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Ancient Egypt, the land of the pharaohs, the pyramids, and the cat. Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like cats aint for me either, because they were creatures of divinity and that’s what today’s article will be about. You may be wondering: Why were black cats so sacred in Egypt? The answer is hair; In fact its color is reminiscent of the poly which gives fertility to the fields and the well-being of the Egyptians but let us discover other specialties together. Bibliography on cats is huge in ancient Egyptian religion; The information, therefore, has been drawn from various articles and critical studies, the list of which will be very extensive to include in the article.

Cats in prophecy and legend

The ancient Egyptians always respected and revered cats, even in the form of deities. That’s what I’m talking about Bastet (Other names are Mafdet, Pakhet, Ubasti, etc.), the deity revered from 2890 BC, is sometimes presented as a cat with a human body, sometimes only with a very general image of a cat.

It was the main city Bubastis To say City of cats, Where their graveyard was, transferred from the source and discovered by archaeologists; Here the cats were perfumed and buried with bowls to drink and things to play with. There was another cat-goddess SecmetThe daughter of Isis and Osiris, holding the body of a woman and the head of a cat, holding in her hand the amulet in the shape of a beneficial eye,Born Or Ra’s eyesFamily keeper. In addition, a little curiosity, when the male cat reshaped the pupils with the sun and was therefore sacred to Osiris, the cat, whose pupils seem to grow up at night, was associated with the lunar cycle, so with Isis.

Domestic cats are called, on the other hand, as an animal and not as a god Mayu, A lucky attraction, able to keep rats away from the barn, able to rescue venomous snakes and ducks from humans while hunting. Moreover, some girls were called cats and when someone died it was a national mourning and kept dry and kept in the temple. Finally, on an artistic level, cats were depicted everywhere, on plates, glasses, jewelry but most amulets and also have funeral sculptures in the shape of a cat.

Enchanted By Giuseppina Castaldo

The poem chosen for today, written by the poet and lawyer of the court of Santa Maria Capua Veter, fits into this perspective of magic, oneness and orphism. Giuseppe CastaldoIn which I report text:


Tune from a universe
A soft hug
Proud gratitude
Sad loneliness
Mother is not natural
The highest beauty
Black, red, gray, white
Cats… e
d It was his eyes

The title itself takes us into a surreal environment, which, well read the verses, is associated with earthly elements and if you let me pass the word, we will talk about the ‘gotofera’ of everyday life. If the protagonist of the poem initially thinks he has called lonely or abandoned cats to himself, Tune from a universe It is a universal and magical song for cats, thus establishing a symbiotic-maternal relationship, in the end it turns out that instead it is the woman who is chosen and enchanted by them. Sometimes cats, such as dogs and other pets, have a real cure – for lonely people, which is taught. Pet therapy: This is exactly the underlying message Proud gratitude And Sad lonelinessInserted in the poem.

Cats, regardless of hair color, then emit an indescribable beauty, Max The poet defines it, almost artistically, as the word stimulus Sculpture. The central theme of the poem therefore seems so seeminglyEnchantedThe woman who manages to bring the cats closer but is actually represented by Cats, In an istic position between the third to the last verse. In fact, they fascinate men and make them happy day after day.


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