News of Leolandia

At the Milan Gate, Liolandia comes to life which ensures a lot of fun for the whole family for this year, but keeping an eye on sustainability and environmental care. Currently the park is only open on weekends, but from May 26 it will be open daily.

News for seasonal concerns Masha and the bear. The two stars of the cartoon world will be the heroes of the new show “Masha’s talent”Will be held at the Forest Theater.

There is also the possibility of taking a picture with two characters at the beer house. Lots of rides: reckless pirate ships, western small trains, adrenaline-pumping cannons and crazy flying machines.

Also surprise Animal farm Where you can meet donkeys, cows, ponies and goats. But the biggest news is the concern to build a photovoltaic park in the parking lot to limit costs from an energy standpoint.

An angle of Leolandia

Jumarin, the largest Italian marine park

On the coast of Lazio, a Torvayanika In the province of Rome, it comes to life Jumarin Which, in addition to being the largest Italian marine park, is preparing us for a real dive into the Middle Ages.

The “Camelot Kingdom and King Arthur Castle”Is the new attraction. From April, it will also be possible to have fun on seven slides, two Tibetan bridges, a small climbing ramp and Marlin’s magical inn where the court atmosphere of the Night of the Round table will be reproduced.

There will of course be educational exhibition sessions Dolphins, parrots, lemurs, penguins, giant tortoises, flamingos. Finally, the 2022 season focuses on solidarity and social integration. In fact, from April 1, Zoomarine is the first amusement park in Italy to be fully accessible to deaf people: all activities are translated and communicated in sign language.

Gardland with Jumanji

Per Castelnuvo del GardaIn the province of Verona, one of Italy’s favorite amusement parks comes to life: Gardland Which, in 2022, is preparing to take us to a truly fantastic world: Jumanji.

In fact, on April 9, “Jumanji – The Adventure” will be unveiled, the world’s first attraction with a Jumanji theme, a roller coaster in the dark for adventurers of all ages. To save Jumanji’s kingdom from the curse, there will be a time-consuming mission for the guests to return the sacred gemstone to the legendary temple.

There will also be opportunities for new experiences in 4D movies such as “Aquaman: 4D experience“A special adaptation of Warner Bros. Awaiting release in the theaters of the second chapter of the story, you will be able to enjoy the adventurous experience of the superhero DC Aquaman and be taken to the underwater kingdom of Atlantis. .

Then, there it is Minland, The area where Italy’s most famous monument has been reproduced with millions of Lego bricks. The water park will fully open on May 14.

Romagna parchi kastar news

Saturday 2nd AprilAquarium in Catholica and Oltremer in Requiem. At first you will be able to come in contact with Europe’s largest bull shark, Humboldt penguin and Asian otter. Will be there “Great meeting “ To discover the privacy of the park and the stage behind the scenes.

Per Ultremare Family Experience Park Thank you for immersing yourself in nature. “Adventure Passport“Which, beyond every challenge of the day, is filled with stickers. Moreover, August 15 will be the birthday of Italy’s most famous dolphin, Ulysses.

But this is not the end. Area “Save a species“It will be possible to find out how to protect the planet from plastics and waste and how to protect it. Exhibition”Skirt: The beautiful and useful aspect of rejection“, By title”Waste aquarium“In collaboration with the Hera Group.

It recently reopened to be completely renovatedItaly in miniature In Rimini (accessible only on weekends at the moment). Here you can discover the beautiful country in one day in trains, small ships, more than 300 monuments, palaces, historical sites and 5000 real trees.

June will be launched againRicquione’s Aquafan Between slides and spectacular water games. Last year the M280 was inaugurated with a 280-meter slide, huge raft, spiral and breathtaking landing: the highest and longest slide in park history. As every year, appointments with daily entertainment, live shows at Radio DJ Aquafan Studios and a rich calendar of events cannot be missed.

Italy in miniature season 2022

A corner of Italy in miniature

Mirabilandia is 30 years old

This year Mirabilandia is 30 years old. Italy’s largest theme park will reopen its doors on April 2, while for Easter it will continue to welcome visitors from April 14 to Tuesday, April 19.

To celebrate this anniversary, there will be exclusive events with awesome openings until the evening, when new characters will animate the streets of Ravenna Park. 46 attractions for all ages, from Dinoland, Italy’s largest thematic area dedicated to adrenaline-pumping attractions, such as iSpeed, Catun and Divertical, in the world of dinosaurs, Bimbopoli and the fascinating Far West Valley.

Then there’s Eurohill – its 90 meters, and Ducati World’s 35,000-square-meter roaring attraction, including the Motorvalley-branded rollercoaster. For those who do not want to give up heat and warmth, the lagoon will reopen from June Mirabich, with swimming pools, games, waterslides and coral sand beaches.

Fasanolandia, in the middle of nature

We then flew to Fasanolandia, located in Fasano, in the province of Brindisi. There are many rides and attractions like Ceylon Aquarium, where you can learn about the biology and ethics of sea lions, sea lions and penguins. And of course animal parks between rhinos, alligators and zebras, but also baby hippos.

Cinecittà World, the fun is back

Cinecittà World, Cinema and TV Park, which reopened its doors on Saturday 19 March, is back in Rome. For 2022, the offer includes 40 attractions, 7 themed areas dedicated to major cinema genres, 6 live shows a day and a program of more than 100 events.

In addition, in June, the new “Lazy River” will be inaugurated, the Paradise Slow River, where you can immerse yourself in a comfortable mattress immersed in the currents of nature. But this is not the end. The park is also adorned with some movie masterpieces: “Garden of the gods“Walking between sculptures and set pieces created by the historic De Angelis family, set designers at Cincinnati for 3 generations and over 80 years.

Cinecittà world 2022

Akatium, Cinecitta World

A journey through history in sculptures made for films such as “The Gladiator”, “007 No Time to Die”, “Angels and Demons”, and “Cleopatra”. Another novelty of the year “Saltopazo“, Jumping into the free fall from a height of 7m springboard.

Finally, in the summer Cinecittà World will be the hero of the Roman night and party With the most famous dance evenings in the capital: Apero Estate on Tuesdays, Tekenho Farm and Undermoon on Saturdays and many incredible pool parties on Sundays.

Inauguration of Roma World

9 open will also open Roma World, The new park where you can live one day as an ancient Roman and where you can be catapulted back 2000 years.

Between the fresh air and the forest path, it will be possible Become a gladiator for one dayShop in the ancient market stalls, meet the farm animals, appreciate the eagle’s flight, see the birds of prey, discover the biodiversity of the cork forest, see the set of “Ben Hur”And feel the thrill of the chariot race. All really missing experience.

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