Alberto Angela is back on TV at the age of 60 with the new season of Ulysses

First memory in Belgium, kidnapping in Africa, return to Paris. However, the conductor, who was born on April 8, 1962, will celebrate his birthday with his family in Rome. Here he speaks of the wonder of the discovery of his father Piero, his heroic grandfather, his children. And some secret emotion

In two hours, it shows you a beautiful part of the world. When Alberto Angela takes you through the power of words to a French Impressionist from a hotel in Montmartre, Paris, Neanderthals take the human path, even to Greenland, to find out where the iceberg sank. Titanic, Try to run after him. And here and there you stop talking about her three children (born from her marriage to Monica), her father Piero and her mother Margarita, her grandfather Carlo, righteous in the nation for her promise against Shoh, at which point she took her own risk. Life, some secret emotions and even the next birthday. And yes, because of the great popularity of TV, graduate in natural sciences, paleontologist, born April 8, 1962 in Paris. And there he is back in the new season Ulysses – the joy of discovery (Coming soon in prime time on Rai 1, also with the theme of “Parisian Lessons” preview just for that Today) Conductor, with his 30-year career, much loved: he won audiences on TV, nearly 2 million followers on Facebook, over 80,000 on Twitter, and, like a star, garnered fans when he presented his books (later). The last days of Rome And Hell over RomeAutumn Comes Final Chapter – Dedicated to Nero – Trilogy) – Pictures | Video

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What effect does 60 years have? “The best way to deal with spending time is to keep a young, curious, optimistic mind. I don’t think I’m 60. When I think about it, this number amazes me. I think I have 30-40. Strength and For encouragement, I see myself as a boy. I will celebrate this birthday in Rome as in the past. In the family. Gifts, cakes? No, I don’t expect any special gifts. And I don’t know what the cake will be like. It changes all the time.

Do you feel a little like Ulysses? “The vision is of Ulysses, who is not afraid of challenges and possesses a rational approach to every adventure. Just remember how you save yourself from polyphemas. My way of thinking and working is also analytical.”

And does it look like Indiana Jones? “It simply came to our notice then. While I was researching I was in a tent in Africa, next to lions and quicksands to find out. Then for other promises, for example Northwest PassageWho is 25 years old, I have done more work in the studio.

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In 2002, in Africa, in Niger, he was abducted: was he scared? “I thought I was going to die soon, near the end. And yes, you’re scared. But try to figure out what the best move is. I have entered into discussions with the kidnappers trying to convince them that our release is good for everyone and that it is well over.

In his programs, Wonders and Tonight, he offers the natural and man-made beauty of art and history: but in this time of war, is beauty still an anchor? Giving the idea of ​​the risk of destruction A beautiful dream, even a little out of tune … “Traveling through history with programs and books, you see the past as brutal and brutal as the present today with the war in Ukraine and more distant places. Conflict is a constant in history. But we can resist them through democracy, through today’s interconnected world, through social networks. This war is madness. This was also the case in ancient times. But we have come a long way in learning, in education, in beauty, in the path to salvation. Culture is the best antidote to oppression, because it leads to respect for others and freedom of thought.

Sting who sings Russian songs today, a song from 1985, does it move everyone? “I heard it as a boy. The sound and music strike again. Sting reminds us that no one wins the war. I think of the families, of the children, who go to the motherland with helmets on their heads, and of the young soldiers on the side of the invaders. I know what it means to hear Kalashnikov hit and hope it doesn’t catch you, I tried it on my skin, a few years ago in Ethiopia.

What a boy … “Curious, fascinated by discovery …”.

First love? “I was a teenager. Who was This is a distant memory.

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Along with Ulysses, he will challenge Maria de Filipi on Saturday evening: who will win? “It’s already a victory that manifests itself in prime time on Saturday evening. It’s like coming to the moon. No country’s flagship network does that. It’s a great responsibility and a great pride. What’s important outside of ratings is to make it clear that In times of war, it is possible to prevent the ugliness of reason and history with the help of knowledge. It is a challenge for us.

Among the guests at Ulysses are Renzo Arbor and Christian de Sica. Over the years, Gigi Proetti has been part of her program, who died in 2020 … “Gigi Proetti is missing a lot. It was an honor to host her. I remember when she recited the poem at the Ghetto in Rome. There’s a pair of red shoes (by Joyce Lusu), ed) From Shakespeare’s text in the Roman forum, to the memory of Shoh’s play, or to Mark Antony’s funeral for Julius Caesar. It was the highlight of my career. Hearing his words, the cold came. He was able to break down the walls of time, only through acting, with his vision and his voice. I will never forget that scene ‘.

The first popularity of Angela’s house with her grandfather Carlo, a radio columnist, doctor, Justo Tra Le Nazioni (Monument to Israel, honored by Iyad Vashemed), what lesson did he leave you? “I don’t have the words and appearance of my grandfather because I didn’t know him, but I have strong examples of him. Black clouds are like sunlight. Some values ​​are fundamental and he has proved it because he risked his life to protect them.” He did it in silence. He was a doctor in the Belgian Congo. He fought in World War I, in the front lines. I believe my father inherited this power of thought and wisdom from him. , To me and to my children.

An asteroid bearing his name, he discovered the world’s oldest oil at the Archaeological Museum in Naples, he observed that the eruption of Vesuvius could not have occurred in August, but in autumn because there was wine and brazier in the house: where? Do you want to go to the moon? “I’d like to. I would have gone if I had a ticket. For now, I’ve only experimented with a simulation test and operated a shuttle. From there anyone can understand the folly of war and save the world.

Considered to be a sexual symbol, it is able to embody the beauty that it expresses … “These are details. I try to give my best to the people around me and, to make the work I do, enjoy the discovery, keep company with those who watch my programs.

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He is also a photographer and cartoonist … “I’ve always tried to capture the moments of life’s journey. I started to get interested in photography as a teenager. But I’m not a photographer, I’ve only collected a few million pictures. I kept a picture diary. To do. I took pictures of faces, animals, the sky, frescoes 3,000 years ago. And, yes, I’ve always drawn.

What are your closest memories? “In Belgium, at the age of three and a half, with my mother, we lived there at the time: it was a sunny day, I was playing. It’s a wonderful memory. “

How do you see yourself as a father in the nineties? What did Piero teach you? “As a kid, I used to breathe life into the setting of television sets and sometimes live through his stories. I hope he continues in the best way and humbly the way he started. In his time, the expression was different, there was no need to listen. Today it carries more responsibilities.
But there is no lack of satisfaction: the series Surprise Sold out in 40 countries and our programs have aired on European networks such as Arte. However, in the 90’s, I always find myself curious, like today. If you are an athlete, as the years go by, you can play better in your sport. If I’m there, I imagine myself busy thinking about finding history, the environment, new routes, new lighthouses.

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Which father are you for Ricardo, Eduardo, Alessandro? Are you successful in this role? “I hope so. Only time will tell. Meanwhile, I am very pleased with them. We must not tell the children what to do, but to advise them what they should not do.”

Will Angela Dynasty continue on TV? “I was a paleontologist, aged 27-28, and I never imagined working in television. My kids now between 18 and 23 and at their age do what I do: they study, they’re passionate about their commitment. They’re also science. And interested in research.

Casa Angela: What she does when she is not working, cooking, tidying up, collecting … “These are images that I keep to myself. Yes, yes, even at the age of 60.

And we still haven’t told her to talk about love, about Monica … “I’m appealing to the Fifth Amendment, as they say in the film.”
She smiles. And return to AA

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