Accountant Manfredi’s “Clerk” on TV tonight, “It was the first time”

After reading a few every night Mondadori yellow, A cheap adventure novel, falling asleep and dreaming. No more Nando OfReal Estate Roman Institute Who listens to tenants’ complaints, collects rent and sends eviction letters, but he is a well-known writer who lives in a beautiful seaside villa. Fra Pelerosa is serving turtle soup, ivory and oriental arabesque on the wall. “Sweat! ”, Is that call compelling him to leave the impossible world. “Employee“, On TV tonight Nino Manfredi And his kingdom: a desk for papers, a bed for daydreaming and a cat Romoletto.

Will Nando take us to the theater tonight?“”You are not yet ready for Shakespeare“”If you see I know naked women“About forty years old, Cioceiro and Bachelor, Nando Guide (Nino Manfredi), Shares apartment with unmarried sister Liseta (Anna Campori) “Blessed are you who sleep, as much as you think. “. Disappointed with office life, he gets up, washes his face in the kitchen, puts his jacket and shirt on his pajamas: “What a shame if they catch you! “,”It was the first time“He knows in his heart the information to be given at the counter:”Back set, upstairs!“, Or when handling multiple roles, “Co-worker is lucky enough to be ill and I have replaced him.”. And ridicule those who look from the outside: “To scientists..But what are you going to do with an e-jacket, yes you just wear it under your pants? “ If given, the monotony of work is interrupted Milan The inspector comes, the doctor Jacobity (Eleonora Rossi Drago)To test new American-inspired ways of working. Corbeli brokenIn short Nando. An Anglo-Saxon windEnvironmental clerk amatricianOr Roman. “We must forget the short-sleeved shirt!

Clerk, ancestor of Fantoji

There is no remote control like this Fantasy To fight against monotony. But lying on the bedside table “Death in Las Vegas“This booklet from Newsstand is to blame, if Nando Fall in love, in her sleep, with Joan (Anna Maria Ferrero), The former night dancer who escaped from the American gangster (Pietro de Vico) And he feared on his fateful night,Inspector Rock (Caesar Polaco), Famous for that time Carousel From Linette Greece. But the dictatorial director will soon become the object of dreams and love. “Employee“Tonight is a 1960 TV movie directed by Gianni Puccini Gian Luigi Rondi On ‘The weather‘, Which is a subtle critique of it: “The film always breathes in an environment that can be sophisticated even in a few moments: the dialogues are bright and intelligent, the satire is sharp and subtle, almost all of the characters have a definite delicious and single human dimension. Nino Manfredi happily shows us how to do a balanced comedy .. “

Gino SurveyThe father of the film producer Tonino SurveyAppears in its introduction Yes Which is the time of the scene in the theater Nando See you for the first time Jacobity. For small parts Polydor (Equestrian Juppi) And Luciano Bonani (Drunk Romoletto) Andrea ChechiAnd FrancisWidow, co-worker and friend with two dependent children NandoAs well as her sister’s secret lover. Among the film’s crew, vaguely inspired “Forbidden dreams“Of Norman McLeod (1947)There is also a young man Elio Petrie. The music is composed Piero PixioniWith Lydia MacDonald In voice and song. The environment, the fiduciary and detailed reconstruction of a lifestyle is really admirable. Bar where inspectors usually eat (found at Through Machiavelli Per Rome), The iconic scene of Italy in the 1950s Boom Economic, milk bottles, and hanging newspapers, and among the first neon signs Martini and Coke. Among other writers Tomaso Chiaretti It’s the same Nino Manfredi.

Nino a dream dawn evening

‘Accountant Nando’ He dances with the cat before he falls asleep, and already has a preview of what he will dream: Caviar, champagne for two at the Eiffel Tower. Humorous, intelligent, his Nando Havana safari costume in Africa: Stained print and cartridge belt. The palace in California, which he lives in in his dream, is actually a building of itHotel Panta RosaLocated Via Dell Battery 37 Per San Felice Sarsio (Latina). Employee”Represents the first major role for this Nino ManfrediWho played the role of a mechanic in the same year Ugo nardi “Bitter feet“, Of”Hang out, or I’ll fall asleep“, In ‘”Brave hit of ordinary strangers ”by Nanny Loy. A satire on tonight’s film, which is expected, low clouds over the head, ‘The Undershirt’ and “ConcernAlarm clock and coffee, beard and bidet ” By another well-known accountant. Symbol of the average Italians, and the annoyance of society that can be overcome with a smile. A dream.

Federica de Candia for Metropolitan Magazine


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